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Dear Friends

Following is the latest news posted at Garry’s website about the timeline for visa applications.

Customers, please note that there are currently significant delays in the UK visa application process. You are advised to apply for your visa well in advance of the intended date of travel.

The delays are due to the high volume of customers making appointments at the visa application centres (please refer to the update of 27 April regarding appointment bookings) and to technical difficulties affecting the UK’s global visa operation, which UK Visa Services are working to resolve.

At the moment please allow approximately 7 weeks from the time you make a request for an appointment to collecting your visa decision. UK Visa Services apologise to customers for the inconvenience, and confirm they are working to reduce these delays.
If you require further information, please contact Gerry’s at or telephone the call centre on 0900 10411 or using mobile short code 8865 (open Monday – Saturday 0800 – 12 midnight)

Please note that these are premium numbers and charged at a rate of PKR 10 per minute.

06 May 2009: UK Visa Application Centre at Mirpur is now open. Please see the address details in the ‘contact us’ page of this website.

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  1. Hi

    Anyone awaiting or received passport after a visit allowed appeal, please comment

    • yep im waiting after my visit appeal was aloud after a call in letter i handed in my passport on 19 may still not had a call from gerrys to say come and pik it up can someone tell what they are upto.

      • After an allowed appeal of student visa,I am also waiting for the return of my passport, 1 month 5 days passed since I submitted my passport at Gerrys FedEx, Karachi. My friends have got their passport within one month with visa endorsed, but I was only the victim by BHC, islamabad. I guess they love to keep my passport, lol,However, my friends are waiting for me in the UK but they dont know, I m still in the mercy of British Hetler High Commission.

        Please uptade me ,

        I hope allowed appeal vitims will get their passports soon, Inshallah

      • I am also waiting for visa after an alowed of my friend got visa in just 1 month after an allowed appeal but he submitted his passport in april 2009.
        i think those who had submitted their passport after april 2009 are facing these delays and my friend also changed his course and college after an allowed appeal.i have all the same thing b4 nd after appeal.

        i cant understand,y bhc taking so much long time o the same case which they had seen b4.

        • Well, BHC has some sort of on-going IT problem, which they unable to resolve yet. I guess those people who have applied in July or August their outcome expected to be prolonged,

        • i applied for uk vissa ang got admisionion in one of best college with paying fee.Unfortunately i was declined by the embassy than i appaealed againt it in november 2008.There is a thing taht is really thinkable, lots of desicions have been taken by ait uk.But my case is still in waiting i dont know why .

      • @samina, where did you submit your passport after an allowed appeal? its long time I guess.

        • @Adil from Khi,hi there i submitted my passport at gerrys in islamabad on 19 may i hve phoned them twice and they say its still in passport i dont wat there upto but wish they wud hurry up.

        • samina@ I think we have to wait 3 to 4 months more.

    • @british citizen,

      hi i am atif munir,
      i have been living in uk for three years but i havent seen such kind of poor customer services, i dont know what they are upto,
      anyways here is my case situation
      i have won hsmp appeal on 25th of november 2008
      and bhs delayed me for 8 months and then i have gotten my call letter,
      now again i am suffering after submit my passprt at the end of june till now after 15 weeks
      i havent got my passprt. its altogatehr 10 months for call leter delay and now passport.
      any one can update me on this email, thanks

  2. are the timelines the same for appeal cases?

  3. Hello
    I applied at a UK university and got admission there. I have already paid half of my course fee. I haven’t applied for a visa yet but the problem is that I don’t want to go to the UK because I got a better offer from the US. My family keeps insisting that I go to the UK instead of US because the fees have already been paid. It seems that the only way out is to somehow get my UK visa application rejected. Can anyone please tell me how can I get my application rejected without letting my family know that I did it deliberately? Can someone also tell me that what kind of a reason is given on a visa rejection letter (Is it a general reason or a specific one)? An example would be deeply appreciated!
    After all the Ivy League is much better than LSE.

  4. (At the moment please allow approximately 7 weeks from the time you make a request for an appointment to collecting your visa decision)

    They lie to people… I dont know about others,,but the time between I made a request for appointment and today is 7 weeks.but i didnt get any in call. I calld them and they only say your file is in process

    • Hi,

      I really feel that there are a bunch of baboons sitting in BHC i mean how ** long time they need.. my mom applied for a simple visit visa and its been more then three months no reply i have emailed and phoned many times but a lame excuse every time

      i am so disappointed !!

      • @Zil-e-huma,



  5. i have three childern ihave 340 pound weekly income ist infe for my family to come the uk? please

  6. salams,
    I have been to UK and got my admission from a well reputed university from there , its been 5 months now that i have applied for a student visa but they are not replying me at all .

    can anyone help please contact me at

  7. i got a call letter from british high commission and submitted my passport on 9th of feb 2009..havent got it back till today..anybody help me how long it would take to get my passport back with visa…thanks

    • I also applied visa on 25th march however I did not get it, did u get your visa stamp or still waiting. I applied for fresh visa.


      • Hi All,

        i submitted my passport on 28 April 2009 at Karachi center. Please let me know the expected processing time. also let me know any phone or fax number to lodge my complaint.

    • @afia, Any progress any news?>

  8. Hi Afia

    What was your situation? appeal won for what type of visa and where did you lodge passport?
    I lodged passort at Lahore on 6th April!!!

    • Hi, I’m amir and also applied for visa on 25th march however I did not get my passport return did u get your passport.


      • Hi Amir

        NO, I still have note rcvd passport back- What is your situation and what was your visa for?

  9. Hey Afia!

    I am not getting ur piont, can u email on my yahoo account in detail??

    i will try my best to solve ur problem 🙂

  10. i have applied my student visa application since 07th april 2009 but still waiting for any reply.can any body tell me its solution.

    • Well, you have to be patient buddy, British Embassy Islamabad facing On-going IT problem.This is weird na? 1 week same notice by BHC, I guess they might be lying to make the case longer as I have submitted my passport after an allowed appeal (student visa) and not heard anything by British Deputy High Commission, Islamabad. Similarly, if you call Gerrys FedEx Khi, they tell you over and over again `passport is underprocess` what the hell is going on ? Wake up BHC !!!

  11. irfan
    hey could you tell me whts new rules for students dependents visa from pakistan and requriments please

  12. Irfan sahib
    Please visit the following page for detailed information

  13. Please guide me regarding OC. i have submitted visa apllincation on 04/17/2009 for uk, but there is still reply that my application has been farward to ISlamabad to OC. So please anyone reply and guide what is that.

    God bless you!


    • I also applied visa on 25th march however I did not get it, did u get your visa stamp or still waiting. I applied for fresh visa.

  14. it means that your application has been sent to Islamabad Observation and Control Centre for further processing.
    Hopefully you will get your visa soon.

  15. I mohammad Mohsin i was submitted 5 APPPEAL of set to UK Visa officer against refusal of my visa application in July-2008.
    In this regards I am stil awaiting of reply from UK what happend for the above cases

  16. I was called on5 august2008 by BHC Islamabad Pakistan to submit my passport for entry clearance after having my student visa appeal approved By AIT UK.
    I submitted my passport with other required documents for student visa on 16/09/08 via Garry Fed Ex services. However after several attempts over the last 8months of me trying to get some reasonable answer I have not had such luck, just always making excuses ‘visa is under process’ or someone will contact you’ and I am very frustrated.
    can some body help me

  17. As Salam O Alikum
    My appeal hearing date is 13 july. I want to know that can i reapply at the same time .. And if i reaply does it affect my appeal.


    • Hi,
      I also submitted my passport on dated 3rd July 2008 after allowed my appeal but still waiting for my entry clearence since a year did u received any reply from BHC Islamabad

  18. Hello there i have resubmit my passport 2 months before after an allowed appeal for HSMP but right now no body contact with me to collect my passport back can anybody tell me about this as i am very frustrated.

    Anybody have the same situation or can tell me to whom i can contact.


  19. @ Ahsan

    no it will not affect your appeal.

  20. I applied for UK Visa Tracking No. ISL/120609/090766/1 Date of Birth 26.07.1953

    I am frequent traveler to UK for the past 30 years visiting UK more than 20 times.

    Since I have to apply for the Canadian Visa as my grand son is having his Aqiqa (religious ritual) it is requested that the process for UK Visa Application may please be made as soon as possible.

    so that i can apply for the Canadian visa

    Please do the needful.

    Dr. Babur Zahir ud din

  21. salaam,
    i needed some help i have a relative who has submitted his application for a uk vist visa through the islamabad VAC, each time i check his status from the website it is saying ‘Forwarded to islamabad OC on’, could anyone help me and tell me what islamabad oc means, im really quite confused because on a couple of website it says it stands for application that are in abu dhabi.please can anyone help me and tell me the true definition and how long it may take to recieve the passport and get a call from the VAC centre. also can someone tell me please the process in which the application goes through is it BHC then OC.
    please help me.

  22. Please help me in the early processing of my UK VISA

    Tracking No. ISL/120609/090766/1

    Date of Birth 26-07-1953

    Babur Zahir ud din

  23. I am not an expert about UK visa system but what I understand is that OC stands for Observation & Control Center. I think due to the staff reduction in Islamabad, BHC process most of the applications in UAE. If the status appears as forwarded to OC, it means application is under process and soon you may get visa.
    @ Dr Babur
    Sorry dear we can not help, we just publish information here

  24. My husband was asked to submit his Pakistani passport to the Visa Application Centre in Islamabad for the Visa endorsement on 8th April 2009 and was told it will be at maximum about four weeks but he is still waiting for the passport to be returned to him. I understand of your Website information that applications are taking about 7 weeks to process, not sure if it applies to visa endorsements but in this instance that timescale has been exceeded.

  25. Salam ppl,

    I am totally sympathetic to all of your causes, I too am awaiting my husband’s visa response. It would appear everytime we call the help line we are unsuccessful (the phone gets cut off after you hold for a very long time).
    We made our appointment in April and was asked to attend the Gerry office to hand in our documentation in June 5th. We were told it could take up to 2 months to find anything about. Looking on all the websites it seems that the previous process was a lot quicker.

    Please all be patient and accept that like most things in life this is not in our control. It is the month of Rajab make fast and say your prayers may allah answer your prayers..
    Try emailing them on

    inshallah you will all be successful, but do expect it to take around 2 months as per the advice of the Islamabad Gerry office

    • under what catagory ur husband applied?
      i think my case is similar to yours.
      i have applied for a tier 1 post work study as a Dependant of my husband on 25th June 09 through Karachi centre.I was told that my visa process would be complete within 15-20 days.This is the 30th day today of my visa process (4 weeks) but no response yet and status is “application send to islamabad oc on” since the day ive submitted my docs… seems ive to wait another month.

  26. salaam,

    thanks for the assurance and the dua Saiqa. its really hard waiting my cousin applied for his uk vist visa and his status is saying forwarded to islamabad oc and its still the same but InshAllah Allah (swt) will give him success and a stamped passport i have all hope and faith in Allah ji. please remember my cousin in your duas and pray he get his visa.(Ameen) inshAllah your husband will get his spouse visas often seem to be eaiser to get.

  27. Can any one help me

    I applied for UK Visa Tracking No. ISL/120609/090766/1, Date of Birth 26.07.1953

    I am a frequent traveler to UK and visited UK more than 20 times in the past 30 years.
    My Grand Son who is in Canada is having his Aqiqa (religious ritual) in the 2nd week of July 2009 hence I have to apply for the Canadian Visa it is requested that the process for UK Visa completion may please be made as soon as possible.

    Dr. Babur Zahir ud din
    Consultant Eye Specialist
    123/A, Market Road Saddar
    Rawalpindi Pakistan.
    Ph: 051-5584905, 5792836,
    fax: 051 – 5792837
    Cell: 0332 – 4923235

    Still the tracking number gives the stereotype response
    Application Forwarded to Islamabad OC on
    this delay is causing agony and apprehension about my travel plans as by 22nd of August 2009 the Holy month of Ramzan is going to set in.

    Early completion of Visa formalities will be highly appreciated.

    Dr. Babur

    • Dr Sb,

      No one can help you in this regard. The only this you can do is to wait for you passport and decide not to give then bloody pounds interms of big visa fees. I applied visa of my 3 months baby boy around two months back and still waiting. I am already in UK and my rest of family and kids already got the visa, only my new born baby left and we are still waiting for his visa so that my family could joing me here ….but i don’t know what the hell they are doing after receiving too much much and do nothing …

      Evry one is struggling to get the passport back from this bloddy department, Blind cricket team is struggling to get visa and planning to cancell tour, and other celebraty ( a pop singer) cancelled his show here in london coz he still not get the visa ..there are so many stories like that …but they are SLEEPING …we can only wait once they realize that they have to do something …

  28. Hello,

    My Aunt submitted her passport at the application centre in Islamabad on April 1st 2009 for her visa to be endorsed after a successful visitor visa appeal in the UK, but she has still not been contacted to collect her passport. I have e-mailed the British Embassy and got a response from a contact at the Mirpur office (which I though was bizarre as the application was made in Islamabad) and they advise that the application was being processed. I am not sure what is happening at the Application centre but it is so annoying that there is no further official commment about the delays in Islamabad with the UK visas. I would understand if it was a new application, but the passport was deposited for visa endorsement.

    • Hi

      Has your Aunt rcvd her passport? if yes? when?

      • Salam Saima,

        Hurrray!!! My aunt has her visa!!

        She was contacted this morning to come and collect her visa endorsed passport. I can’t believe how long the wait has been. It has taken 3 months and 10 days before finally being contacted to collect her passport. I’ve not asked her the date the visa was issued but i will check and update on here to determine if the passport has been in limbo or they are behind in contacting people to collect their passports.

      • @Saima,
        I’ve applied for tire 4 general student on 31 august 2009, could u plz guide me tht how long it will take?????? coz when i was submitting my case at tht time they told me that we’ll reply u within 15 or 20 days but till yet no reply…….. 🙁

  29. salaam,

    hi i was wondering if any one could give me the web address for tracking an application made for a uk visa. on a couple of other forums people have mentioned there are two different websites to track your status. i wanted your help. could anyone give me the two seperate web address.
    thanks a buunch

  30. Visa status at UK Border Agency

    Track passport at Gerry’s website

  31. sorry to be a pain wat number do i put in on the second web address is it the same refernce number e.g. Isl/******/******/*

  32. @ Mahmood

    the best way to track your passport status is to visit


    scroll down to End of the page and you will find a link “track your passport”.. click on it

    enter your ref number: isl/*****/****/*
    enter your date of birth

    it will show your status.

    (All other ways might not work for ppl who applied from Pakistan)

    BTW just for information WHEN did you submit your application and from which vac center?

    I submitted my application on 16 june, 2009 but haven’t yet heard anything my details are

    Visa application date: 16 june 2009
    Type: Visit Visa (6 months)
    Current online status: “Application forward to islamabad oc on”

    If any of you guys have applied before me plz post your details so that we have a clue of exact process time..

  33. Hey all, I am one of the victim of cuurent visa processing delay. i think UK embassy pakistan slow down the visa issue because of the current financial crises. There is no other reason i think which can affect of visa processing delay.

    Please give your comments on this.

  34. its my cousin who applied on the 3rd of june and same here for a visit visa 6months but still has not heard from them.
    my Father in lawapplied on the 19th May but still has not heard any suggestions to what i should do?

  35. @ Ahsan Rasool

    Financial crises has nothing todo with visa delays. BHC is already charging a lot of fee from the applicants and for them its a good source of earning. yeah i think its due to 2 major problems which are the reasons for the delay.
    1. IT problem: which BHC faced in mid of MAY and lot of ppl were asked to submit there biometrics again. due to this an overload in backlog is causing the delays
    2. increased security checks. more detail scrutiny is carried about on each application which cause a delay.

    ANY of you guys applied in the start of JUNE and got his passport back?

  36. @ lahore guy

    no, my cousin applied on 3rd june not heard anything yet inshAllah will be successfull got all my hope on Allah

  37. @Mahmood

    is your cousin applying the first time? or he had already visited uk before?

    and plz do update here when he gets back his passport.

  38. @ lahore guy
    both my cousin and father in law applying for the first time. my father in law its been way over a month any suggestions on what i should do?
    i will defo keep updating on this site

  39. AOA. My husband won his appeal for settlement visa and re-submitted his passport on 18 march 2009 for his visa to be stamped. Until now 1 July 2009 we are still waiting for return of his passport. I have contacted BHC Islamabad on several occasions and all they reply is that my husband’s passport is in a queue and we have to wait until my husband is contacted through Gerry offices. They will not advise me of timeframe. The seven weeks mentioned on their website relate to new visa applications and not to successful appeals cases who have re-submitted their passports for visa stamp. I cannot find any information on the web relating to timeframe of successful appeal cases. I originally submitted my husband’s settlement visa in |September 2009. It was refused. If BHC had checked my documents properly at the time, my husband would have been here in the UK NOW. Instead I went through the appeal process and I involved my local MP in London to help me. My MP was very helpful because the BHC had no grounds of refusal in the first place. Just in case anyone is interested the 3 reasons for refusal were 1. I have no job. 2. I do not have enough accomodation for hubby and 3. I claim Tax credit. Just to advise everyone I have been working for over 20 years, I own a 4 bedroomed house where only 2 bedrooms are occupied and under UK tax law I am entitled to claim for Tax credit. All supporting documents were presented and the ECO obviously did not check documents otherwise how can you possibly miss a letter from your employer, wage slips, P60, bank statements showing salary over 6 months period???!!! Anyway decision was overturned and now waiting for them to stamp a passport, how long does that take??!!!!!
    I know there have been IT problems since April but surely how long does it take to sort that out???!!! Come on staff at BHC Islamabad, can you please tell me if my husband will be here in UK before 14 August as it will be our first wedding anniversary and I have not seen hubby since |September 2009. Have you any sense of compassion???!!!!!

