Images show Pakistan expanding N-sites

* US institute( ISIS) sees major expansion of DG Khan uranium plant, second plutonium plant next to existing one near Rawalpindi

WASHINGTON: Satellite photos released on Tuesday show Pakistan has expanded two sites crucial to its nuclear programme as part of an effort to bolster the destructive power of its atomic arsenal, a US arms control institute said.

The commercial images reveal a major expansion of a chemical plant complex near Dera Ghazi Khan that produces uranium hexalfuoride and uranium metal, materials used to produce nuclear weapons, said analysts at the Institute for Science and International Security.

At a site near Rawalpindi, photos suggest the Pakistanis “have added a second plutonium separation plant adjacent to the old one”, the ISIS report said.

Pakistan in recent years also has been building two new plutonium production reactors, it said. “All together, these recent expansion activities indicate that Pakistan is indeed progressing in a strategic plan to improve the destructiveness and deliverability of its nuclear arsenal,” the report said. afp

‘CIA doesn’t know all Pak nuke sites’

LOS ANGELES: CIA Director Leon Panetta said on Monday that the US does not know the location of all of Pakistan’s nuclear weapons but is confident Islamabad has a “pretty secure approach to try to protect these weapons”. “But it is something that we continue to watch,” he said, repeating concerns of possible Taliban access to the weapons. agencies

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  1. When it comes to Pakistani Nuclear program, all the non-muslims are against it. There should be no doubt about it. CIA, with the help of Israelis, NY Times and Indians are long time trying to prove that it is dangerous etc. Pakistan should keep its Nukes to match with the world’s culprit powers.

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