Musharraf says he did not ask Nawaz to seek Clinton’s help during Kargil operation

Former President Pervez Musharraf claims he had not asked then prime minister Nawaz Sharif to visit the US and talk to then US president Bill Clinton to “save the army” during the Kargil war.

In an interview with Dunya News on Thursday, Musharraf said the Taliban were a threat not only to Pakistan, but also to the world. He said President Asif Zardari was trying to steer the country out of the crises.

To a question about Mumbai attacks, he said the Inter-Services Intelligence was not involved, adding that many Pakistanis were of the view that Indian Research and Analysis Wing was behind the attacks. He said a majority of missing persons had been involved in “some jihad or the other”.

He said he had not taken any illegal or unconstitutional step against Nawaz or Chief Justice of Pakistan Iftikhar Chaudhry. “It is up to them if they want to take any unconstitutional step against me,” he added. He said his action of overthrowing Sharif’s government on October 12, 1999, was legal, as the Supreme Court had validated it.

He said a majority of Pakistanis were moderate and the extremists could neither overthrow the government nor win polls. He said he had asked slain Pakistan People’s Party chairwoman Benazir Bhutto not to address a public gathering in Liaqat Bagh in Rawalpindi. “But she protested against me that I was stopping her from holding the meeting,” the former military ruler said. “I had personally informed her about threats to her life.” He said he did not want to be a “powerless president” and a useless person, so he resigned.

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