    • Hi Saheen

      We are in the same boat. My sis-in-law submitted her passport in Lahore on 6th April and nothing heard back. I have emailed and phoned numerous times. All I get is still in process or in a queue to be passed to case worker.

      • Hi Danyal

        I have now been advised ‘that case is being processed by casework section and will take some time. Precise processing period cant be mentioned at this stage, Kindly wait to be contacted.’ They have had the passport since March 2009. What are they doing???? As far as I am concernced all they had to do was to stamp the passport with the visa.

        Any news on your side?

        • Hi Shaheen
          No we still have not heard anything yet. My sis-in-law may go to Gerry’s Lahore next week in person to see if her passport has arrived. I have heard they have a backlog of passports and phone calls to make. No harm in checking. BHC did call the sponsor in May and said passport would be ready for collection in a few weeks and this time has now lapsed. Lets see what happens next week. We got they same email as you mention back in May. I think it’s a standard letter which they copy and paste to everyone. They never answer any of our questions.

      • hi Danyal,27th sep 09
        mine case is same as ur sister in law and facing the same dilemma as n my husband won the appeal case in april 09.submitted my passport to jerrys on 25th may 09,now its 27th sep 09 and im empty handed,no pnone call from jerrys for the passport collection.Though received an email from BHC regarding passport collection on my u can see i have also seen ppl getting calls after 3 months and 10 days.But its now four since the submission of my passport to jerrys.its so and my hubby are away from eachother since one and a half year.
        any luck??

        any success??

    • Salam Shaheen,

      Has your husband had his passport back. My husband also submitted his passport on the 8th April 2009, and we are stil waiting. Their response is very automated that the passport is in a queue and will be passed onto the caseworker. Please let me know when u get ur passport back.

      • Hi Shaheen & Salma

        Can you plase let me know when your husbands receive there passports or any updates as my sis in law is still waiting. She submitted her passport in Lahore on 6th April.

        • Will do so Saima. I have had my MP and solicitor get involved they also keep getting the same answer that there is a huge back log. Any luck Shaheen With your husbands passport.I have sent an email on Monday but until today i have not had a reply. I suppose the sentence i wrote that 3 months or longer is surely unacceptable has upset them a little. I suppose all we can do is wait.

      • Salam Salma Begum

        This morning I received an email from the Embassy and I am told ‘that the case is being processed by casework section and will take some time. Precise processing period cant be mentioned at this stage. Kindly wait to be contacted.’

        I was initially advised back in February 2009 that visa will be issued shortly. I just don’t understand what these people are doing. The only thins I would suggest is to chase them on a weekly basis.

        I will keep you posted.


        • Salam Shaheen,

          I too got the same email that this application is under process, please wait to be conatcted in due course. I suppose the wording has changed from in a queue to under process, hopefully it should not take too long. same here i will keep u posted. If u wanna communcate with me further my email is

        • Finally… the saga has ended. The passport has been returned, exactly 3 months and 13 Days. My husband got a call this morning and he went over to Islamabad to pick the passport up.

        • Salam Salma Begum

          Congratulations. I have had no news. I have asked my hubby to chase them up. I hope ur hubby comes over soon and wish you both a successful life together.

    • dear Shaheen
      this is ur facing the same dilemma as my husband won the appeal case in april 09.submitted my passport to jerrys on 25th may 09,now its 27th sep 09 and im emty handed,no pnone call from jerrys for the passport collection.Though received an email from BHC regarding passport collection on my u can see i have also seen ppl getting calls after 3 months and 10 days.But iots four months 25th sept since my submission of passport to jerrys.its so nad my hubby are away from eachother since one and a half year.
      any success up till now?
      Good luck to all

      • @farheen hasan,
        Salam Sister
        there is only one lady salma begum her husband got passport after 3 month 10 days if you check her all post she was keep chasing it with help of her local MP and solictor.if you ready post on end of this page there are adnan, Bashir, me and haider have same settlment allowed appeal case.the worse thing is adnan TB certificate run out and they don’t give visa without that he is waiting from 6 months if you are british citizen try to talk with your local MP so he can complaint.It might help your husband and so many other people as well.
        May Allahtala help all who are waiting and apart from patner.
        Read post on end of page as i think shaheen don’t leave message anymore.

  40. I have been given a computer number by Gerry’s CN#13726986 after submitting my passport in March 2009 after appeal allowed but not heard anything from them to say collect passport. By using that number I cannot even track the status.

  41. Salaam!

    wondering if anyone can help me, my cousin applied for a uk visa on 3 june. i rand abu dhabi to find out the status of the application and was told that it has been processed from there are was sent back to Islamabad the gerrys office. so i rang the gerry up and got told it is still in process.can anyone help me with whats going on.please

  42. @Mahmood

    try to contact BHC, islamabad through email or phone.
    can u please tell me at which number u called Abu dhabi?

  43. @ lahore guy

    it was 0097126101539, they were very helpful.

  44. Attention all Pakistani applicants:

    As per my knowledge British High Commission in Islamabad have no proper staff for their Visa section, secondly head of the visa section is transferred and no new person is appointed at his place, third reason is they have very critical backlog that is approx 7000 people in queue and waiting for there passports. All British Authorities are well aware from this situation but they don’t have interest to clear this backlog. You notice they transferred our visa section very dramatically, they don’t have any good reason for its shifting while they are receiving Visa application by Visa Application Centres. Also you can check we all Pakistani pay too much charges for very very poor service.
    At this time we must think for all pakistanies and write letter of protest to Border Immigration Agency against shifting of Visa Section. Remember soon your visa applications in Abu Dhabi will be compiled by non Pakistani staff, so how you will get quality decisions…

  45. i submitted my passport after call in letter on 19th may.and i m still waiting for passport.
    help me please

  46. Hi everybody, i have applied for Tier 4 on 17th june 2009 and on 4th july i track my passport. the status is that’ your application is ready for collection…’
    So anybody who can tell me that is this decision is not very early as compared to other people.
    what u guys say about it….
    tomarrow i will go to VAC to collect my passport, plz all guys pray for me…

    thanks and best regards

    • Hi shani,

      Sorry to say but i think you well be refused.

      • Hi nasir,
        thanks for ur advice but i have got visa by The GRACE of ALLAH. Yesterday i visited VAC office and i collect my passport with 2.5 years Tier 4 visa stamped.
        if someone wanna information regarding Tier 4 can consult wid me.

        thanks and best regards to all..
        Wish everyone for his success

        • Hi Shani;

          From which city u applied for visa…
          Also i have applied on 15th june but i’m still on waiting..
          my status is still application forwarded to!!!

          Which type of studies ur going to do in Uk & which university???

        • Hi! Shani … bro I have applied for UK visa under Tier4 section on 9th of June… still waiting for my passport…

          my status is still application forwarded to Islamabad

          can u tell me whts the reason for this delay…

          also tell me wht should I do now, either I should mail or not…my classes are commencing on 17th of Aug

          waiting for ur response

        • hi , Shani in how much time your applictaion is completely processed ?

    • i think your visa is ready

      • hi waseem bhai..
        thanks for ur advice i got visa..u were right…

        • Congratulations Brother…

          Yes I knew that, because visa section in Abu Dhabi process very quickly on fresh passport, other side the people who are frequent traveller and have previous history of UK travel specially Visas issued from Pakistan from any post (Embassy) are very strictly checked by them….
          You know the reason???
          The reason is they understand that Visas were issued by Error or with back checks…

  47. Hi lahore_guy can u plz advise if u have received ur passport as im in a similar situation Abu Dhabi saying they completed my application on 16/06/2009 but still no news from Gerrys. Thanx

    • please ask about you application from Gerrys Manager on this e-mail address:

      also provide them your reference number which starts “GRY” you can find this number on your slip

    • Hi Aslam,

      Can you please tell us on which no you call on abu dhabi

      • Dear Nasir,
        Please note the numbers of UK Embassy in Abu Dhabi visa section

        Te: +971 2610 1539
        +971 2610 1586
        (Sunday to Thursday)
        7:30am to 14:30pm

        • please note correct numbers:

          Tel: +971 2610 1539
          +971 2610 1100

          Fax: +971 2610 1586
          (Sunday to Thursday)
          7:30am to 14:30pm

  48. @ Aslam

    NO i have not heard any thing from them. my status is still “application forward to islamabad OC on”

    i dont know whats going on with these BHC guys.

  49. hiya
    i have applied for my Tier 1 Post Study Work Visa on the 18th of May 2009 its now been more then 50 days am waiting for it but the status on the gerrys website still the same ” app forwd to isb” as i emailed BHC ISB and they replied that your application is still in process with ongoin checks could anybod on this forum clearify whats that ongoing checks means and how long it will take as i have submitted all the documents and i still dnt understand why its taking soo long …

    • God Knows Better…
      ongoing checks mean they will verify your previous visas, entries of in coming and out going on your passport and so manyother, they understand last time when you applied for UK visa that time FCO (visa officer) didnt properly made checks…
      just wait and watch, be prepared for fight for your right…

  50. hi everyone i applied for 10 years visit visa on 15th june with my family. the status says forwarded to isb oc. i have been to uk before and also have a student visa but why is it taking so long..on the other hand my friend applied for the same with his family three weeks before me and he got it in exact 3 weeks. 10 years visa

  51. @ kashif

    hello kashif i have also applied on 16 June for a 6 month visit visa from lahore vac. i have also visited uk before and several other countries like germany, spain, france. i dont know what these BHC guys are doing. i sent an email to visa section (abu-dahbi) and today i got a response that my application is still in process and is under different checks. AS i have to travel to Uk on 21st of july so my travel date is near and still havent heard anything from them.

    its my guess that may be we will get our passports back by the next week.

    from where did you applied? and please keep posting here when you get any response or update

    • yeah applied from lahore also. I really want it this week. i think the passports come on tuesday and thursday. Well lets hope for the best if not this week i’m sure it will be next week.You also keep me posted. thanksss

  52. Hi kanwal
    i have applied from islamabad.
    University of East London.
    Course: BA (Hons) Business Finance (year 2) as i transfer credit hours from University of Peshawar.
    IELTS 6 Bands
    Bank statement: 20 lac Rupees.
    from which city u applied and for which course.

  53. Hi Kashif
    How do u know they send passports only tuesday & thursday plz leme know


  54. Hi Lahoreguy
    thanks for the info
    i aplied for mine on 26/05/2009 and until today no passport received, Abu Dhabi saying they have processed the application and completed on 16/06/2009, On checking with Gerrys they advised me that although my application is back from Abu Dhabi Islamabad office must be reviewing it and doing further checks etc, i have travelled to UK several times so i realy dont know whats happening

    • this is the same case witrh my cousin, he applied on the 3rd june from islamabad and when i rang up abu dhabi they said it has been processed and sent back to the gerrys office and told me to contact the gerrys office, so when i contacted the gerry they said its still under process and that i should check back again in 4-5 days its been two weeks but the status is still the same. im really clueless about what is going on. my father who applied on 19th may, each time i ring up abu dhabi to track the status they saying they cant find any application under the that passport, gery number. im CONFUSED

  55. hi,
    my dear all Pakistani brothers and sisters today i have made a phone call to Express Tv, i brief them all of this situation and I also request all Pakistanis to start a media campaign against this serious issue, you can write or call Express Tv or any media group, I think media campaign regarding this issue can help all current and future visa applicants of UK…

  56. Hi every1 just to let u guys know my passport has arrived
    Applied on 26//05/2009
    Abu Dhabi Processed and completed on 16/06/2009
    Sent to Lahore office by ISB office on 09/07/2009
    which means ISB office is keeping the applications for 2-4 weeks after received from Abu Dhabi


  58. Hello All Pakistanis;

    I’ve applied on 15th June. i called to Abu Dhabi office yesterday, but operator said that application is still in process…

    Can anybody tell me what the hell is going on with Pakistanis!!!!

  59. sorry to bother you all again what phone numbers are you ringin when you call abu dhabi. i just wanted to make sure im ringin the correct one

    • Abu Dhabi phone no.

      Tel: +971 2610 1539
      +971 2610 1100

      Fax: +971 2610 1586
      (Sunday to Thursday)
      7:30am to 14:30pm

  60. does any 1 know what the timming are to collect the passport from the VAC and what days? n do they have to ring or can you collect without appointment

  61. @ mahmood

    hi mahmood did your cousin got a response regarding his application? did the online status changed? if yes then when did it changed?

    VAC usually says that dont come unless they call you for passport collection but if they dont give you a call in 2-3 days just ask your cousin togo down and say that he received a call and collect his passport. Otherwise i think they will call him
    and the timings are 12 to 5 pm

    • @ lahore guy,
      MashAllah my cousins status changed to collect your passort yesterday. please pray he gets the visa stamped on his passport. really can do with all the prayers we get.

  62. hi guys,

    i have submitted my application on the 5th of june,2009 at the mirpur vac office under tier 1(post study work).so for their is no reply from vac. online status Application forwarded to islamabad oc.i dont why its taking such a long time.

    • me submitted my tier 1 post study work on the 18th of may 09 at da mirpur vac as well but did’nt heard anything yet tho i sent 2 emails and gota reply last week that the application still in process for further checks anyway but am hopefull that will hear something in this coming week leme know if you get any reply plus just to let you know that all the application submitted at mirpur will not go to abu dhabi but they process in islamabad been told by one of the manager at gerrys tc

    • did u get ur visa

  63. Salam All,

    I’d like to update that after a successful visitor visa appeal my aunt has today collected her visa endorsed passport in Islamabad. She deposited her passport on 1st April at Gerry’s office and 3 months and 10 days later she collected the passport. We have been waiting for a long time and have contacted Gerrys office on several occasions by e-mail only to receive generic reponses that the passport is in a queue etc.

    Be prepared to wait this long… patience is a great thing (even though we though the passport had gone astray… well anything is possible in Pakistan).

    Good luck to all.

  64. I just read the entries on this page. Mostly are those who seek UK Visa as students going on higher studies. I had for 25 years been working abroad. A part of my job there was preparing documents, applying and obtaining visit type visa for US, UK, Schengen mostly and some time for different countries like Pakistan, Russia, Austeralia, Switzerland etc for my employers. The visa procedures I found always very very smooth and easy if the papers are all correct which of course due to passage of time I had gained proficiency. It was so that many times even the dealing officials in those Embassies did not check my submitted papers fully knowing well whenever I brought to them applications those were always full complete in all respect and if there was any shorting due to new nature of application, I myself told them and sought guidance. Since I had long been visiting them sometime if there was any shortcoming in my papers they pointed it out, retained the documents for processing and advised me to do the shortful when collecting the passport. However one thing which I learnt during all these years was a single point that one should not and can not hide any true fact and should not try to fool the visa officer. These visa officers are so trained that they can smell the rat and read one’s mind. Since we in Pakistan we are master of making certificates, twisting the papers hence the applicants feels long questions. For the students one of the main requirement for UK USA is passing of English language test. Reading the entries and finding the standard of language, phrasing, spellings and inability of expressing by the failed applicants on this web I find that in our beloved Pakistan even those English language test certificates too are available through internet or can be made easily as our Alim On Line has got.

    • I agree with you that visa procedures are very straightforward. I applied for a settlement visa for my husband. All papers were original and correct. But my application was refused on the basis I am not employed, no accommodation and I am claiming public funds. These refusals are abolutely untrue. All papers relating to my employment (I have been in employment for over 20 years!!!), my home were presented and under UK Tax Law I am entitled to some benefits which I can receive even though I am employed. If these Visa Officers are highly trained why on earth did they not see the relevant papers????

  65. hi,
    was curious is it important that all applications are kept longer for secondary checks as my father who submitted his application on 19th may still has not recieved a reply and each time we ring we are getting told that it kept for secondary checks, and my cousin who applied on the 3rd june his documents are ready for collection, does this mean onemay get it and the other not? please help by the way they both fresh applications and for uk family visit 6 months.

  66. hi
    any one able to help? wanted to know whether all application that are successfull are always kept for secondary checks or is it some odd cases.

  67. @ Mahmood

    haven’t your cousin yet got his passport back??

    And i think it is not the case that applications that are kept for secondary checks are always successfull. BUT i think the chances of getting Visa stamped gets high cuz a application who has clear grounds tobe refused has no need to be put into further checks, wasting time and resources. so i hope your your father will inshallah get his visa soon.

    Most of the time i have seen that fresh passports are sent back earlier as they undergo less of the checks (stamped visa or refused)

    secondary checks depends on the type of application and depends on the claim/purpose/attached documents and travel history.

    anyways wish your cousin and father best of luck.

  68. @ lahore guy

    thanxs bro, my cousin has not recieved a call from the gerry people for him to go and collect his passport, we jus waiting for that call but the thing is that the number that my cousin has written down as his contact number hardly has reception so im no sure what we are going to do.

    Have you heard anything yet?

  69. @ mahmood

    nothing yet still waiting…the status of my application is still “forwarded to islamabad oc”

  70. Do anyone has Abu dhabi BHC email address?

  71. @ Ethi
    @ all

    my cousin still has not heard anything from the call centre. iv even rang them up and they are saying wait for the call or go in and take a risk of collecting it the time is 2-4pm mon-fri. can anyone help on what we should do.
    @ Lahore guy
    you heard anything yet

  72. @ mahmood
    well my status got changed today around 3 pm and around 4:30 pm sum1 rang from gerrys for the same thing and i confirmed the guy that will be coming tomorrow to collect it so will go inshallah 2moz and yea you can go as well i dnt think you need any appointment for the collection they guy told me that you can come anytime around 2 – 5 pm so best of luck including me 🙂 tc

    • Hey…. How long does it take ur passport to complete process

      ihave applied on 9th June…2 months have been elapsed… Tell me how long should I wait for my passport

  73. @ ethi
    inshAllah you will be successful please remeber my cousin in ur duas i will defo pray thateveryone gets their visa

  74. @ethi


    no i havent heard any thing yet…really depressed about this..
    and its my suggestion for your cousin not to wait for gerry’s call and give it a try by just visiting the vac and see if they have his passport.As his status is ready for collection.

