Italy keen to import skilled manpower from Pakistan 32

ISLAMABAD: Federal Minister for Labour and Manpower, Syed Khursheed Ahmad Shah on Tuesday said Pakistan had received a big demand of skilled workers from Italy and in this regard MoU would be signed soon.
The minister expressed these views after meeting with a 6-member Italian delegation who met the minister in his office today and exchange views on import of manpower from Pakistan.
The Italian delegation was headed by its Foreign Minister, Prof. Gianni DE Michelis, who was also the President of IPALMO, a prominent Italian institute of Internal Policies and Economics.
The Federal Minister for Labour and Manpower appraised the delegation that Pakistan was ready to sign MoU with the government of Italy to streamlining workers flow from Pakistan to work in Italy.
Regarding training programme, the minister expressed that Pakistan keenly desire to meet manpower requirements of Italy and had evolved excellent training facilities in technical and professional fields.
He discussed that Pakistan would supply different categories of skilled and unskilled workers for inclusion in Italy’s seasonal workers scheme on regular footing and under specific quota, which could bring economic dividend to Pakistan and Italy.
Pakistan was exporting its manpower to different countries of the world since 1971. About 4.7 million workers of various categories had been preceded abroad for employment from 1971 to 2008.
Head of Delegation Prof. Gianni DE Michelis had expressed that Pakistan and Italy enjoyed cordial and friendly relations and share commonality of perception on important international issues of mutual interest. “Our cordial relations are characterized by regular exchange of higher level visits.”
Both countries had the resources, the technological ability, the infrastructure and the manpower to bring about a transformation. There was a need to give substance to bilateral economic relations to fulfill the hope and aspirations of peoples for prosperity. He disclosed that every year 1000 visas were being issued to Pakistani workers and we want it to be enhanced to 5000.\05\20\story_20-5-2009_pg5_11

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