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THE REAL STORY- By Ali Sukhanver

Abu Talha is a young man of twenty one. His father works in a garment factory. After completion of his education at an Islamic school, commonly known as Madrassa, Abu Talha decided to help his father in earning bread for the family. So at the request of his father he succeeded in getting a job at the same factory. One day while waiting for the buss at the buss stop, he was kidnapped by some unknown people. Last week, after a disappearance of five years, he was arrested by a police party which was searching for a gang of kidnappers. Abu Talha is a Hafiz-e-Quran and still very punctual in his prayers. No one could believe that he is involved in kidnapping for ransom. When the investigators asked him the reason behind his involvement in such a heinous crime, he said, “We needed money for jihad”. The police officials say that Abu Talha is not a criminal, inwardly he is a very dedicated and devoted type of a Muslim , very loving and very caring , but unfortunately he was misused and misguided by the professional criminals in the name of religion.


Abu Talha is not the only one example; there are so many sincere and devoted Muslim young men who are being continuously exploited by the professional criminals in Pakistan in the name of religion. In most of the suicidal attacks we find the attackers falling in the age group from seventeen to twenty one. These innocent youngsters are strongly persuaded by their trainers that if they sacrifice their life, it would be purely for God almighty. If we succeed in picking out the youngsters from the rows of the terrorists, the game shall come to an end in blinking of an eye. Usually the youngsters are more passionate, dedicated and devoted in religious affairs. They are more eager to sacrifice their lives for the sake of religion. The terrorists take advantage of their passion for religion and misuse them to fulfill their hidden heinous motives.


 A few days back the security agencies of Pakistan intercepted a VHF conversation of a so-called Taliban leader who was talking to one of his subordinates. The contents of this conversation had been a topic of discussion in Pakistani and international media for many days. The conversation indicated a significant decline in motivation of suicide bombers due to current successful military operations in Swat. The suicide-bombers seem demoralized and unwilling to conduct attacks on security forces and civilians. The most painful fact is that the so-called Taliban commander was using the word, ‘infidels’ for the people of Pakistan and the security personnel. Following is a chunk extracted from the conversation. “Infidels are fighting for the sake of dollars and why cannot you people (Mujahideen) fight for sake of Allah? They will soon be defeated and overpowered. Therefore, you people should not lose heart and be ready for suicide attacks. Dead bodies of various Mujahideen have been taken away by infidels due to carelessness and irresponsibility of the subordinates of Mujahideen. It seems they are losing heart due to false propaganda by the media regarding military operation.” This extract from the conversation shows that the youngsters recruited by the terrorists for the suicidal attacks have come under the influence of the media and are no more willing to act as a weapon in the hands of the terrorists.







The military operation in Swat and the adjoining areas has given birth to so many questions. Some people are doubtful whether this operation is the only possible remedy of the problem. There are some people who are worried about the resultant situation if this operation is abandoned in the way without reaching the required end-state. And still there are some optimists who think that the government of Pakistan should negotiate with the miscreants. Such idealists are of the opinion that things can be decided better through conversation and negotiations. On the other hand the Pakistan army seems very much confident and sure of its success taking the military operation as the only possible solution of the problem in the present scenario. General Athar Abbas of the Inter services Public Relations has rejected all apprehensions regarding the completion of the operation in the troubled areas. In most of his press briefings he has been conveying the strong determination of the Pakistan army in this respect. According to the sources, it is for the first time that the army has exerted all its pressure against the terrorists in Swat and other neighbouring areas. Before the commencement of this operation the government of Pakistan did its utmost efforts to settle the matters through negotiations but these efforts could never be fruitful. Ultimately the government had to opt for this choice unwillingly but whole heartedly. As a result of this operation the situation in the troubled areas is getting better. The exertion of the increased pressure is resulting in withdrawal of trained suicide bombers from the mission voluntarily. A severe feeling of tension and depression is very much evident in various ranks of the Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan due to killing of their associates. The most interesting fact is that the main leaders of this anti-Islam and anti-Pakistan movement have disappeared from the scene but they are continuously trying to instigate the young suicide bombers to explode themselves for the sake of Allah. As reported by the media the latest tactic adopted by these leaders to hide and escape from security forces is that they are shaving their beards for which they have been punishing locals till recent past. Another painful fact regarding the activities of terrorist in Swat is that they are receiving heavy amount of money per suicide bomber from the foreigners. The desperation of the trainer of suicide bombers is evident as he could lose money if the suicide bombers don’t blow themselves. Unfortunately the suicide bombers are still unaware of this horrifying fact. They are totally unaware of the reality that the militant leadership is not fighting for the sake of Islam but for money.


As the result of the present military operation militants seem under extreme pressure and are losing control over the area. A very few number of militants are left behind as majority of them have been killed and others are on the run. False hope and motivation is given to the remaining foot soldiers that they will get support from their companions but the reality is that they are being deceived. Pak Army has overpowered militants in major areas of Swat that were known to be the stronghold of militants. Army is heading towards a rapid success, so far more than 1500 militants have been killed in Swat and remaining will be killed soon. Whatever be the end-state, one thing is really painful; the actual and original Taliban movement which was only meant for the implementation of Sharia, has fallen a prey to the international conspiracies. The western planners were very well aware of the fact that the Taliban movement could prove the worst challenge to their authority in near future, so they crushed it to debris with the help of their paid agents. This planned destruction of the actual and original Taliban movement is surely a grave loss to the Muslim Ummah. One day, the present Taliban leadership will be taken to task for playing in the hands of the anti-Islam forces.

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