    • @ lahore guy

      the issue is that my cousin from multan and his application submitted in islamabad so if he travels all that way and does not be given the passport its going to be a waste of a trip just imagin traveling like 10+ hours by car.but i think im going to tell him to go 2day.
      inshAllah you will hear some good news soon.
      My father still has not heard anything

    • hi,

      when did you apply for visa, I applied for visa on 25march2009, can you send me you cell no I want to talk with you. my cell no is 0321 7162379 and email address is

  75. Hi everyone
    can anyone advice the website where we should check the application status. my dad made an application for his visa about 3 weeks ago.
    i would highly appciate if any of you drop me a line on my e-mail which is
    Thank you all and look forward for early response.
    gud nite.

  76. hi Saima,
    NO I did not get my passport back yet, my email address is, can you tell me in detail about your application and status.


  77. Hey everyone!
    I along with my mom applied on June 01, 09. and we got our passport on June 30, 09 with UK 6 months visit Visa ( Thanks to Allah) .
    My grandmother also applied on June 04, 09 but her passport has not been received yet. i emailed Abu Dhabi office regarding her passport status but they replied on 12 july and said the passport has been sent to ISlamabad. I dont know how much time is Islamabad goin to take? any idea guys?? we three have to fly on 24, lets hope we get her passport before that.

    • mashAllah that was good news. my cousin applied on the 3rd june for 6month family vist visa and his application was processed from abu dhabi and sent back on the 24th june and his status changed to passport collection exactly 15 days. so i think its around 2-3weeks Allah knows best. my cousin still has not been contacted by the gerry to collect his passport even though his status changed a week ago any sugesstions on what to do? please pray he gets this visa theres alot counting on this visa.

  78. i am really gutted i got an email saying that they can not track my fathers application and this may be due the fingerprints not being done correctly at the gerrys office.i cant believe the shit service the gerry office are giving.

  79. hey i just called abu dhabi visa section and they said your application has been processed and completed and you should collect it from ur local centre but i called gerry’s and they told me that ur application is with the british high commision isb. i applied on 15th june for 10 year visit visa

  80. hey can anyone tell me that if the application has been sent from abu dhabi that means the decison has been made right?! and is the visa sticker issued in abu dhabi? and after everything is done why does the isb office keeps the application?!

  81. @ kashif
    hello kasif
    hi applied a visit visa (6months) on 16 june from lahore vac. and i called A.Dhabi and they told me that islamabad BHC place the visa sticker and they (A dhabi )are only responsible for the application process.

  82. We all understand that there are extensive delays in UK visa processing and no one can meet any schedule meetings.You are literally stuck and cannot travel to any other country witl valid visa as passport is kept with UK high commission. One thing we can suggest to border agency to release passport and keep investigating and inform the individual when they have arrived on a decision.
    I applied for 10 years visit visa on 16th jun and ever since there is a complete silence. Can anybody make a guess how long more it will take. I will appreciate

    • hey khalid i also applied for 10 years visit visa on the 15th of june with my family.I called Abu dhabi yesterday and they said ur application is complete and the everything is, you should collect ur passport from ur local centre. But i called gerry’s and they said its still in isb. They said some documents are checked in Abu dhabi and some in isb. I think we will get the passports next week prolly on thursday.

    • no one knows how long it will take. actually the applications that are sent to abu Dhabi are the main cause of delays. Due to this 3 backlogs are created.

      1.Application backlog in Abu dhabi visa section
      2. Application backlog when return to Islamabad BHC
      3. Application backlog in Gerry’s VAC ( as they dont call and keep the application with them for 2-15days

      • Kashif/lahore_guy
        True there is backlog. Reasons in my opinion
        1 Too many applicants
        2 Fraud and forged cases which need detailed scrutiny causing delays
        3 Pakistan security situation resulted the creation of Abu Dhabi centre

        4 On their part system need improvement since with international processing fee we rightly expect internal service standards
        Let us hope things move or we can be patient.
        Participants requested to update individual information to calculate average processing time

  83. Hello All;

    Yesterday i again called dubai office & respondent said that final process is going on so i have to check again tomorrow after tomorrow for checking decision, also he said that i can check my decision on phone!!!

    Lets c what happened!!!

    • hi kawal
      tomorrow when you will call them they will say still in process OR your process is complete and send back and check with where you applied…so after that point no one will be responsible a big dark fullstop as no place to contact now…
      – gerry will say they dont have your passport.
      – Abudhabi will say they have completed and plz contact gerry vac.
      – Islamabad BHC will say plz contact Abu dhabi

      this is what i am going through..and most of us here. hope it goes fine with you.


    • which visa had you applied for? if its a visit visa it can take more than one month minimum and 5-6 months maximum

      people who had applied in the first week of June are still waiting. so i guess you will hear something after 14 August.

      And the most amazing part is that no one knows how long it takes Not even BHC,Abu Dhabi and Gerry’s. All of them have the same fix formal line “case under process”

  85. Salaam! just to keep you aall updated my cousin still has not recieved a phone call but now got advised by the call centre to go and collect it our self. so he shall be going on monday please remeber him in ur duas. i will iA do dua for everyone that you iA get ur visas.Ameen

  86. Hi
    i am from karachi i hv applied student visa on 7 th july from gerrys karachi
    on tracking passport its showing Application forwarded to Islamabad and OC on
    wat does its mean bcz i hv read all ppls they r saying now application r going to abu dhabi
    and my passport is fresh
    plz plz
    pray for mr and guide that will they tell em thru email or it will be seal envelope and after open envelope it will come to me about my statues??????????

    • Islamabad OC mean is “observation and control”, few days ago I confirm from VAC that where they send our passport and he told me that they forward all applications and passport to Islamabad then BHC (British High Commission) in Islamabad forward visa application with all supporting documents to BHC in Abu Dhabi for decision, while that they keep all passports to them and wait for the decision from BHC Abu Dhabi, if they are advised that applicants application is successful and they can issue “Entry Clearance” in other words a visa is granted to applicant, if BHC Abu Dhabi refuse any application for visa in this situation they just send refusal letter. Now you have read the current condition for visa on this blog, at this I just advise you please be patient and hope for best….

  87. today my status changed to “ready for collection” and NO one from the VAC lahore called me but i went there and asked for my documents and got my passport back.
    i applied on 16 june for a visit visa.
    my documents were send to Abudhabi.
    MY visa is refused

    • Dear Brother,
      i am so sorry for your visa is refused, i would like to tell that whenever you dont received call from gerrys and website show your passport is ready for collection it means you are refused for visa. remember if you have right of appeal then you must prepare for that…

    • lahore_guy pls tell me what reason that your visa refused.

      • hello usman.

        my case situation was as under:-

        1. i had traveled to UK before under a visit visa (last year)
        2. i had traveled to several European countries like Germany, France, Italy etc on visit visas.
        3. currently i had a valid schengen visa (multiple entries)
        4. i applied for the UK visit visa and was suppose to travel onwards to Germany for a important purpose and other countries. i clearly mentioned the importance and nature of my onward journey.
        5. i submitted all my business proofs, bank statements and property documents.
        6. my recent investments in my business to show my ties and commitment to my work.

        BUT my visa is refused on
        1. general grounds that i will not leave UK after the completion of my stated period.
        2. unable to show that i own any asset/property in Pakistan so i have no ties with pk.

        Anyways no problem may be something was really loose from my side OR the decision maker didn’t even bother to open my file in detail. Anyways it all happens in Pakistan 🙂

        I have no right to appeal except on the basis of human rights or race discrimination.

  88. hello everyone,

    i have submitted my application on the 5th of june,2009 at the mirpur vac office under tier 1(post study work).so for their is no reply from vac. online status Application forwarded to islamabad oc.i dont why its taking such a long time.

    • salamz
      sorry bro for the late reply actually check this forum anyway got my passport back with 2 year post study stamp on it thanks to Allah inshallah u will get yours soon as well for me it took bloody 57 days in total

  89. salaam.
    thought id let u all know my cousins visa got rejected and for the most silliest reasons. im very gutted and upset.
    wanted all ur help we iA going to do appeal wanted to know what we have to submit with the appeal we going to do it from the uk. the visa was rejected due to bankstatement of my cousin, this was because he put a 2 1/2 laks in at one transaction. Any suggestions that will help.

  90. hi all,

    i have submitted my application at mirpur vac office on 5th june, under tier 1 (post study work). on 22nd of july someone call me from vac office for passport collection. yesterday i collect my passport with two years visa stemped on it.

    thanks to all mighty Allah.

    one thing i want to share that those who receive call from vac office for passport collection will definitly get visa.

    • hi salam dear,
      Congratulations…what kind of documents have u submitted for post study work visa. As i am doing BBA from peshawar university, can i apply for post study work visa after completion of my BBA here at Pakistan. What other documents are required for post study work visa.

      thanks and BEst regards…

  91. i have applied for a tier 1 post work study Dependant visa on 25th June 09 through Karachi centre. I was told that my visa process would be complete within 15-20 days.i was to attend my husband’s graduation ceremony on 22nd july and attached an invitation letter with my application which was send to me by the uni but alas i had to miss it. This is the 24th day today of my visa process (4 weeks) but no response yet and status is “application send to islamabad oc on” since the day ive submitted my docs. Ive read the news on british embassy’s website and understood that ive to wait roughly for 7 weeks now due to delays but what gutted me is ANOTHER NEWS from gerry’s which was released by // on “14 July 2009: Disruption and possible delays to UK Border Agency visa processing in Pakistan. The UK Border Agency in London is responsible for making decisions on settlement visa applications made in Pakistan. The Pakistan team in London will be moving offices on 20 July 2009. There will be no change to the service provided by Gerry’s International during this time; but there will be some disruption to UK Border Agency visa application processing. There is a backlog of visa applications that the UK Border Agency is working hard to reduce. Unfortunately, the time taken to process applications is likely to increase during the office move and we can not guarantee that applications will be resolved within 12 weeks (from the date you submit your biometrics). If you are planning to settle in the UK we strongly recommend that you submit your visa application as early as possible in order to avoid any disruption to your plans”

    The List of Documents Submitted 1) VAF-10 2) Sponser Letter 3) Covering Letter 4) husbands passport 5) My Passport 6) Proof of marriage( Marriage Certificate, Few marriage photos, Wedding invitation in English) 7) Employment proof of my husband (Offer Letter,reference letter, 3 Pay slips 8) Residence proof (Rental Agreement along with Inventory report for house, 9) Bank Statements (For the 3 months maitaining 1600 as husband is in UK since last 4 years.

    i wonder how strong is my case and how long i’ve to wait now as per latest news it seems they will take around 12 weeks now. Please leave your comments and suggestions and REMEMBER ME IN PRAYERS.

    Many Thanks.

    • first of all i wana to tell u that ur case is not a settlement case. if ur husband is settled there permanently then u can apply for settlement the statment on 14th july wount affect u. currently its taking 7 to 8 week.

      Inshallah u will get ur visa in couple of weeks.

      • Yeah i knew that until i called VAC karachi to ask the status of my application. They said my catagory (post work study-dependant) fall under settlement visa and they treat dependants and those who wish to settle same way. that’s what got me worried.
        wht do u think?

      • YE thts what i knew until i spoke with one of VAC karachi rep. he told me that they treat dependants and those who wish to settle same way and tht’s where i got so worried n confused. what do u think?

        Thanks for support.

        • dear sister,

          i am 100% sure that ur case is not a settelment case.its just a temperory stay for 2 years.u dont need to call any one because they dont care. and most of staff in vac office dont know about different type of visas. i personally experianced this. .u dont need to worry about that

          i am also sure that u will get ur passport within 7 to 8 weeks of ur apply.

        • yes i know my visa is not settlement visa and tht my husband is there for 2 years. we will apply hsmp next year, i wasjust tellnig u guys wht VAC ppl told me abt treatments of settlement+dependant visas and yes i agree with you coz even ive interacted with VAC people several times and they mis guide you and dont knw much abt policies them selves.
          i called abu dahbi just a while back and asked for the status of my application, the rep was very polite unlike pakistani vac rep’s and he told me that my application is pending… he counded bit sleepy so i asked again is it pending or under processing so he was like i am sorry its under processing but i cant give u the time frame as u may get it tomorrow or after several weeks.. maybe months..
          so i guess all ive to do is to be patient and wait for another 3 weeks as ive completed 4 weeks y’day.
          Pk802 thanks for responding. wht visa have u aplied for?

        • i have submitted my case for tier 1 post study work on 5th of june and i got my passport on 23 july with 2 years visa stemp on it. it almost took 49 days.

        • oh thts great mashallah. Congrats.which city have u applied from?
          it means they r processing tier 1 cases within 7 weeks so hopefully ill get to knw abt mine soon.
          need prayers.

        • thanks, i applied from Mardan .insahllah u will get ur visa soon. a friend of mine who also applied for tier 1 post study got his passort after 56 days, the time range is from 7 to 8 weeks.

  92. Brothers and sisters,
    Just be patient!!!! The UKBA have had a total re-vamp with latest equipment and technology which will eliminate fraudulent applicants so calm down and let them do their jobs. The BHC record in Islamabad is still one of the best compared to any other western countries operating there.

    • hello J

      you are right UKBA have the latest equipment and technology due to which they are the best in the world but to sustain they have to improve their quality which in some parts/portion is very poor. example as many of us had experienced that they don’t respond correctly and efficiently. by correctly i mean they “the correct information”. i wrote an email enquiring about my application and after 4 days when i had already got my passport back i received an email explaining that applications goes under different process and they cannot give an exact time frame when my application will be completed.( the respondent didn’t even bother to check my status before sending a reply) in some cases i guess due to large number of applications or some internal reasons they don’t even bother to open the applications and make a decision. People who apply visit visa normally experience such things and the reason is cuz visit visa application do not have a right to appeal so the decision maker can do anything and no one will ask him. Most of us here have seen they have been refused with such wordings that have no genuine base.
      many got the refusal reason ” you have fail to provide your bank statements……” whereas the applicant had actually submitted his bank statement.
      Many got refused for the reason ” you have fail to prove that you have any assets in Pakistan……..” whereas the applicant had submitted the evidence of his owned property.

      there are many such cases..go through the internet you will find many postings which i guess doesn’t happened in other western countries that are operating here.

      I think if UKBA put a little effort in making operations transparent and considering the complaints seriously they will surely be the number one in the world. and we all want this to happen cuz genuine visitors will benefit a lot from this.

      A person sitting in Abu-dhabi will surely have a less knowledge about Pakistani culture and how things/business/relations are carried out here. He might be good theoretically but practically he might not understand many of the things clearly.

      i do agree that UKBA is one of the best, i am not against the operations of UKBA as many of us really enjoy a good service from them. Many of us who had visited UK do know how excellent their systems are how nicely they have managed everything.

      I think they must have an Internal Decision Audit System so that unfair decisions should be overturned even if the applicant do not have the right to appeal, this can really create a difference.

      i only want to say that “when some one is NUMBER 1, he has more responsibilities on his shoulders and people have high expectations which must be met”

  93. Hi everyone.I sumbeted my family’s passport on 19/05/09 in gerry’center islambad for uk family visit 2 year visa.still we r wating for any news.Ie-mail so many time to abudhabibut unfortunately we did not received any response.afterthat I mail little strongl then I received the response 2 days ago that ur application is being processed in islamabad.this mail from duty ECO abudhabi.ECO mean entry clearens officer.afterthat I contact to BHC in iBD they saying ur application still in I don’t know what’s doing.

    • wait and see. u cant do any thing. dont send any mail to them. this will have negative impact on ur case. and u might be a loser at the end of day.let them complete their process.

    • Hi ali
      how r u
      I think we r in the same boat.I applied for 2 years visit visa on 10 june,09 but still waiting. please let me know if any progress yet becouse i m so confused i called abu dahbi and they said my application is still under process in abu dahbi and if they took so long how much time will take BHC Islamabad.

  94. SALLAM

  95. hi,

    I applied for TIER4(Student Visa) on 26 June, 2009 from Karachi VAC. After 25 days gone and no response then I called to Abudhabi, they told me your application is not processed due to some problem in your biometrics. You contact to gerrys but when i reached to VAC they told me your application is in process wait for call. I mail to abudhabi and they again told me wait to be contacted by gerrys for recapture your biometrics again.
    Now 33 days passed and no response from geerys or BHC.

  96. Hi my wife submitted her passport on 17 June 2009 after a successful appeal, please does anyone know where her passport will go and how long it will take in average to receive passport.

    • wht visa do you hold? why was it rejected in the first time? can u tell me the reasons they gave you for not granting visa for which u had to appeal?

    • Salam Bashir

      If it is for settlement visa then her passport will probably go to Islamabad. Only God knows how long you will have to wait for because my husband submitted his passport on 18 March 2009 after successful appeal and still waiting for return. It seems that if you submit thru Gerrys in Islamabad you get ur passport back quicker than if you submit thru Gerrys Lahore which my husband did. I email Islamabad and they say that the case is under process and I have to wait and my husband will be contacted in due course.

