The flood behind the storm



A room cannot be called a bed-room without a bed. River without water, a flower without fragrance and a brain without ideology; all are same as a body without soul. For a Muslim, Jihad is like the blood running in the veins .The western world is defaming this most important element of the Islamic teachings by intermingling it with violence and aggression. Jihad is in fact a very delicate and subtle type of lesson in the book of Islam. Jihad means an action against those who intend to challenge the authority of Almighty God by depriving the weaker ones of their basic human rights. It has so many types and forms. It does not mean holding a naked sword and start beheading the rivals indiscriminately. Those who interpret Jihad in this way are not aware even of the basic teachings of Islam and those who promote such blood dripping picture of Islam can never be called the Muslims.


Unfortunately, fearing the growing popularity of Islam, the Jews and some of the de-tracked Christians planned a conspiracy and succeeded in nurturing a strong disliking against Islam and the Muslims. The Mosaad and the CIA implanted paid agents among the rows of the fundamentalist Muslims in the garb of extremists who are more interested in Jihad than any other lessons of Islam. The innocent and peace loving Muslims unknowingly became a toy in the hands of such disguised agents. Now the situation has become so complicated that it is almost next to impossible to single out the terrorists from the peace loving fundamentalists mistakenly called the extremists by the anti-Islamic world. The blood-shed in the tribal areas of Pakistan, including Swat, Buner, Bajur and the Malakand division is a result of this carefully manipulated conspiracy. Although the Pakistan army is trying its utmost to eliminate and crush out these foreign supported elements yet this operation clean up is not the final solution to this horrible menace. In spite of the best possible precautionary measures, one can never guarantee the safety and security of the innocent citizens in these areas.


There is another misfortune or hard luck with Pakistan. Some of the very effective and powerful TV channels are behaving non-sense. They are always trying to portray that the military action directed by the government of Pakistan in the afflicted areas is a cruelty and violation of the basic human rights. Such channels are always standing with the terrorists not with the government. They claim that they are reporting the truth but they don’t know that their so-called truth is going to drown the whole of their country. The readers might be remembering that after the Mumbai blasts when the government of Pakistan was rejecting and condemning the Indian blame that Ajmal Qassab is a Pakistani citizen, it was one of the most popular TV channels which supported the Indian blame. The channel in the garb of investigative reporting tried to convince the whole of the world that the government of Pakistan is denying the facts. Such a behavior on the part of the electronic media is unique in Pakistan. All over the world no media can go against the official policy regarding the security and defense of a country. But in Pakistan media particularly the electronic media is so strong that it has forgotten every limit and boundary. It would be very immoral to say that some of the channels, intentionally or unintentionally, seem catering for the requirements of those who are not well wishers of Pakistan. It is surely the craftsmanship of such channels that today the world around us is calling us different disgusting names. They have put at stake the credibility of the government of Pakistan, the armed forces, the intelligence agencies and even of the religious institutions commonly renowned as Deeni Madrassas.It is because of the propaganda of these channels that today the west is calling these Madrassas as the nursery of terrorists. An atmosphere of fear and horror has been so successfully contrived that now people are reluctant in sending their children to these Madrassas.


The role of Deeni Madrassas and the mosque has always been inseparable throughout the history of Islam.Madrassa means a school, not meant only for the religious education but for all types of education including science, technology, geography, chemistry, anatomy, astrology and so on and so fore. In these schools the teachers try to shape and form a character which has an ability of facing all possible challenges of life. It is an absurd misconception that these religious schools nurture and nourish terrorism. The government of Pakistan has been very sensitive with respect to the Madrassas.It the last few years all of them have been registered under a law. Their financial matters, their syllabus, their courses and even the students and the staff, almost every thing is under a careful surveillance.


It is true that some of the Fake-Madrassas established in the tribal areas of Pakistan particularly along the Pak-Afghan borders are involved in some nefarious activities. Their role is no doubt same as that of the Indian consulates working on the other side of the border in Afghan area. Both of them are busy in defaming the Muslims and destabilizing Pakistan. It is the result of their disgusting activities that Pakistan is passing through the worst phase of its life. Everywhere there is a hue and cry that Pakistan is heading down towards a point of no return. It is also in the air   that Taliban are about to take over control of state of Pakistan; all nothing but a cock and bull’s story. The international media and the US think tanks are pursuing an agenda based on international conspiracy to create a sense of insecurity and state of uncertainty. They are trying to suppress and depress the Pakistani nation so that it may lose all courage and determination to give the anti-Pakistan forces a tough time.


The picture of Pakistan is not as horrible and disappointing as portrayed by the west. The democratic government of Pakistan is successfully tackling with all the problems in spite of so many limitations, the   rule of the law is being observed, coherence between ruling coalition and establishment exists, the foreign investors are investing in new projects, the armed forces are playing their best possible role in the betterment of the country, the foreign embassies are functioning smoothly; what else is required.



It is the most urgent need of the time that the Pakistani nation must get united to thwart such conspiracies.  Domestic media and political forces need to be mobilized to counter hostile propaganda and create a ray of hope in the nation. The nation should try to strengthen the institution of Mosque and Madrassas. The teachers and the preachers should be given more importance, more attention and more care. According to the reports, the CIA, the Mosaad and the RAW are eagerly trying to pop in the mischievous elements in the mosques and Madrassas of the urban areas of the Punjab and Sind. The government must be more vigilant in this regard. There should be allocation of more funds to facilitate those who are serving these mosques and Madrassas.It is not only the responsibility of the security agencies but also of the common public to keep an eye on  the foreign agents who are eagerly looking for a chance  of creeping into these sacred institutions. These agents are dreaming of changing the whole of our country into a battle field. We are a peace loving nation; we have nothing to do with blood-shed and slaughtering. The Pakistan army is passionately fighting a war against terrorists but this war is in fact a warm up activity. The actual game is going to start after these terrorists have been pushed out of our territory. By then our hidden enemies would have surely thought of some new plans of destabilizing us. We are preparing for the flood behind the storm.

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