Important advice to customers about UK visa application process delays. 11-May-09 1113

Dear Friends

Following is the latest news posted at Garry’s website about the timeline for visa applications.

Customers, please note that there are currently significant delays in the UK visa application process. You are advised to apply for your visa well in advance of the intended date of travel.

The delays are due to the high volume of customers making appointments at the visa application centres (please refer to the update of 27 April regarding appointment bookings) and to technical difficulties affecting the UK’s global visa operation, which UK Visa Services are working to resolve.

At the moment please allow approximately 7 weeks from the time you make a request for an appointment to collecting your visa decision. UK Visa Services apologise to customers for the inconvenience, and confirm they are working to reduce these delays.
If you require further information, please contact Gerry’s at or telephone the call centre on 0900 10411 or using mobile short code 8865 (open Monday – Saturday 0800 – 12 midnight)

Please note that these are premium numbers and charged at a rate of PKR 10 per minute.

06 May 2009: UK Visa Application Centre at Mirpur is now open. Please see the address details in the ‘contact us’ page of this website.



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1,113 thoughts on “Important advice to customers about UK visa application process delays. 11-May-09

  • Q raza

    tell ur hubby to contact local MP (Uk) . Involve Mp in ur case, they have means and ways to help ppl like us if they really want then. Once i was in a diff town , my local Mp helped me alote, we moves to an other town next to it, local MP is an asshole. My case is in the court now.soon i will ask my wife toget in touch with Local MP .i was in the Uk 6 years.
    8 years case is alive in the Uk Home office . came back to get the visa quickly , got stuck in pak now, what a stupid i was. Its been over a year now. Uk court 2 times they accepted my shadi. its registered in the uk Got Certificate. but Stupid pak embassy said my shadi is not valid. can u believe that, they didn’t bother going through all the papers. now i have to wait and just wait. on top of that my wife had road accident, i dont know what to do.just have to wait. But im going to sue them badly what they have done to us.
    just like u guys me help less 2
    fake students,who dont wana study and going there and already there just to get the papers. Bcoz of them families like us suffered and still suffing in the Uk. U ppl will find out soon when u get there.
    khair // Good all of u

  • sana

    @ Casper & rocky111
    yaar casper try to get some number os som1 in islamabad embassy.I have been trying but knt get any thng.i haope they contact us soon.and rocky i have the same problem that i donot have any classes in january and have to defer my course to next september,but ALLAH will help me nd will not let my whole year be wasted.Casper said that uk gov will ask our universities to arrange classes for students of sept 2009 this november so their whole year is not wasted.Am not sure about this though..rocky u ask abt this 4m som1 nd leme know..

  • casper

    koi faida nai sana.. they dont hv our passports yet. im trying to contact anyone from BHC islamabad to know wut they are upto. i’ll let you know if i get to talk to them. i feel like we’ll hear good news in next few days.

  • Haider

    I have appealed for the settlement visa. My wife has had a court hearing on the 31/03/2009 of March and
    Thanks God we were successful, issue. And after that I submit my passport on {21 of May 2009} so now I am waiting more then four months since I have got called letter. But I do not understand if some one won the case and after that they wait more then four months. I don’t know why that much waits just for visa. This is absolutely shit guys this waiting makes my crazy. How long we have to wait this is really fed up me. stay at home think about visa from 4 months today I will get call from Gerry office or tomorrow this today and tomorrow makes me Ill. I email them I called them but no body cares about us. they want make us like we can ask for visa like poor guys please give me visa please give me visa they just play with us. In 4 month they not complete my process so when they will complete my process guys. In 12 of November it will be my TB certificate expiring too. I am really really depressed about this situation. It’s a really hard to wait. Lets guys please give some nice advice what should I do or no just wait. There is any one in the same situation or no just me guys

    • Zafar

      I submitted visit visa case for my family on 28th May, we all have previous visas also.but till date I have not received the passports.

      Let us pray and hope for the best, as we can’t do anything else


    • A


      dear haider, you are not the only one brother

      so many of us have been waiting in fact i have a same case, case just like yours, i have been waiting for 26 weeks and my TB certificate has already expired.

      ALLAH have mercy on us, good news in around the corner bro.INSHAALLAH

      keep praying and remember all of us in your prayers too,

  • sana

    @ CASPER
    What u think shd we go to fed ex office ourselves?did they call u as yet??ALLAH tabah kare inhe..

    • sonia

      @sana, wo tabah ho jain ge tou humara kuch b neye hogaa 🙂

      Allah unhai hidayat de

      best of luck!

      n just keep praying

      seriously it all depends on luck aswell,

      my cousin, he applied in september n got his uk student visa stamped last week

      n i applied for dependant visa in july n still waiting 🙁

      may Allah pour his blessings on us..ameen

  • Maham

    ALI re-bio leave me ur email address… will chat and discuss all abt our cases coz i guess its only 2 of us who is going thru RE-BIO thing.

  • w4r_m4chine

    @ FLUX and ANGRY LAD
    im suffering from same situation.its more than 7 weeks and embassy didnt called me for submitting my pasport… 🙁

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