      If you want you can email them on

      Also get ur wife to email them too. I emailed them on my husbands behalf and they say since I am considered a “third party” they cannot release any information to me.

      Good Luck


      • Hi shaheen
        thanks very much for your reply, my wife submitted her passport on 17 June at gerrys at mirpur
        I have just had an email back from Islamabad .
        Thank you for your e-mail , we have received her passport, file will be seen by the officer case work section in its turn who will then pass it on for further process.

        Due to a large number of similar pending cases of successful appeals, further process may take some time . We can’t give precise time frame in this respect.
        Your wife will be updated through following website when passport/documents are ready for collection.

  97. AWW


  98. yar just go to and track ur passport enter ur refernce no sanga khan e to

  99. Salam to all
    All the candidate which applied for uk visa just wait of them and let them do the work pray to Almighty God and we all wish for best result
    may God bless us

  100. hi there
    can anyone tell me whether can we ask about the decision over the phone or not? means visa is accepted or not?

  101. yaar that will not give u any decision

  102. Salam

    Does anyone have a telephone number for Islamabad visa section. My passport has been with them for over 60 days no and all I have managed to find out from AbuDhabi is that the process has been completed and its awaiting printing…

    Any help will be appreciated.



    • they dont have a number of the visa section that i know of, and they say on their website that they will not answer questions pertaining to visa applications. and the abu dhabi guys also said the same thing, not to contact them and wait for the call, so i guess thats the best thing to do.
      do post here when you get your call, im waiting for mine too, almost 60 days now

  103. salaam all!

    i needed ssome advice, my cousins family visit visa was rejected and on the passport it had the stamp of 14.06.09, but we recieved the passport back from isb gerry on the 20.07.09. we are looking to do an appeal, we have been told that we only have 28 days so does that mean 28 days from the stamp or 28 days from when we recieve the passport back? we obviously did not no what the decision was untill we recieved the passport back on the 20th of july.

    please can anyone help me
    thankyou for your time

    • Brother dont worry about that, you must count your date when you received your passport from VAC, i pray for your success…

  104. Thank you so much for your advice may Allah give us all success in the visas(ameen)

  105. Hi All
    I am a phd student at university of surrey UK.My wife and daughter applied for student dependent visa on 11june 2009.Now the problem is that; that my wife got her visa on 14July,2009.but my daughter did not get her passport yet. now I dont know what to do,I am in Uk presently. I have contacted BHC on email but they have sent me built in email that your application is proceessing in abudhabi,you should contact them,,,,i contacted abudhabi but no response yet,,,,Is any one have any idea or experience that both of them are my dependent,and my daughter is of just 11months,,,,.Is it possible that their forms will be processed separetly,,,,if any one have some idea that what should I do now,,,plz email me on

    thanking you in anticipation.

  106. sir plz can u tell me that there are registerd counsultants from uk embassy in pakistan
    if there are plz provide me the list of those counsultants
    i am very thank full to you

  107. salaam all!
    i needed some advice and help from you all. i am 19 years old and looking to get married from pakistan to my fiance who is 20 years old. due to the new law of the age incresed to 21 i am facing quiet a lot of difficulties. is there any other way i can get married and call my husband down before i turn 21. i have read about alot of people applying for dependent visas, so if we were to get married and call my husband down through a dependent visa will it work? or are there any other ways in which we can get married now and him come down here to the uk and live with me before i turn 21?
    i would really appreciate it if anyone can help me,
    thank you
    Allah Hafiz

  108. HEy….

    I’m student of ACCA. I have applied for UK Visa (tier 4) on 9th of June.. But still wai8ing for response from BHC..My status is still application forwarded to Islamabad…. Can anybody tell me.. whats going on? And hopefully when should I get my passport back?

    Where to contact for proper guidance… I have called Gerry Office .. but they alwasys say .. plz contact after 3-4 or they will call me when my passport will be ready for collection…

    Waiting for ur quick response,
    Thank You & ALLAH HAFIZ
    Muhammad Abuzaid

    • Hi Zaid;

      I’ve also applied for student visa under PBS4 on 15th june. but still the same status that my application is in process at BHC Islamabad. ur & mine status are same. but almost 20 days respondent of Gerry’s told me that they have received instruction from BHC Islamabad to hold applications for 25 days minimum after processing. till now I’m also confused about my visa b/c u know Ramazan is about to reach & I want to be there in uk before Ramazan, just to settle myself before starting classes. but I think BHC Islamabad is checing our temprament.
      Hope we all Pakistani’s receive our passports with visa soon.

      • yeah… hopefully we will get our passport back soon….. with UK visa stamped

        N today, one of my college fellow got UK visa for 2 years…he filled his case on 11 June

  109. Salaam everyone,
    i have applied for my settlement visa in Mar 09, still haven’t heard any reply yet, tried isl HC , they said its in Abu Dhabi, Contacted Abudhabi its in uk for processing and they dont deal with settlement cases in AbuDhabi, contacted ukhub, they said decision was made in March 09, and advised me to contact gerry’s for advice, i have personally visited Gerry’s , but there has been no responce from them, they only checked their computer records and told me that its not back yet. it has been over 90 working days, any advise i would appreciate.

    • Dear Zoha
      Disruption and possible delays to UK Border Agency visa processing in Pakistan. The UK Border Agency in London is responsible for making decisions on settlement visa applications made in Pakistan. The Pakistan team in London will be moving offices on 20 July 2009. There will be no change to the service provided by Gerry’s International during this time; but there will be some disruption to UK Border Agency visa application processing. There is a backlog of visa applications that the UK Border Agency is working hard to reduce. Unfortunately, the time taken to process applications is likely to increase during the office move and we can not guarantee that applications will be resolved within 12 weeks (from the date you submit your biometrics). If you are planning to settle in the UK we strongly recommend that you submit your visa application as early as possible in order to avoid any disruption to your plans.

      You just have to wait until they contact you. I have been waiting since MARCH for them to return my husband’s passport and all they advise is me that there is a huge backlog and I have to wait.

      We are all in the same boat so wait.

      InshAllah when the time is right you will receive your visa.

      Allah haFIZ\

  110. dear zoha
    u have to wait more becoz its not in our hand its in hand of the ALLAH perfrom ur 5 time pray if u wanna satisfy ur self just call on 8865 and give detail of ur application hope fully u will get ur visa

  111. can anyone help me please its realy urgent

    salaam all!
    i needed some advice and help from you all. i am 19 years old and looking to get married from pakistan to my fiance who is 20 years old. due to the new law of the age incresed to 21 i am facing quiet a lot of difficulties. is there any other way i can get married and call my husband down before i turn 21. i have read about alot of people applying for dependent visas, so if we were to get married and call my husband down through a dependent visa will it work? or are there any other ways in which we can get married now and him come down here to the uk and live with me before i turn 21?
    i would really appreciate it if anyone can help me,
    thank you
    Allah Hafiz

    • You cant by pass the law. Only this you can do is to wait for couple of year and then get married , BTW , 19 and 20 are too young ages to get married 🙂

      • thanks for your advice, but im sure there must be another way what about he dependent visa? 19 and 20 not too youg its depends on the individuals and when they feel they are ready to take up the responsibilty.

        any other advice or suggestions on what we can do?

  112. i applied for student visa on 17th of july 09..still havent heard back from them..anyone who applied in the same time line and got his/her passport back?

    • AOA,
      I have applied my student visa on 7th july 09 but still waiting
      My ne known person he has got his visa after 42 days.
      So i think they r taking approx atleast 7 weeks.
      Hope for the best

      • they say it take 5 weeks if u apply from islamabad..where did ur aquaintance and u applied from?

    • I also applied for Tier 4 student visa on 17 july 09. Still havent heard any thing from BHC.

  113. I tracked my application, but there is written that my application is ready for collection.I can collect it after 2 days.Can someone tell me,what does it mean? Is there any way toi know whether my applications are successful?Thanks

  114. salam to all, plz help
    My wife with her son submitted applications for UK visas on 23/06/09.
    My wife has received her Passport with (GRANTED VISA) all original documents on 10/07/09.
    But she has not received her son’s passport yet, submitted on the same time and date. Both the applications were submitted together in one envelope at Gerry FedEx Mirpur Branch. I can’t understand why my son’s passport is still in process, who is just under 9 months at the moment. I am worry about it. Any good idea wht should i do now except emails

  115. Assalam O Alekum,
    I have applied for PBS Tier4 visa on 7th July 2009 from Karachi VAC.

    1) Can anyone tell me how many days/weeks on average is it taking for a decision for a PBS Tier4 application?

    2) Does the status changes from anything else other than “Forwarded to Isalamabad OC on”?

    And please pray for me.

    Kind Regards,

    • i hv also applied on same date and same place for same condition.
      But still i didn’t receive any phone all or status change in application track

  116. Asalam-O-Alaikum

    I applied for visa against PBS Tier4 policy on 6July 2009 from Islamabad.

    Alhamdolilla I got my passport on 7 August 2009 with visa stamp on it.

    However my cousin also applied for the same visa and at the same time but he is still waiting.

    I believe you will also receive a phone call this week inshallah.

    Best of luck.

    • congrats nabeel..u got ur passport back quickly..didnt u?well i just wanted to ask if ur going for a post grad degree?and how much money did u show in ur bank account?

  117. One thing more, your status from “Application forwarded to Islamabad OC on” will only change once you receive phone call for passport collection.

  118. Thanks Nabeel.
    I’ll let you know when I get it.

  119. Hi all,
    my wife has submitted her passport on 17 june 2009 after successful appeal but we have not still received the passport back and are still waiting, is anyone in the same situation and has submitted their passport about the same time or earlier please comment if you are still waiting or have received the passport back this will then give me a time frame of what to expect.

    I am travellinf to pakistan end of this month to see my wife and will be very happy if she gets the passport back while im with her for the 2 weeks and so we will inshallah be able to fly back together.

    • my husband’s situation is worse. He submitted on 27th May and we still waiting for the passport. i will travel to Karachi end of this month as well to see him. aslo wish he will get his passport we can come back together. He applied for Tier 1 visa.

    • hi bashir,
      same settlemetn case problem.i submitted my passport after a successful appeal on 25th may 09.its 27th sep 09.still at watinig end.what about u guys ?did u get ur entry clearance?

  120. I submit the passport of 3 month old son on 30 june 2009 and still waiting for response……………………….

  121. dear Umair Khan and Shaheen
    Thankyou for ur reply, but the only thing i dont understand is that why they said decision was made in march ?
    Shaheen where did your husband applied from?

    • HI ZOHA

      My hubby applied from Lahore. But unfortunately they have refused visa for second time on a different matter. In the first place it was refused then after an appeal it was successful. Now they have refused again. Now we have to appeal again and pray that they don’t find anything else to delay matters.
      Anyone out there with a similar case and are they allowed to do this? Well we are at their mercy they can do anything!!!!

      • hi shaheen , have you received your passport yet or are you still waiting??

        • Hi Bashir
          Unfortunately my hubby’s visa has been refused for the second time on a different matter. So we have to appeal again. It took 5 months for their reply so estimate your reply within this time.
          Good Luck. InshAllah ur visa will come through.


    • @zoha, zoha plz tell me ap k donon martaba k objections?plz reply as SOON AS POSSIBLE

  122. hi there

    i have submitted my visa application on 22nd june and still waiting i called abu dhabi the said process is been completed now ur application resources are in queue to be sent to Islamabad. could any one tell how long it gonna take now


  123. Hi

    I have submitted my application on 29 June from Karachi for Tier4 visa, I have also contacted with BHC Abu Dubai, they replied me that your application has been proceed, but still my status is “” forwarded to Islamabad OC”” can anybody guesstimate that how many day BHC Islamabad visa section will take ?

  124. I have applied for a tier 1 post work study Dependant visa on 25th June 09 through Karachi centre.This is the 1rst day of the 8th week today but no response yet and status is “application send to islamabad oc on” since the day ive submitted my docs. its so annoying. i hope i’ll get my passport with stamped spouse visa this week because according to latest statement by BHC they take 7-8 weeks for processing.

    Prayers needed.

  125. Hi

    My husband applied for his spouse visa on 14th of july. the status still says applocation has been forward to islamabad oc. can any body tell me how long its gona take

  126. hi maham,
    u must have 2 confrm abt ur passport 4rm abudhabi visa section # is “0097126101539” day r appropiate n so kind day tell either dispatched ur passsport r not yet.i had applied 4 student visa on july,23rd n dan call at abudhbi dy dispatched my documents n passport 2 BHC isl now its up 2 dem.u mst contct dem

  127. after day dispatched it is a game of 10/15 days.

  128. Dear Shaheen,
    This is ridiculous, my visa is fresh visa, i haven’t even heard any responce at all from them yet.its been over 5 months now.
    MAy Allah Bless Us All

  129. Hi all,
    my wife has submitted her passport on 17 june 2009 after successful appeal but we have not still received the passport back and are still waiting, is anyone in the same situation and has submitted their passport about the same time or earlier please comment if you are still waiting or have received the passport back this will then give me a time frame of what to expect.
    Is there anyone who has had their passport back after a successful appeal for seetlement visa please reply so we can see the estimated time it will/can take.

  130. “OC” means OBSERVATION AND CONTROL sorry to mention office above

  131. hey jawab…have u applied ur visa from islamabad?i applied tier 4 visa on 17 of july and im still waiting..i know some guys who got their tier 4 visa in 4 weeks..they applied from isb..let me if somthing happens with ur application

  132. sorry..i meant

  133. These guys are taking reaAAAaaaally Long. Thanks to ur forum, I called the abudhabi office and was told my application has been processed and forwarded to BHC islamabad 2 weeks back. I called them on the 16th. I contacted gerrys and they have no idea where the pp is. I have graduated from UK and have a valid 5 yr multiple entry visa which I wanted to be converted to tier 4 as i am going for another course. Its been around 1 and a half month (i applied on 30th June from KHI) and i have no response as yet. All my previous UK visas, i got them in max 1 week. I hope it makes all of u feel better cos if they are doing this to v frequent travellers to UK (I have been to UK around 13 times in the last 5 yrs) then that means its all ok and they do have backlogs. Secondly we cant really blame them as they do have to make more checks becoz of the current situation and i believe they will never refuse genuine applicants. Hope this helps

  134. yas i submitted my documents 4rm isl.
    yesterday i contact 2 abudhabi visa section dy told me my documents are proceed n back 2 isl BHC now waiting 4 thre call.
    i must tell u wen ever any responce 4rm gerry.

  135. hey the way what uni r u going to over there?
    my friend applied on 16th july n he got his visa on 13th august..
    i will let u know as well if i get a call from gerrys

    • naeem your friend is lucky so he got his visa within 30 days.
      I applied on 25 june and still no response. I hope my visa in isb stamping section and i will get call from gerrys soon.

      • naeem did u apply from islamabad vac?if yes then they took way too much time..they say it takes 5 5 weeks r almost up..but i havnt received any call..have u called their visa section in abu dhabi?

        • Ive also applied on 25th june for dependant post study visa butstill waiting. its past 8 weeks now and also contacted abu dhabi, they told me to hang in there and wait as its still in process. God knws how long it will take…

  136. @Naeem Reply

    i applied on 29 june for tier 4 visa frm karACHI but still i am waiting, 50 days past but no new news, normal time of processing is 26 days

    • Hi naeem;

      I also applied for tier4 from karachi but on 15th june, but still i’m waiting for my passport… Allah knows better what’s happening with BHC.

  137. hi frndz,,
    yr why they take so much time infact thir time period for tier 4 visa is just 15 working days…..then why so much time…….?????

  138. Hi ppl
    My sister applied for a visit visa in islamabad but this was refused. We then appealed which was again refused but after a year or so the BHC in islamabad has rang and said my sister can come and collect her visa as the appeal has been taken back. The problem now is that my sister is no longer in pakistan to go and get her visa from islamabad as she is living in Europe. Can anyone give any advise as to how she can get her visa while in Europe or does anyone know if the visa has actually been issued to her. If the visa has been issued to her then it will mean that the time limit of the visa will be running out hence the reason for asking this question.

  139. hi,
    i have heard that people whose passports are fresh means they never had stamped visa on their passports get response from BHC more quick then those who had stamped visas before … is it true???

  140. No tahts not true bcz i hv applied on fresh passport for Tier 4 visa
    but still no response after 45 days hasbeen passed
    I am too worry wats going??????????

    • Asma has you status changed?
      because I have applied on 7th July and my status change on 18th August but I have still not received any call from gerrys. I called them the representative said that plz w8 for our call patiently.

  141. hi waseem,

    for which university or college you applied?

  142. i today received call from gerrys finally and got my passport with visa stamped on took me 5 weeks

  143. Well i have submitted my passport with my calling letter and other listed documents on 25th May 2009. It is now 3 months gone. I did not receive any call and still waiting for their responce. Can anybody guide me how i contacted them because i emailed them and replied that wait to be contacted . Reply me here or at

  144. Guys can anyone plz tell me which number thry call from? is it landline or mobile. I got a weird mobile number like 030018****** on my cell so i am a bit confused as i dont know the number and m waiting for my pp for ages.

    • hey frnd don’t worry my uncle have also received such kind of number that is 03001849020 ..ur number must b a jazz number .. its not of embassy or BHC its from someone related to mobile company about their offers etc …

  145. Salaam!!!!

    I have applied for student visa under Tier 4 category. I filled my visa application on 9th June.. Its been almost 2 months & 12 days. I hvnt received any reply from BHC or Embassy. My course is starting on 7th September.

    Plese tell me whr should I contact & How long does BHC take to return our passport back

  146. i applied on 16th July for tier 4 Visa from Karachi, have not heard yet. Status is same since applied. but yes Abu Dhabi section said ,Decision has been taken and documents are sent to islamabad 3-4 days back. so waiting.

    • can you plz tell me about ur course commencement date???

      • My course will start on 14th September also Fresher’s week and hostel accomodation starts from 5th September, so i hve to be there on 5th SEP if my visa is approved.

        • my course will also start on 14th sep … which university u applied? and plz tell me about the accommodation ..its cost?? how to manage for accommodation??

        • i am going to Heriot Watt University, Edinburgh, i will stay on campus.

  147. Well i have submitted my passport with my calling letter and other listed documents on 25th May 2009. It is now 3 months gone. I did not receive any call and still waiting for their responce. Can anybody guide me how i contacted them because i emailed them and replied that wait to be contacted . Reply me here or at

  148. Salamz Everyone…
    Just to let you know I submitted my application on 7th July 09 as PBS TIER4.
    My status changed on 18 August 09. But I didn’t got any call from Gerrys. Today I went there and Alhamdulilah got my passport with Visa 😀
    so It took almost 43 days.

    My prayers are with everyone.

    Kind Regards,

    • congrats Amman Ullah
      may Allah bless on all of us ameen

    • hello?
      amanaullah,,,,,mera b app wala problem hai mera b statuse change hau hai pera i havnt recieve call from gerrys yet. so i think i must have 2 go to gerry to recive my pp.thanx for advicing

      • yes jawad go there best of luck ..and let us know about ur visa…

        • sorry for replying late .
          @Asma thanks.
          @Ali yes everything I submitted was in the envelope.
          @jawad yeah dude just go and collect it and Best of Luck

          P.S. Please open your envelopes with Bismillah 😀

      • hey jawad …did u go to VAC to collect ur PP ?? if yes then wat hppnd??

  149. hi
    congratz to every one who finally got the visas :)ive also applied for student visa on 10th july frm Lahore but still i am waiting for the good news;)anyone applied near to this date from lahore center n got the passport back???? if yes plzz update …
    best of luck to the rest including me
    waiting for anything izz really painful 🙁
    but keep smiling 🙂
    regardz… umair

    • yes i know the situation of wait
      i hv applied on 7th july from khi but still……………no reply
      i hv heared there is no news is good nws hope this patients will be inshallah fruitful ameen
      best of luck to all including me

      • hey i also applied on 7th of july my classes are starting on 24th sep. if we are late it will be difficult to catchup for us.

        do tell me when u get ur visa.
        inshahAllah stamped

  150. @ ALL
    I applied for Tier 4 general student visa from VAC ISB on 17 july n today i got my passport back wid two year Visa.

  151. Hi, I applied on 29th June under Tier-4 General student, i am waiting for the status change since the day i have applied. Its now 1 month and 26 days but no response yet. At submission time at the UK Visa Application Centre Lahore, the lady said you will get your apllication processed within 3 weeks. What i must do now ??? Can anybody guide me ? i have made an email request yestarday to Visa section Abu-Dhabi. Is there anyone who applied on the same day or near 29th JUne ?

    • Hi Ali;

      I have applied on 15th june from karachi. on thursday, 20th Aug my status has been change that is my pp is ready for collection. ut today vac is closed due to bank holiday & still i haven’t receive any call from gerry’s for collection. But i’ll go tomorrow InshaAllah either i haven’t receive call.

      • HI Kanwal , please tell us have u gotton your passport with visa back ???? or the gerry’s said the same to wait for a ph call ? that means your apllication is processed after 65 days

      • HI Kanwal

        Can you please tell me the starting date of your course ???? I have heard , it may be rumour, that BHc is granting visas to those first whose course start date is nearer….

        • mine course will start 21 sept
          and ur

        • i think u r right …i observed from the posts on this site that people gets visa near their course start date…bcoz BHC do not issue visa very early to the course…i applied on 30th july and my course will start on 14 sept .. let see wat happens….

    • i have also applied on 29 june from karachi but still waiting,i have mailed dubai they said that application is processed but gerry official are not satisfying me.

      Gerry’s slogan is Wait until we will not call you

      Myaar Khan

      • hehhehhe hope for the good, i dont know why they are wasting our so much time. if u receive any further info please update here.

  152. I called gerry`s today and i was informed that the BHC has informed them that there is some technical problem with applications made in June thats y they are being delayed. Hope this helps

    • hi , Thanks Khan for informing. But how long will it take , my mind has been disturbed by checking the status every day. Today i have decided to call the Uk Ambassy at Abu Dhabi.

  153. We all shall meet at Uk hahhahhahhahhahhahha.

  154. see my tense state of mind that i am reading and posting comments very early in the morning

    • I have contacted Visa-section Abu-Dhabi, operator told me that there is some problem in Visa section communication system, please call us tomorrow. Awful

      • Ohh sad
        smae mine condition
        dont know wats going?
        when ur classes will start Ali

        • HI asma, i sent an email to Visa-section Abu-Dhabi after ph call, they replied , :Thank you for your email. Your application is currently being processed and a decision will be made shortly.

          You can continue to monitor the progress of your application by checking the Gerry’s website at: //

          i dont know why they are taking excessive time

        • oho i forgot to mention, my classes will start from 19th sept 2009, Asma.

    • Hi Ali
      we should get idea abt visa allowing thru starting of our classes
      may be they r granting visas before 2 weeks starting classes

      • Aslamoalikum, YEs you are right, i think. Because i have asked many people about their course start date whoever get visa, they tell their course start date is very near to the issuance of the visa.

        • ALI
          yes my frnd u are right my sister applied on 15 june and she got back her visa stamped pp yesterday where as i applied on 28 july but i havent heard any anything from gerry’s but soon INSHALLAH i will get my visa stamped pp my classes are from 21 sep

        • Hi Usman. Sorry if it hurts your feelings ,may i know her course start date ?

      • HI Asma, may i know your course start date at uk ?

        • ok u have already mentioned it above, there’s slight difference between our case..,I hope both of us will get good news soon. At Aftaar time please pray for me too. hehhehhe . Allah told Hazrat Musa to pray from that tongue from which u have never committed any sin, HAzrat Musa said My LOrd from Where I can brought that Tongue ??? Allah replied, Ask others to pray for u , becuase you havent done sins from their Tongue. So peaseeeeeeee

        • mine course start date 21 sept

        • yes Ali
          Inshallah i will pray for u too by taking ur name
          MAy Allah bless on all of us and grant visa ameen

      • Many Thanks Asma. I shall too pray for your visa. I received an email from Uk Visa Section Abu Dhabi. They told me that its under process and shortly decision will be made , keep checking for tracking.
        In which course you have seeked admission at Uk ? I am going for Textile Engineering At The university of Manchester

        • Yeah Umrrah k liye VISA pplay kiya hoova hay jo itni duaien mangi jarahi hain

        • Hi Ali
          i hv Applied Masters in Pharmacotherapy and medicine managemnet at sunderland university.
          Good luck to all of u.
          Dear k jab umrah ka liay apply kia tha jab bhi itni hi duain mangi thi or next time jab haaj ka liay Inshalah Apply karay ga phirr is sa bhi ziada duain mangay ga 🙂
          Allah Knows better wats peopls hv in their hearts

        • Thanks Asma. Okay fine. Yes you are right Allah knows better.., BUt afterall we have to pray to be successful.

          Remember me in your prayers. Thanks very much.

          { Attention Mr.K, dont worry ask me , I shall pray for you too.}

  155. Has anyone got settlement visa ???? i have applied on 7th july but no response yet

  156. SLAM
    hi every body
    ALI dear i like ur comments we’ll meet at uk INSHALLA
    my clases commence on sept,7th submit my application on july,23rd.4RM VAC ISL
    INSHALLA we all hear good news very soon
    INSHALA …………………….

    • Hey jawad i applied on 28 july from VAC islamabad and iam yet to hear from gerry’s hope i will soon get a call and visa stamped Passport INSHALLAH!!…… and hope u guys also get your good news pretty soon!!..:)

    • Hey jawad i applied on 28 july from VAC karachi and iam yet to hear from gerry’s hope i will soon get a call and visa stamped Passport INSHALLAH!!…… and hope u guys also get your good news pretty soon!!..:)

  157. @ ALI
    Yes our forum mate Kanwal has got her visa stamped ..:)

  158. salamh
    hi to every one
    i applied the for 2 year uk visit visa at 10 of june its 2 and 1/2 months passed and i didnt get any call from jerry.i was so disappointed and called abu dahbi office today this morning but they told me that my application was still in dubai and they are checking on it, i dont understand what they are trying to check, could any body help me with this becouse i have read all of your mails and a lot of people said when they called abu dahbi their files are already refereed to BHC Islamabad and they are taking too much time .i am thinking that if abu dahbi people take so long how much time will BHC Islamabad take.please tell me some thing

  159. hahahhahahhaa miricle
    yesterday i got a call 4rm ambigwos num same num 4rm wch mostly pppls got call 4rm gerry its 03001849020 abt 2 collect there passports dis is num not in our excess bt d point of thinking is i h’vt write dis num on my appplication nor giv dem dis num at d time of appointment i give 2 of my cell n 1 ptcl bt how i got call on my mother’s num.yas bt i do call dem 4rm my mother’s num abt info .is thre any exceptional case.

  160. jawad,
    same happens to me …i also got call on my mother’s number from this number 03001849020 was a missed call… but i have not give my mother’s number to embassy …is it really embassy number???

    • Adil read post 144. Its not embassy. Its jazz offers

      • thanks…
        i knew it but after reading jawad’s post i got confused…..

      • aadil…jawad is confused too hehehe. WE ALL ARE. Read my post 133. If this is happening to v frequent travellers then its ok. InshahAllah we will all get it

        • as u r well experienced …so can u help me in some questions like about studies in uk, part time job ?? accomodation?? the most important can i afford my studies and living expenses there on just my part time job?? and is it easy to get job here?? i would b very thankful to u if u answer me these questions

        • Well aadil, for that u have to tell me what sort of course u r taking. If its a postgrad courses classes are usually 2-3 days a week but it doesnot mean u will be free. a lot of time is required for self study. U can work 20hr/week during term time and 40hrs/week during vacations. However, NO u will not be able to pay for both ur fees and ur living expenses with ur part time job, however depending on which part of Uk u will be staying in, it may cover ur rent and living expenses (south is much cheaper than north). U would need a national insurance number in order to work and finding jobs is not too easy if u dnt have NI number. Hope this helps

        • @ khan
          i m taking a BCS diploma course 1 year 21 hours a week in london west ealing … and its course fees is 3000 pounds per year ….i have heard that it is easy to pay for living and study expenses from a part time job..well , is it strongly restricted to work only upto 20 hrs a week???

  161. hi there i recieved call from gerry they gave me just pp and medical cerificate and asked me to submit renewed medical certificate then we will make decision because my medical certificate is been expired in july but i submitted my doc in june could you plz tell me how long it will take after i submit the docs its already 2 months completed


    • submit your medical certificate as soon as possible!! INSHALLAH u will get your visa very soon then

  162. thanks usman

  163. hi all
    u all whome rec calll must b a jazz customers my mother is also jazz customer
    this might b a mobile company num i got confused bcoz of posts above .sorry if i make any 1 confused both addil & khan.

  164. sorry …………….
    not receved call…
    who got missed bell on thre num

  165. hey adill
    u can collect all info a2z from europian consultants day have solid n 100% accurate info abt all dis r visit any uni/college websites
    enough knowlegde over thre.abt accmodation /jobs fee etc

  166. same status “APPLICATION FORWARDED TO ISLAMABAD OC” …i m fed up yr…..

    • @Aadil
      mate when did u applied, and from which city, i applied on 28 july from karachi and still waiting for the call and my course start date is 21 sep

      • i applied on 30th july frm karachi….my course start date is 14th sept

        • mate do let me know when u get a call from gerry’s

        • and ya mate INSHALLAH!! we both will get visa!! i will probably call gerry’s tomorrow.:)

        • INSHALLAH we all will get the visa ….i have sent a mail to abu dhabi BHC yesterday but havent received reply rom them yet..ok when u call them the inform us wat the say..

  167. ok usman

  168. hi
    i applied on july,23rd 4rm VAC ISL i can’t get my passport back n status same till very 1st day my course start date is sept,7th how can u manage 2 get ur passport so early
    i tell u wat
    LAHORE KARACHI PESHAWAR 6/10WEEKS if u have any doubt plz contact 2 any other wo got visa from VAC KARACHI coz i read all posts of dos wo applied 4rm karachi it takes 2month minimum BT I PRAY 4U BOTH GOT UR PASSPORT VERY SOON WITH VISA STAMP INSHALLA

  169. Jawad
    mate i completely agree wid u wat u just said but those application were made in june and as far as my knowledge is concern i have heard that there was some technical problems in BHC Islamabad tht took so long to release the passport, i have heard through my frnd that his frnd got his visa stamped pp in just 3 weeks, so i guess now BHC picked some pace ,hope u also get your PP by the end of this week or the end of this month INSHALLAH!!!!!

  170. Jawad
    One more thing mate!! i emailed abu dhabi right on the 15th day after the submission of my application and the very next day i got reply from them that my application has already been processed and Gerry’s will contact me shortly!!!! hope I get a call by the end of this monthor in the first week of sep INSHALLAH.:)

    • i think like i must would haev to contact them after 15 days , so that they could have taken my file and processed it. Let hope for the good

  171. usman

    i agree with u .. i have also heard abt the technical problem in the month of june…ALLAH knows better…lets hope for the best and soon ….

  172. salam.plz some one tell me that what documents usually are required to submit to embassy after a win appeal.thnx

  173. Please check latest news at

    25 August 2009: Student tier 4 applicants – Sponsor Register. Student tier 4 visa applicants should ensure their chosen institution is on the tier 4 Sponsor Register when they submit their visa application. Applications made to attend institutions that have been suspended from the register will not be considered whilst the institution is under review. If you have a visa letter that you got before your approved education provider’s licence was suspended, and you have already been granted permission to enter the United Kingdom, but you have not yet travelled, you are advised not to travel until your educational institution’s status has been resolved. You are advised to check the sponsor’s register before you travel in case your sponsor’s status has changed. Please see the Sponsor Register on the UK Border Agency website.

  174. How many of you submitted documents with HEC Verfication?

    • i submitted my documents with BISE and IBCC verification….

      • Verification? how do u get dat done?

        • i gave my ssc and hssc certificates to BISE and got verified in 15 days …they put a stamp on the copies of certificates thn i sbmitted those certificates to IBCC for attestation .it took me 2 days…then they attested my certificates ..after that i submitted my certificates to embassy…

        • @aadil

          Your process wil have good speed then ours.

  175. hi frndz,
    i recieved a reply frm abu dhabi BHC…
    Dear Sir/Madam,

    Thank you for your email. I can confirm that we have processed your application in Abu Dhabi and you should hear your decision from Gerry’s shortly. Please do not contact Gerry’s directly about this as they will contact you when your paperwork is ready for collection.

    You can monitor the progress of your application by checking the Gerry’s website at: //

    Visa Correspondence Team
    British Embassy, Abu Dhabi

  176. hi addil
    dear i called and mail abudhabi visa section 15days back dy said 2 me urs applications are proceed waiting for gerry’s contact.
    bt now i think dy grant visa only week b4 course start date i made dis assumption
    bt tell u wat dis wate is very agony

  177. hi jawad,
    yes jawad i agree with u that they grant visa according to the course commencement dates…mine is 14th september …so, i can expect their call in the first week of september INSHALLAH ……

  178. hey jawad..
    which uni & city u r going to??

  179. hi addil
    i got admission in “BLISS COLLEGE ILFORD”(LONDON)
    after 1year shifted 2 UNIVERSITY OF GREENWICH
    mention on my visa letter

  180. hi jawad @ usman,,
    yar according to the present condition can we say that our visas will be granted???and how much possibility of visa approval???

  181. salam all.i appealed and i won,i received AIT letter confirming that i had won my appeal.can some one tell me what to do after that??
    i called Gerry’s and they said wait for the letter from British High Commission long i ve to wait?? My classes start on 22nd december…:S

  182. hi aadil
    yas inshalla definatly y v r waiting so much patience result is aways fruirful
    and 2nd thng if u have any excess plz do read europian consultants abt visas dy write over dhre if u rec responce aftr 15days it ‘ll b badnews n if it is abt 5/6week(PBS) it ‘ll b good news also read syed abidi seminars talks he is a chairman of falcon consultants he also mention dat
    INSHALLA PRAY TO ALLAH also 4 me dear

  183. hi asma
    i applied on july,23rd 4rm VAS ISL
    read post #180 abt my college /university
    classes commence on sept,7th
    my date is approching near dan wat ‘ll b a/c 2 my date.its very near

    • i hv mailed on abu dhabi and receive autreply

      Important advice to customers from Pakistan about UK visa application process delays. Customers, please note that there are currently significant delays in the UK visa application process. You are advised to apply for your visa well in advance of the intended date of travel. The delays are due to the high volume of customers making appointments at the visa application centres (please refer to the update of 27 April regarding appointment bookings) and to technical difficulties affecting the UK’s global visa operation, which UK Visa Services are working to resolve. At the moment please allow approximately 7 weeks from the time you make a request for an appointment to collecting your visa decision. UK Visa Services apologise to customers for the inconvenience, and confirm they are working to reduce these delays.

      If you require further information, please contact Gerry’s at or telephone the call centre on 0900 10411 or using mobile short code 8865 (open Monday – Saturday 0800 – 12 midnight). Please note that these are premium numbers and charged at a rate of PKR 10 per minute.

  184. Salam All
    Ive submitted my application for Post work study tier one DEPENDANT visa on 25.06.09 and My visa status got changed today and it says “Your application is ready for collection; please visit the UK Visa Application Centre where you submitted your visa application to collect the same” Hopefully i will recieve a call from Gerry’s by monday & den ill go and collect.

    Prayers needed.

  185. iv got a letter sayin i have got my visit visa for the uk i got a call in letter handed my passport in at gerry fedex on the 19 may 2009 please can some one let me know how long they take before i get my passport back plzzzzzzzzz.

    • Samina

      wELL I have submitted my Passport with callign letter on 25th May but still waiting… i went to Gerry office they said it wud take more than 3 months.. Hope to get it sooon

      When u received passport do let me know. And if i got it i will tell u … hope for the best. c ya

      • had any luck?iv emailed you wil be waiting for your reply thnx.iv still not got my passport back yet.

  186. wELL I have submitted my Passport with callign letter on 25th May but still waiting… i went to Gerry office they said it wud take more than 3 months.. Hope to get it sooon

    When u received passport do let me know. And if i got it i will tell u … hope for the best. c ya

  187. guys im also waiting for my passport, i submitted my app on the 29th of june and still it says in islamabad oc. allah karai its a good news. i cant wait nymore, my classes are starting from 22 spt, but hv to report in before 16th as thers a freshner week or so. people pls let us know if you receive ur passport so that we r up2 date.

    • you’ll get it in a week’s time inshallah. ive submitted mine on 25th june n status changed on 28th august. waiting for gerry’s to contact me now

      • ohh that is nice, well yea usmans rite, u should go n get ur pp, dunt w8 for them to call u up, last yr i applied for visit visa, they didnt call me at all.
        i wish u get a visa stamped passport.(inshallah).

        • hi adil just reading ur comment last wen u got ur visit visa did u win the appeal and how long did u wait before u went to collect ur passport because i have been waiting since the 19 may and still not recieived a call from gerrys.thnx wil be waiting for ur reply

  188. hey maham dont wait for there call just go to VAC with ur id card and the receipt and if they ask u at counter tht if u received a call just say yes my sister also did this …;)

    • ohh really lol well i’ll try that on monday. I JUST HOPE I’LL GET STAMPED VISA INSHALLAH. cant wait to join my husband in UK.

  189. I have lost interest at this Blog , so I am leaving it. Wish you all Good luck in the future and my pray is may you all get Uk Visa. Pray for me too.

    Kind Regards

    ..Ali A…..

  190. inshallah u will. keep praying.

  191. salaam to all. ive applied for a settlement visa for my wife, which was submitted on the 10th of July 2009. application status on the net is telling me that its been forwarded to Islamabad co on. i also made contact with abu Dubai for status on the visa. i got told by them that its been processed and been sent back to Islamabad, funny thing is that well i called islamabad they told me that its in abu dubai. i feel like maybe its been misplaced and neither of them want to take responsibility for it, if any is the same situation then pls let us know.

  192. Guys a very bad thing happened to me. i went to collect my passport from karachi visa application center after 2 months of submission of my application for post work study dependant visa and these bloody peopel told me that there was some errors in my finger printing and that ive to resubmit my application tomorrow. i dont knw what to do. it looks liek ive wasted bloody 2 months where as gerry’s themselves did the biometric and stupid people didn’t bother to inform me abt wrong biometrics and gave me this bloody excuse now.
    PLS GUIDE if any professional advisor exsists in this blog

    • dude same issue was with me but I am still waiting for their call for collect or recapture biometrics. When I called to Abu dhabi for know my status they told me there are some error in your application regarding biometrics and gerrys will contact you soon. 65 days passed and still no response.

        pls dont wait just go there ASAP.

    • Hi maham,
      how r u.dont take that much stress its not that bad they want yours biometrics again they didnt refuse yours chill i can gurantee you now they will approve yours application inshallah becouse it is their fault to sent back yours papers late.i pray for myself and everybody on this forum so they can get their uk visas inshallah.

    • @Maham
      —-> This is what i received today upon email query from Abu-Dhabi after 2 weeks

      Thank you for your email. I apologise for the delay in processing your application, this is due to a biometric error with your application. We will contact you again shortly with an update. If you do not hear from us within 7 working days please contact us for an update.

      Also today Islamabad replied me——>

      Thank you for your e-mail enquiry which has been forwarded to the concerned officer to look into the matter. There was a technical problem in capturing the finger scanning due to which the application process has been delayed. I have asked the concerened officer to locate the application and inform the applicant about a date for re-capturing finger scanning. Please wait patiently to be contacted through Gerry’s in due course. I apologise for the inconvenience casued due to this delay.


      should i wait for gerrys to contact me?
      should i lodge a complain too?


      this bio issue was faced back in May as well

      anyone else facing this issue?
      any idea how much further delay would be caused?

  193. Can anybody plz tell from which date the biometric problem start…

    I applied on 9th June but didnt get any call from Gerry, and I’m feeling like, the same problem happnd with me

    • which ppl are applied in June majority they face delay in their application. One of my friend applied on 25 June and after a long time he got his visa with stamped after 55 days

  194. salaam to all, would anyone believe this? i got told by abu Dubai that my wife’s visa has been processed and returned to islamabad, contacted islamabad and they say its still in abu Dubai. so i called Dubai this morning and now they saying they dont have any record on their system!!! this is insane! what to do plzzzzzzz someone out there help!!!!

    • dont worry mate they will say this!!!!!!!!!! i guess your pp has been returned to Islamabad and its in the queue so u have to wait

      • thanks bro for the comfort! has this happened to someone else too or am i the chosen one to maybe have my application miss placed?

  195. which number u called? plz can u give the abu dhabi number

  196. salam all!

    Plz can someone give me BHC Abu Dhabi contact number? i have to enquire abt my visa status.

  197. Hi Maham:

    I feel sorry for the unprofessional services provided by Gerry’s International. I am not completely sure, but if we look at the brighter side of it, they may issue you the visa that’s why they have asked for the biometrics again. or they have sent it back as the application is not valid until correct biometrics are provided. If I were in your place I would go through the proper complaint procedures against re-biometrics. As your application is not for settlement and you have applied for limited leave to stay in the UK. More than two months are already passed and it’s already mentioned on the website that they have backlog of applications and your application will come to the bottom in the queue for the mistake made by Gerry’s. I would suggest to visit the following website and send the complaint to addresses mentioned there as well as send copy to the letter to BHC ISB and Gerry’s International.


    Your point is so clear as it was solely their mistake of not taking it correctly in first go, so you are not supposed to be affected by mistake made by them. Your application therefore should be treated as special case, also proper complaint against the unprofessional services received from Gerry’s International. UK Border Agency should heir another company or trains the current Currier Company up to the required standards so that no further heart-burn is caused to innocent people.

  198. Hi Maham:

    Complaint Letter Format

    Visa Customer Services
    Visa Services Directorate
    International Group UKBA
    c/o Lunar House
    40 Wellesley Road
    CR9 2BY

    CC: British High Commision Islamabad
    Gerry’s International Islamabad / Karachi

    September 1, 2009

    I regret to inform that I am finding myself being either not taken seriously or ignored. I am forwarding a formal complaint and lodging it against the decision made in regard to biometrics details.

    then in points order:
    1. I filed visa application under Tire 1 PSW Dependent on Date (Full details and where you submitted), also mention how long it took to book appointment for biometrics and TB test with CORRECT DATES + Attach Appointment Letter (if you have any)
    2. Your all correspondence with Gerry’s during and after submission of application, any assurance that they have taken correct biometrics etc (Dates, Emails or any Proof you have)
    3. You did not receive call or you have received call from Gerry’s on date and the information provided by them
    4. How that decision has affected you or further delay may affect (Provide Evidence if you have any)
    5. What can be done immediately so you can get some relief
    6. Lodging formal complaint against the company.
    7. I am demanding fair investigation and action be taken on this as soon as possible. If this cannot be done, I will be pursing other channels through higher levels and I will not rest until justice has been met in this issue

    (Please note, you have to provide every piece of information, Name, DOB, Passport No., Address, Contact Details, any reference no, and you can send them a copy of your details)

    Yours truly,

    • very professional.

      • Hi Maham:

        Good Luck for your application and re-bio. As for as I am aware no body can influence the issuance of visa, so if your complaint is against the services provided to you, you should proceed with your complaint, I think there is no harm in it. However if you think like all our unfortunate nation who don’t know their rights and always give culprits the concessions to get away then leave it as it is. They will continue with giving us grief, even they further delayed it by not informing you to collect/submit application again. We do everything in good faith and always give them the benefit of doubt for committing mistakes that they do deliberately. Please don’t mind, but you were not provided the best services by Gerry’s. If you are confident and satisfied then I would not comment on this issue any more I’m afraid. Look after yourself 🙂

    • Hi maham
      i think u should listen to this guy becouse he is right.If some one does complain it will be good for youwrself and for everyone in the future.Engineer bhai can u please help me too .i applied for uk visit visa at the 10 of june and they didn’t reply me yet .i called the Abu Dahbi office but they told me that it is still in process.what should i do? Is their any thing wrong with my biometrics too? what should i do.

  199. hi
    my mother and brother submitted there passports with calling letter after allowed appeal in vac mirpur on 20 may 2009 and still waiting.dos any one kmow there application is processing in BHC islamabad or abudhabi?it has been over 3 months.
    please rply.

    • most probably it will be sent over seas to abu Dubai as all application get processed there. you can call them on 00971 26101 539 they will tell you if its still there or if it has been sent back to Islamabad.

      • thank you salim
        but ihave recived email from bhc islamabad sayin we have recived your passports and we need som time caz ther is so many sucsessfull appeal case so i have too wait.i am so confused brother.

  200. could someone tell how long it takes for Islamabad to let you know about your visa once its been returned back from abu Dubai? much appreciated.

  201. hi salim
    can you tell me if the appliction will process in abu dubi then vac send it direct to abu dubi or?

    • not too sure on that one, i think once its been processed at abu dubai they will send your application back to islamabad. im sure all applications get sent to Islamabad before going abroad, sorry if im wrong!

  202. @all
    hi frndz …..i m still waiting for their call ….i applied on 30th july frm khi VAC and my classes are going to start on 14th sept and i have not heard any thing frm gerry’s yet …BHC abu dhabi told me that they have processed my application …but still waiting ….i also have to arrange for my accommodation yet….

  203. hi jawad and usman..
    any update???

    • no mate no update!! i have emailed BHC Isl many times but havent got any reply…. my classes are also commencing from 21st sep and i also need to arrange my accommodation and need to get use to of routes over there!!!!!! now the wait is getting really annoying

      • which university u applied and from which city?

        • @ali
          mate!!!!!!!!! i applied for advance diploma in business management in edgware academy!!!!!!! thts the name of my college and i applied from karachi!!!!!!!!!

  204. I have appealed for the settlement visa. My wife has had a court hearing on the 31/03/2009 of March and
    Thanks (ALLAH) we were successful, issue. And after that I submit my passport on {21 of May} so now I am waiting more then three months since I have got called letter. But I do not understand if some one won the case and after that they wait more then three months. I don’t know why that much waits just for visa. What kind of human rights is this? And just waits and waits there any specific time for wait. I am very board from this waiting. This waiting makes me ill. Please there any one let me know what I need to do. I did altos of email to them and also altos of calls but they just say your case is in process what kind of process is this.

    • Dear Haider,

      We are in a same boat i submitted my passport on “17 april 2009” for a settlement visa after won the appeal, but still waiting and waiting i dont know what kind of processing is this they told me to submit call letter, intended date of travel and passport thats it so what kind of processing they do.

      I think they just angry because we have won the appeal and just wasting our time i am waiting for 4 months. i think this is a processing time of new case but we have already won the appeal.

      Why they doing this they just need to stamp our passports because nothing left for verification.

      • Hi

  205. salam all, i called abu dhabi today n they told me that they have processed my application n they hv given it back to isl bhc last tuesday. My online status still says that its in islamabad oc. people pls let me know how long does it take once the visas been processed by abudhabi bhc.
    i wish we all get the pp soon with visa stamped on it. (inshallah).


  206. one more thing, pls tell me that should i goto gerry by tomorow to check on my pp. note they have not called me n the status on ukvac is in islamabad oc. Or should i wait for their call. please read my above post aswel regarding this issue.


    • Adil
      mate!!1 the thing is u cant go to VAC until Ur status is not changed to ready for collection the other thing is that i also received the same e mail on 17 Aug and i am also waiting for my PP !!INSHALLAH i am hopeful tht i will get it by the end of this week

  207. thanx usman 🙂

    hehehehehehe…..wait …wait …& wait….

  209. Mulk ki bhi ek sarhad hoti hai,
    Bacche ki bhi ek zid hoti hai,
    Aur kitna intezar karu mein visa ka,
    arre yaar susti ki bhi ek haad hoti hai

    • ahahahahah!!!!!!!!!!nice 1 mate!!!!!!!!

      • haha, well said, 16th july ko apply kia hia,, abhi tak no response what a shit. masla yeh hai k sure bhi nahi k visa dain gay bhi nahi.. ticket bhi mehngi hochuki hian ab. and no prep yet.

        • 7th july ko apply kia ha
          ajeeb situation ha
          sab sa main issue visa approval ha

        • @Asma, Abu Dhabi say application kab aayie thi wapas ? any idea? mine applicatiob returned on 18th august from abu dhabi lakin abhi tak kuch nahi pata, ab mera mood horaha hia Gerrys per jaakar gussa utaarnay ka.. !!!

        • han na yar yehi to problem hai pata nai visa milega b nai ..abi accomodation ka bhi kuch karna hai …shopping bhi karni hai …ticket bhi book karni hai …3oth july ko apply kia tha …14 th sept ko course start date hai…..ehhh….

        • @ Muhammad Ali
          after 7 weeks i hv mailed to AbuDhabi and Isl
          so now i hv received mail from ISL that my application has been assesed from Abudhabi and now it is in queue,
          Dont know how much time they will take bcz i hv mailed them after 7 week
          now 8 weeks has been passed
          same is mine condition bcz nothing is confirm
          so bookinf of seat, shopping…

    • Aadil
      mate!!! and u know what flights bhi nahi mil rahi hain ajj kal and they are going way to expensive as well!…… pata nahi kab aye gaaa VISA yaar meine tou 28 july ko apply kia tha ..ALLAH hum sab kay Visa stamp PP jaldi ajaen AMEEEN!!

      • yr ,,
        what else we can do…we can just wait ..i have sent a mail to BHC isl but they didnt reply….tell me as my classes are going to start on 14 th sept so should i arrange for my accommodation now before the visa decision or not???

        • Aadil!!
          mate!! just wait until your decision!!!1 today i got a mail from BHC ISL saying that they dont deal with our cases sowe should contact Abu dhabi!!!!!! whereas abu dhabi people told me that they have already sent back my application after processing !this is really annoying tufff

        • yr wats going here…abu dhabi is saying we have done it and BHC isl says we dont deal with this….what is this …what shd we do now???just wait!!!

        • @all

          Thats what i am saying we should protest at gerrys and talk to the manager there. for such a cheap, crap unprofessional service.

  210. dear all please visit //

    and fill out the 5 mins survey form, so that next year people wont suffer that much.


  211. i have submitted my case on 13 May 2009 at gerrys office lahore, as it was a call letter case….
    I didnt receive my passport till date……
    Do the BHC people have any grudges against pakistani nation or this is thier formal processing time

  212. I think we should all go to Geryy’s office karachi and shud meet gerry manager and pressurize him to talk islamabad BHC and track all of our application., this is now the only way left. we all should go together.

  213. Dear Sir/Madam
    I submit my passport with called letter on (21 of May) I have already waited more then three months. But I didn’t get any thing yet. Today I called Abu Dhabi and I asked operator about my passport but she told me we haven’t got your passport pohto copy or you passport yet. I am worry about my passport. Where is my passport now its still in Islamabad? Or some where else this waiting really fed up me. Please there any one can help me where will be my passport now this waiting kill me. I don’t know why nobody care about us there is some human they are waiting for there passport. I waited for my passport more then a year since I have got refuse.its no good to be wait like we did brothers and sisters.
    Look forward to a reply: Haider Khan

  214. salam brothers and sisters,this morning i called to Islamabad and I asked about my passport but she told me your passport still in after that I called Dubai to find about my passport.but there they dont have any record on their system!!! this is make me fed up! what to do plzzzz there any one can help me.

    • which number you called haider?

    • Mr khan im in the same situation man, i get told by islamabad that my visa is getting processed in abu Dubai but when i call them they say they dont have any record!!! did they not ask you for the gerrys reference number?

  215. can anyone pls give me BHC islamabad no and do they talk to u cos someone was telling me as soon as u mention visa the phone is transferred to an answer phone..

  216. Dubai BHC is 00971 26101 539. very helpful people out there.

  217. salam Humza brother there is BHC Islamabad number:090010411

  218. salam Mohammad Ali brother i called abu dhabi three Different numbers:0097126101586
    when i called on the first no there was operator he told me your passport is not with us maybe is in the london beacuse we not process Setlment cases we just process studant cases etc.but when i called on this no 0097126101539 there was operator she told me we don’t have your recod in the system.but when i called Islamabad there operator she told me your case still in process.i don’tknow what is going one can help us realy.

  219. salam Mariam
    i called abu dhabi on this no :0097126101539 she is very help ful women.if you like to call BHC Islamabad so there number is: 090010411

    • hey thx
      ill try n call dem on monday….hopin fr da best nw 🙂

    • Dear Haider
      Its useless to call Abudhabi as against Call Letter ( successful appeal ) when u submitt ur pp then the time when u get it back is indefinite. all u can do is to mail
      But they wont reply i m sure. Im waiting for my pp since june 30th, 2009 against successful appeal call letter for HSMP Tier-1.


  220. I submitted my application on 29 june 2009 at karachi vac for student visa but still i am waiting for my passport!,i have contacted with abudubai,and islamabad also,islamabad confirm that my application is in queue and mentioned that they cant give any time frame for processing,my consultant said to me that you are only the person who is still waiting for his passport all the other guys got their passport.My classes are starting form 14 september.i think that they are discriminating people on the basses of city and nation,because the resident of islamabad and lahore getting their passport only in 4-5 weeks.

    if any brother is from karachi and waiting for his tier 4 visa since july then he should tell us

  221. Hi
    i hv applied on 7t july and the same situation i m facing
    i m not agreeing abt city base bcz after mine my some frds applied on14th july to 22th july
    but they have got previous month,
    actually they r dealing cases individually bases
    like assesment of our degrees bank acountour passport history etc
    I am also waiting hope for the best for all

    • i am fed up today!!! :(..i am thinking i shud forget visa, and pray my documents come back with passport safely. This punish for applying uk visa is enuf.

  222. Thank you for your emailing to us. Please note that your request will be answered shortly by one of our colleague.

    Appeals Team
    Visa Section
    Abu Dhabi
    i have got this email from Abu Dhabi.i just want to know guys do you thing they will let me know soon.or i have to wait same as i did before.

  223. Hi to All
    i hv just recive call from gerrys and my status is also changed now
    Inshallah i will go tomorrow bcz timing is from 12 to 2 pm
    so all guyz be patient
    Inshalah u will got Visa with stamp
    Plz pray for me tooo

  224. HEY, Congrats and good luck, intizaar ka time guzar gaya ap ka, time 3 bajay tak hain ramazan can go now also

  225. awwww, thats crap 🙁

  226. awwww, thats crap 🙁

  227. Maham your enlgish is good, i assume u are going overseas for postgraduation. are u ? U seems to be an expert user of english. how u have enriched your english ????


    Maham baji !!!!,

    Ap aik kaam karain , 1 kg 250 gm meat lay kar apne upar se 7 dafa waar kar mean ghuma kar , kisi ko kahan phain aen. Ap apna sadqa zarur dain phr jaldi kaam ho jaye ga mean you will get your visa after it soon, the problems lying between u and visa will be solved by spirtual means. aur zara meray lye bhe dua kar dain k mera passport jaldi aye . Ali post# 154….just replied after reading your annoying messages.

    • @ maham,
      so sad to read this …had hogai…

    • Respected Maham Baji
      Je i have applied under Tier-4 General student on 29th June 2009 but still waiting, the previous day i contacted Abu dhabi uk visa-section , they Told me that my application has been sent to England for “Random Checking”…. What i can do except to wait ……My statement is of 32 lakh and my studies cost + expenditures only 12 lakh per year approx , still the red-tapism exists in my case. Anyhow , aap dubara sadqa dain aaj ya kal jis time bhe ho sakay….. Wish u Good luck Baji.

    • JE i have applied under tier-4 general student…Thankyou, jee theek hai when the status will be new i shall go and collect it as u have mentioned earlier in the posts that i have receieved a call from gerry’s…..
      Many thanks Maham baji

  229. @all
    they are just disturbing us mentally …..1 months 3 days have gone ..and still the same slogan APPLICATION FORWARDED TO ISLAMABAD OC on….. ehh….i dont know what the hell they r doing with our documents …..

  230. ek martaba visa milne do in goron ko sai sabak sikhayen ge…..

  231. Hello guys,

    I have applied for PBS Tier 4 General Student visa from Khi VAC on 18th Aug….almost everyday i used to check my online status and its still same from the very next day which is “Application Forwarded to Islamabad OC on”….it has been now nearly 14 working days i dont know when my application will be forwarded to Abu Dhabi they will take decision and return back to Isb for secondary checks…. they are really too lazy…my classes are going to start from 29th of Sep…. though i have mentioned the date in application form, i wish to travel to Uk which is 25th of Spet 09…. i hope it will force them to finalize everything before time.

    If any other guy who have applied for the same category close to my date plz plz reply back…. and also mention ur case.

    Best Regards,

  232. @ casper
    hey mate i also applied on 28 july from karachi from which city did u applied and i got an email from abu dhabi on 19 aug that my application has been processed and it has been sent back to ISLAMABAD

  233. u will have to wait …..i applied for tier 4 student visa on 3oth july from karachi ..but still waiting…and my course will start from 14th sept….there are so much people who applied in the start of july but still waiting…just hope for the best that u will get visa on time….

  234. i hve heard that these people update their site on thurdays and fridays. do you guys know wat time they update their website. i applied on 29th of june, mr bilal can u please let me know your visa stamp date, cause 2 days back i called BHC abudhabi and they told me that they have released my pp on the 25th of august, and now its with islamabad bhc.

    • @adil
      mate pp always remains with BHC ISL they only sent your application and documents!!!!!!!!!to abu dhabi

  235. mate !!!!!!!!!!!!
    can u tell me on which ground did they rejected his application and the other thing how many bands scored in IELTS!!

  236. eehhhh…. same status APPLICATION FORWARDED TO ISLAMABAD OC ON….1 month 5 days have passed ……may ALLAH give us our pp visa stamped soon…..ammeen

  237. hi all.
    can we consider this delay as a good sign???

  238. @Usman: As I said my friend has a pre-english program requirement from the university, I heard that UK bordr agency is rejecting applications of students who have applied for pre-sessional english program (Postgraduate Only). But I am not sure about it, you need to ask your consultant.

    @Aadil: My visa stamp date is: 06 August, 2009. you can say anything regarding the delay as you can see my friend visa application got rejected and mine got approved. However if your bank statement is good and clear + your university letter is fine then there would be quite less chance for rejection.

    • @bilal
      mate!!!!!! i am askinh what are reasons given in the refusal letter it cant be only because of pre english course

      @ aadil
      mate !!!!!!! fingerr crossed and tell me how much money u have shown in bank statement!!!!!!!!

    • i talked abt the delay strategy bcoz i have read on the website of euroconsultant that i u get ur passport within 10 to 15 days then it must b a bad news but if within 6 or 7 weeks then there is much possibility that u will b granted visa…….

  239. Adil my course is starting on 17h spt. i dont think i have enough time, keep praying guys i hope we all get wht we want. remember me in ur prayers. :o)

  240. usman tell me abt email u got on 19th. did u ask them ur status n they replied? or they jus sent u email abt ur status? n wt is their email address?

    • @ casper
      i asked about my status !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ad their e mail address is casper can u tell me which course u applied for and how much money u have shown in your statement coz i have paid my full course fees and i have only shown them my accommodation or maintenance fees tht 7200 GBP

      • well i applied in postgrduation.
        n i also paid full fee and shwed 8000+GBP.

        that doesnt matter anymore dude. jus keep praying, u never know wt gonna hppen. remember me in ur prayers.

        • @ casper
          hey mate!!! i just checked my documents and yaa i ahve also shown them 8000 + GBP
          lol!!! i didnt remember that hahah!!!!!

  241. ny good news guys

  242. salam people.

    my husbands case was pending in the forwarded to islamabad oc status since we applied 05/06/09
    yesterday 04/09/09 our status changed to

    Your application is ready for collection; please visit the UK Visa Application Centre where you submitted your visa application to collect the same

    this is as you can see not telling us much besides to go to visa office to find out if he has got the visa…. however because this was on friday we are having to wait till monday to find out… I think this is going to be the longest weekend of my life…

    I wanted to give some advice to people who are in pakistan wishing to come to the UK… I would like to make you aware that in the K we have a shortge of Nurses so if you can do nursing in pakistan college/uni this will surely help you there is also a shortage for nurses in america and australia, new zealand too.
    I would also like to mention if you have family in the UK see if they can apply for you to come to the UK as a maid.

    Once my husband is here and settled we will Inshallah be applying to bring a maid from Pakistan, there are many maids coming from India and Sri Lanka so I do not expect there to be too much opposition to the idea.

    I pray for all of your sucesses… Please make dua for each other sincerly

    • hey saiqa baji

      i hope your husband get his visa iNSHALLAH!!! please pray for me that i also get my student visa next week PLZZZZZZZZZZZ!!!!!!!!!!! :D:D:D

    • Hi sadiqa
      Hope ur husband will get visa inshallah

      thanks for guidance about scope of field,
      Plz will u guide me about scope of pharmacist.
      bcz i m pharmacist and coming Uk for masters in Pharmacy

    • hi sadiqa
      will u plz guide me for Scope of pharmacist in Uk
      bcz i m pharmacist and coming to UK masters is Pharmacy

      • Aoa 2 all!

        Many congatz 4rm my side… M a pharmacist 2 and going 4 MSc Pharmaceutical Science 4rm Kingston uni, London. Wat abt ur uni nd course?? m still waiting 4 my pp… 🙁 do pray 4 me…

    • hi saiqa, hope your hubby gets his visa, could you tell me if he applied for settlement? thanks

  243. @usman ..
    dont worry about the bank statement ..u r right ….if u have paid the whole year fees then u dont have to show the fees in ur bank account…u just have to show the living expenses which has been described according to the policy…..dont worry INSHALLAH we all shall get the visa!!!!!!

  244. @all
    yar this tension is getting increased day by day as the course date is coming near…..but still no response….sara ramzan tension mei guzar raha hai ……ALLAH plz help us all…!!!!

    • @ aadil
      mate thanks !! and you dont know mera CA module A ka paper hai sep8 ko ko mujhe se kuch nahi parha jaraha hai beleive me men QT mein fail honay wala hun!!!!!!! and just because yeh log pp denay mei itni dair laga rahain hain!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ALLAH please help us and HUMARE VISAS AJEAN !!!


  245. Hi to All

    Allhumduallah yesterday after 8 weeks i hv got my PP with stamp
    Thanks To Allah
    And thanks to all of u
    wish u all best luck

  246. pls tell me what day it is!

  247. hi Usman, im asking you this coz ive seen you on this page for a long time and maybe you can help me out a little, i wanted to know how long it takes once your documents have been returned to Islamabad? thanks.

    • @salim
      mate!!! it depends upon the situation !!!after 6he documents returned to BHC Isl its a matter of 15 to 20 days some time 5 to 10 days!!!!!! bus nowadays these guys are very unpredictable so keep your finger crossed

  248. after 79 days still my pp is in pending,i applied for tier4 visa from karachi vac,1 month se abudubai se process hocuka hy per islamabad walee delay kara he hain

  249. MOst PoPuLaR SenTEnCe ………gUESs?????

    Application Forwarded to islamabad oc on………… heheheheh!!!!!!!

  250. aB tO hAAl ItnA bUra hai AADIL,

    JO BHI MILTa haI PooCHta haI Visa KA kya BANA……..

  251. Guys!!!!!!!
    i knw evry1 here is struggling… me.i’ve submited my documents on 9th july for tier4…dont know wat the hell they r trying to process from them…suckers dont have stardard procedure….AbuDhabi said ur application have processed and sent and Mr Islamabad said ur application is in Abu dhabi for process….Shitheads are mentally sick!!!!!!!
    College is gonna start by next week…..
    May Satan hump them till death

  252. @Dear All
    i have re-submitted my passport in lahore vac on june 17, 2009 against the call letter but still i have found no reply for the collection of my classes are going to be start on sep 14 ,2009 n i am much worry about the situation.anyone suffering from the same situation n plz help me wat to do?

    • Dear bro

      I guess we both are facing the same situation more or less. As i’ve submitted my PP against Call Letter ( HSMP Tier-1) on 30th June, 2009 and since then no clue.
      I’ve mailed them soooooooooooooooooo many times and found that BHC Aabudhabi team as they replied me has nothing to do with Appeal cases. so its BHC Islambad, but they “Your case is processed and pls wait to be contacted. we appreciate your patience in this regard”.
      Actually i am working as Project Manager in Tashkent ( for Nokia Siemens Netwroks ) and imagine i m stuck in Pak ove the past 11 weeks and cannot go back to my job. i m very upset.
      take care

  253. thanks Usman, its kinda weird Islamabad tell me my application is in process at Abu Dubai n they tell me there’s no record here!!!! the girl on the other end told me there’s a technical problem but didn’t emphasize on it much. Any help from anyone would be much appreciated, thanks

  254. just wait guys 🙂 inshallah visa mil giyae ga sub ko. v can just hope for the best…

  255. Salam Salim brother you and me in the same boat we both waiting for our settlement visa. I submitted my passport on 21 of May 2009. I think u submitted in the same month as will but we both wait. I don’t know why these people no cars about us it’s a very hardest time for we both brother but just pray brother and ask from ALLAH to help us .Without ALLAH no one can help us brother. When we ask they just say it’s still in process I don’t know what kind process is this its big piece of shit process brother. If you waited more then 4 month’s brother so then diffidently u will know some thing in this month’s. Just relax on pray brother I know it’s very hard to wait but we don’t have any choice we have to wait brother until they give back our passport don’t rush no one can help us but just ALLAH will brother.

    • your right there my brother we’ve just got to pray to Allah and wait. well my wife’s passport was submitted on the 10th of July, i guess il be waiting a long time after you get your passport back with your visa on inshallah. have you tried calling Abu Dubai? what did they say brother?

      • n look at me:(
        i submitted it on 10 ov june n still readin dat typical sentence:Application Forwaded to Islamabad OC on”
        kia bakwas haina…..imean dese shits even donot knw wats our situation here….

        @haider….did u call abu dhabi?

  256. Hi saiqa,,

    Have u got yr visa… I am as anxious as u cos my case is very similar to u …

  257. hiya Saiqa,
    im still waiting for the good news, i hope you’ve got the visa, and don’t forget about letting us know lol!!

  258. Salam: Salim brother yes I called Abu Dhabi many time they just said we don’t have your record in the system. Brother I am still waiting from 3months and 16 days but still I didn’t get any thing until now. So brother u has to wait because u just submitted your passport on the 10 of July. Just relax bro don’t rush. I hope you get soon your passport back but normal you have to wait 3 to 4 months because our case is settlement not student case because student cases no have long process there they get there visas in one month or in 7 weeks.

    • listen plz….
      if dey say dat they donot have any record of urs…plz chek it out k gerrys walon ne ap k documents age beje to haina????coz ajkal yahan ye b bht hora hai k documents bejte he nai hain n dey make u wait for a long time…so plz chek it out!

    • only non settlement applications are going abu dhabi, settlement apllications go to london, thats y abu dhabi guys dont have any record of u.

      • thanks for the info, do you by any chance have the number for the London embassy where the settlement cases get sent, Ive also been ringing Abu Dubai and they keep telling me there’s no record of my application.

    • salaam brother, did your application come back with appeal?

      • Dear Salim
        could you plz tell me what type of visa did you apply for? i mean mine is HSMP Tier-1.
        I’ve applied with call letter ( successful appeal ) on 30th june,2009 and since then i am waiting. i was told by ECT form Abudhabi that my case is being processed in BHC Islamabad not Abudhabi and he is right.
        BHC Islamabad mailed me only three times during this time and only say that my case is being processed and that i should wait to be contacted.
        Can u plz tell me that what is your situation?????????

  259. Below is the reply i got when i emailed for my pp
    Dear Madam,

    This application has been processed in Abu Dhabi, and is now awaiting for the outcome to be printed on the passport in Islamabad. You should hear from the Visa Application Centre shortly to collect your passport and other documents.

    • Khan where did u email? which visa have u applied for & when?

      • I emailed Abudhabi and ive applied for tier 4 on 30th June. Read my post 133

      • salam maham,

        ive been reading this blog for a long time now….read ur story…i can feel wat u hav gone thru i really pray everyday k hum dono ka visaa lgg jye…

        as i have also applied for dependant visa under the same category as urs…submitted my application on 24th july 09, still waiting…

        m pretty scared after hearing all this biometric stuff happened to u….seriously iv burnt my hand n wont b able to re bio if they ask….Allah na karre aisaa kuch ho..

        its really hard to live like this…may Allah pour blessings of this holy month on all of us and…seriously eid assli eid ho jyegi…

    • Dear Haider

      Gerry’s team say that for call letters there is indefinite time to for PP collection.
      Now in my case ( HSMP Tier-1 visa type) its more than 11 weeks i.e. 2 & half months.
      Pla share me ur exp in dealing with ur problem. Or u can call me on


  260. i have got my visa,with 2.5 year stamp.i applied on 29 june form karachi

  261. Hi All!
    I would advise you to visit the following website and leave your feedback about your visa application process in Pakistan. It’s a customer services survey on the official website which claims
    Our agreed standards are:
    * To complete 90% of straightforward*, non-settlement applications in not more than a week**, 98% in not more than 2 weeks, and 100% in not more 12 weeks.
    * To complete 90% of non-straightforward***, non-settlement applications in not more than 3 weeks, 98% in not more than 6 weeks and 100% in not more than 12 weeks.
    * To complete 95% of applications for settlement visas in not more than 12 weeks and 100% in not more 24 weeks.
    Above information has been provided on //

  262. HI All

    9th sept 2009

    I dont know when my status will change waiting for good news since 29th june 2009, here the university has opened and i am not willing to go to university. I am mentally confused after reading the Posts by the Posters especially the technical case of Maham Baji.
    Anyhow I pray may we all get Uk Visa soon. I dont know why my application has been sent to England for Random Checking and dont know when their all checks will be completed.

    May this Eid by the Grace of Almighty Allah brings true happiness for all of us. Ameen

    Best Regards


  263. —-> This is what i received today upon email query from Abu-Dhabi after 2 weeks

    Thank you for your email. I apologise for the delay in processing your application, this is due to a biometric error with your application. We will contact you again shortly with an update. If you do not hear from us within 7 working days please contact us for an update.

    Also today Islamabad replied me——>

    Thank you for your e-mail enquiry which has been forwarded to the concerned officer to look into the matter. There was a technical problem in capturing the finger scanning due to which the application process has been delayed. I have asked the concerened officer to locate the application and inform the applicant about a date for re-capturing finger scanning. Please wait patiently to be contacted through Gerry’s in due course. I apologise for the inconvenience casued due to this delay.


    should i wait for gerrys to contact me?
    should i lodge a complain too?


    this bio issue was faced back in May as well

    anyone else facing this issue?
    any idea how much further delay would be caused?

    Btw i applied on 17th July from Khi VAC
    my classes start on 21st sep

    • hi maham,

      sorry maham ..i don frequently use the internet as i don hv my personal one…i just get chance once in a while…

      no worries we can discuss things here…

      i was just hoping that eid se pehle visa aa jye but i don feel k tht would happen 🙁 as now bhc is giving more priority to the student visas …

      i applied on 24th july from khi vac for dependant visa under the same category as yours

      mai tou application submit krte hue hi samjh gyi thi k yeh stupid log blunders marain ge cz the guy taking my application ddnt kno anything…mijhe baar baar batana prr ri thi usse hrr cheez

      jaahil log ko bithaya hua he

      call kro gerry’s they talk like jaisay unn se karzaa liya wa he…ehsaan krr re hen hum pe baat krr k…

      i feel so angry

      bss Allah madad karray

      but i know yeh abi kuch problems ho re hen cz most of my friends applied for student visaas n sum applied for dependant visas n usually it took only 15 to 20 days n they all got there passports stamped ..yeh abi kuch inn k problems start hue hen

      hope for the best maham

      inshAllah ull get ur visaa

      keep praying

      its really hard seriously

      i daily track my passport n daily i cry

      no one would understnd the position in which i can say me and u r

      to live kind ov incomplete life like this….

      may Allah pour this month’s blessings on all of us…ameen

  264. sorry@post 265

    i applied on 14th July not 17th

  265. hello Abid Khan.
    i applied for my wife on a settlement visa, submitted my documents on the 10th of July 09. i call Abu Dubai and i get told that there aint any record and when i call Islamabad they tell me its under process and ive got to wait. do you know if settlement cases get sent Dubai as well as student and visit visas. thanks.

    • Dear Ali

      Well bro frankly i dont have any clue about sattlement visas but i guess in your case it got to be BHC Islamabad not Abudhabi.
      My situation is diff. as i’d applied for HSMP Tier-1 in feb 2009. I was refused for a vague & stupid reason,and in May i won my appeal. Back in June i’ve submitted my PP and since then i am waiting.
      Wish u all the best and have faith in Allah.

  266. (I am poster of #154 because some other Ali has appeared here….)

    Anyhow , some high authorities told me that ” Dont call again and again regularly to Visa-section ABu-dhabi because they will intentionaly delay your application process as the officers are sitting beside the operators there”. Anyone who regularly calls , mean calling them regularly after 2-3 days ??? and is being delayed ???? Is it true or rumor ???

    @ Khan: Khan Sahib please tell me do u often call the visa section abu dhabi or wait for their email response ??? actually i applied on 29th june an du on 30th june , case is very similar thats why i am asking u …

    Many thanks

  267. hey ppl
    i have recived my stamped passport
    which i has submitted on 30th june
    thankssssssss God

    allah kara ap sab ko bhi jaldi se mil jaia

  268. Hi All
    Please visit the following website if you wish you inform UK Border Agency about your experience from their Visa Application Centres.
    then select Customers Services Survey
    I am not against to raise up your problems related to visa application on this forum/blog, but I would recommend to raise your voice to the people who are at deciding place & need improvements.

    Raise your hands, who gone through the survey today ????????

    Best Regards,
    Network Engineer

    • thanks love u man

      • Hi ” Ali ” why do u love that man ?? doesnt it matter to use the same title which i was using ??? how negative impact it leaves on my mind when i read : Ali says Thanks love u man “

  269. hi
    plz visit link given border agency exact time mention in accordance wid country no of decision made also mention against every TIER’ll help u 100%means u’ll got visa UNDER TIER 4 in 60days
    esically for AADIL,USMAN &ALI

  270. jawad

    yar tum itne din se kahan the???? aur tmharaey visa ka kya bana???? hum to still waiting hai yar….

    • hi addil
      yar i’m still waiting 4 my pp back with INSHALLA visa stamp not use dis bog 2much bt i hope 2 get pp visa soon inshalla dis late must b a good day said 60days 100% decision ‘ll decide
      n addil plz count d days of all mates who finally got thre visa its around 60days
      n adil if u continue readind dis blog it’ll b more apprenction 4u.plz try 2 busy ur self in else

  271. With Regret:

    “The Indian knew how to live without wants, to suffer without complaint, and to die singing”

    Please leave your feedback at the website on post 270, it may help them improving their services for current and future applicants.


  272. The British High Commission announced today that “due to ongoing IT difficulties experienced within the British High Commission, visa processing timeframes are likely to be adversely affected. We apologise to our customers for any inconvenience caused.
    We are prioritising all student applications and we are working hard to process them in time. If you think that you might miss your start date for your course, we recommend that you contact your education provider to ask for a new visa letter with a later start date.

    So all ov those bros n sis applying for post study or HSMP or visit visas have to wait more ……

  273. finally i got my visa today alhumdullah , i submitted my application on 29th june.


  275. Slam Guys

    i can feel ur pain, i do understand wht u all r going through. there is nothing we can do about it. we are facing these problems bcoz our Govt dont bother at all, they can solve that matter.
    rather then sitting around plz do some thing . complain about the Uk embassy to Home office. every one of u must complain.bcoz they dont know whats going on here. complain about Gery’s as well.
    Allah will help us

  276. Dear Ali, my classes are starting from 22nd june 09. orientation starts from 16th june. i hope u all get ur visa stampd passports soon inshallah.
    n thnkx aadil for ur wishes.


  277. salam evry1
    well most of u are waiting 4 ur visa and so am i.
    tell u the worst part of it i applied on aug 17, 2009 and ppl here r still waiting who hav applied since june. gosh i was being optimistic tht visa would get processed in 25 working days. anyways guys wish u all gud luck. but still i am hopeful, as my classes will start on oct 5, 09.
    yar by the way does any1 knw tht how many working days shd b couned in a weak? if its abu dhabi they work 5 days a weak, and taking gerry’s into account, they work for 6 days!!!

    anyhow student visas hav now been prioritized so atleast a gud sign.

    n i still am optimistic abt al ths visa stuff!!!

    • junaid sahib did you contact Abu Dhabi or mail to Islamabad? normaly Tier4 applicants receive their passport before one month or less from their start date of the session, i think you will receive your passport soon…

      • waseem sahab its good to hear from you that visa gets done in one months tym.. well gud luck to u and others bros and sis

  278. If the gerrys website says application ready for collection does dat mean its ready to be collected from isl BHC or jst dat it has been sent bck to isl?n can sum1 plz answer my question?





      • go n get ur visa from gerrys, dunt wait for their call, they didnt call me, i chkd my status online n i went, they asked me whethr i hv received a call, i told them yes.
        just go n get it.


  279. best of luck sara, may u get a stampd PP.
    b/w when did u apply for the visa? and did u apply for student visa?

  280. Good Luck Sara,

  281. best of luck sara…

    i think ur tht sara whose husband has applied for a visit visa n ur expecting ur first baby…m i right???

    m sorry if m wrong, anyways best of luck!!

    n keep us updated please

    i was noticing tht usually ppl get a call or their status changes on thursdays n fridays…hmmmm

    i wonder when would my status change.:(

  282. Sonia i feel the same whens my status gonna change:( i hate seeing the same message everyday i check it 3-4times a day.

    • i do the same chk 4 or 5 times a day

      i submitted on 24th july for dependant visa

      best of luck

      may Allah pour the blessings of this holy month on all of us ..ameen

      • hi maham,

        i applied for Tier 1 Post Study Work Dependant visa…

        if m not wrong ur tht mahi 123 from the other website right??? 🙂 srry if m wrong

        seriously bataon tou balance etc neye pata mijhe bilkul bhi becoz even my application form was filled by my husband i only had to sign n submitt…

        documents which i submitted were

        1. 6 months bank statements (my husband’s)
        2. employment letter
        3. copy of company id card
        4. my husbands national insurance number
        (copy of tht)
        5. nikah nama with english translation
        6. shaadi cards and photographs
        7. tenancy agreement
        8. my husband’s passports attested copy
        9. letter from landlord

        besides tht my previous and current passports
        letter of support from my husband

        i hope i hvnt missed anything…

        dekho aggar apka visa neye lagna hotaa tou they would have returned ur passport unstamped

        but because they have asked you to re bio

        inshAllah ull get ur visa


        besides tht m not much sure about how much balance etc… srry for tht..lekin itnaa pata he k jo amount website pe diya hua tha uss se zydah hi tha…websites k links gerry’s ki website pe diye hue hen just chk them out

        don worry …stay calm evrythng will b fine…i read ur other msg me n my husband were together for only 15 days 🙁 n then he left

        got married 3 months ago…apka case b same he

        may Allah pour blessings of this holy month on all of us ameen.

      • hi!!!

        awww ill b going to london aswell inshAllah…bohtt jaldi same flight :)…i wish

        don worry…mashAllah hes double masters…living there for almost 5 years now.

        yup tried to fulfill each n every requirement of my visa

        but why did u apply so late maham??? my 2 frnds got married back in december they both went to uk on dependant visa n both got visas in less then 20 days/….yeh abi inn k kuch issues start hue hen

        maham m prayin for sum kind of miracle to happen this week…Allah karray otherwise tou phr eid k baad hi kuch hogaaa

        maham seriously i pray for u every time when i pray for myself ..i can understand what ur going thru ..i can say tht

        may Allah help us and pour blessings on us…ameen

        best of luck!!!

      • sorry made a mistake earlier

        he is living there for almost 4 years

        once again best of luck

        maham keep praying n don b upset inshAllah ull get ur visa soon.

      • Maham don get so upset

        inshAllah ull hear from gerry’s soon…just stay calm…don loose hope

        i don think tht they will treat ur app as new….just stay calm n try to think positive

        thts what m trying to do

        but seriously its hard 🙁

        may Allah help us

        n pour blessings on us …ameen

      • hey maham u called abu dhabi to ask ur app status hain??

        can u plzz tell me the number…and what exactly did u say on phone…

        but ive heard even my husband says k don try to track ur app status frequesntly n don call gerry’s again n agaiin as these guys get more suspicious towards ur app

        don kno whether its true or not

        but plzz do let me kno k what exactly did u ask them on phone..n should i call??? is it helpful?? or should i leave

        n just pray

        may ALlah pour his blessings on us …ameen

      • thnx a lot gurl!
        really appreciate tht
        n best of luck
        inshAllah ull hear a good news soon
        keep on praying

        i always remember u in my prayers maham
        may Allah bless u
        n bless all of us


  283. when u submitted ur passport?

  284. Sarmand you asking me if so 13/08/09 i know i have only just submitted it therfore could have a long wait yet but i can’t help myself im constantly checking it the reason being when submitted they said we will get back to you in 25days.

  285. wait wait and wait

  286. Yes i will have to be patient Sarmad

    @Sonia Ameen – do dua to Allah main just before you break your fast and inshallah it will come true.

    • thnx rani…for telling me this 🙂
      i really appreciate tht

      i came to kno k
      recite surah bakra once daily for three days in a row…

      apki dua zarur kabool hogi…inshAllah ill b doing this

      have faith in Allah n best of luck

      may Allah pour blessings of this holy month on all of us …ameen

  287. hi Mariam,
    were both on the same boat!! my wife applied at Mirpur on 10/07/09. you said that your husband phoned them in uk, would it be possible if you would kindly give me they number? i have some questions that maybe other people could benefit from too, thanks




    • i dont think so that A LEVEL walo ko ielts ki zaroorat hai…..aur waise bhi ab to visa k liye ielts compulsory nai hai……A levels k liye to bil kul b nai….han i m under eighteen ..i applied on 30th july…i submitted MY B form original and translated both….bank statement to 1 baar hi check karte hain but ye ab BHC per depend karta hai k kab check karien…

      • thanks aadil,

        yar can you tell me translated b-form me kya kya likhna hota hai. did u also wrote contact details nad qualifications of your translater and did u got it attest?

        • u can translate ur B form from composer/typists they have the format on their computer…..and u can attest it from notary public…if u r in karachi then translate it frm burns road and attest it frm opposite of passport office… i took appointment 8 days before….


        • i asked them to give them 30 july appointment …..yes i submitted consent letter ….it was on a normal white paper …i typed it my self on MS word


  290. Salam: Brother and Sister: there is some useful information about UK visas processing times. And I also I would like to share email address: //

  291. Hi All,

    Its a 77th day since i have been applied under Tier 4 General Student on 29th June 2009. In calendar it can be read as 2 months and 17 days. I dont know how much time they will take to process my application. The lady operator was very halpful and she has been replaced by man too.

    And someone told me dont call them again and again they will start suspecting about you…

    Please pray for me

    Thanks very much

  292. @ALi: Don’t worry bro inshAllah u will get a stampd pp soon.

    Hey i gotta a question here, i applied for the student visa on aug 17, 2009 and today i called Abu Dhabi to enquire abt my passport status and the operator said, decision has been made on ur application and you shd hear from gerry’s very soon. your case is in isb now…..

    Now if its in Isb, for how many more days do i wait????

    any idea any1???

    • I called today Visa section-Abu dhabi they have told me that
      “Decision has been made on your applictaion, you will be contacted by gerry’s Pakistan soon”.

      Sorry for being late , i didnt read blog since 13th but today i read it
      Someone told me it took 2 day after the Visa Section Abu dhabi confirms the decision

  293. HI Junaid…. congratulations for news

    I hope within a week your status will change, please check your status 3 times a day or more if u can, whenever the status changes to your app is ready for collection , go to ukvacpk as Maham Baji guided many times and say them i got a call from your staff… they will return u the package. but why it has been processed so early is a remarkable question….. anyhow i wish you must have been granted uk Visa in accordance with your wishes…. Take care

    • HI Maham Baji..

      Maham baji i wasnt asked for re-bio.. I called today Visa section-Abu dhabi they have told me that
      “Decision has been made on your applictaion, you will be contacted by gerry’s Pakistan soon”.

      Sorry for being late , i didnt read blog since 13th but today i read it

    • Aslamoalikum Aapa Maham

      Apa apko pata chala kuch apk visa k mutaliq ?? Allah karain apka jaldi se jaldi a jaye ameen.

    • Maham Apa aap sadqa dain pleaseeeeeeeeeeee. Take 1.5 kg meat daily for three days . Touch the 1.5 kg meat pack with your right hand and throw it over the roof, very next day take another 1.5 kg meat touch it with right hand and throw it into any-lake flowing nearby.., on 3rd day again take 1.5 kg meat touch it with right hand and give it to poor human being, telling him that its meat of Sadqa.

      And after performing ablution, recite 33 times darud sharif syed na qareemun salallaho alaihewasalam

      then recite or say ” Ya rasool Allah Unzur Haaalaanaaaaaa Ya habeeb Allah Ismaa Qaalaaana” as much as u can recite or say. Inshallah Maham Apa apka visa jaldi a jaye ga tamam Rukawatain khatam ho jaen gn. Please do it as early as possible, I wish to hear from you that u have granted Uk Visa.

      Aur jin jin ka passport nahe a raha wo bhe Isi tarha karain .

    • thnx a lot gurl!
      for giving abu dhabi no. n info…
      really appreciate tht
      n best of luck
      inshAllah ull hear a good news soon
      keep on praying

      i always remember u in my prayers maham
      may Allah bless u
      n bless all of us


    • no news from gerry’s side…im still waiting for the status to change i’ve emailed abu dhabi to send the app to gerry’s quickly as possible so tht my re-bio can be taken….the problem is tht my university has given me a maximum extension of 9th October….if i arrive in the uk after 9th my course would be deffered until NEXT YEAR!!!…i also went to gerry’s they said my pp is still in islamabad and i have to wait until my status changes/they call me….this is all crap!!…they are delaying my re-bio case even more than normal decision, atleast they should have sent it earlier…my classes start next week!! gerrys manager said time frame depends from 15 working days to 30 working days!!

  294. Anyone know how often the VFS site where we track PP is updatd is it updated continuously? on a w/end to?

  295. hi Mariam, 16,000 that’s insane! guess i shouldn’t bother ringing em knowing the back log is so much. yep i am a British pp holder. any latest news??

    • oh hello
      nah net yet…im jst waiting for it…still i dun knw or kitna tym chaye inhen
      well i da num my husband contacted ws 00 92 51 209 8999
      dis is a mail id jinhon ne mjy ye num dia ta….
      n ya i knw its more dan a hell nw
      u knw wat i fink 3 or 4 days back there was a news in the newspaper about 16000 applications…..
      remember my visa in ur prayers aswell

  296. slam hi
    my frnd got student visa5dys back he is leaving 4 uk on monday jst after 20/22hour.he applied on july,10th same dy i was also appointed at gerry bt i got my visa letter on dat very date so late he do n got visa aftr 62days.1 thng is 4 sure students under TIER 4 do not expect ur visa b4 60days it confrmed 60days time period.u can chech all of ur mates wo finally got visas its game of 60days.some excptional case may get b4 dis.
    mR junaiD I got same mail from abudhabi on 12august it almost more dan 1month i applied on july,23rd abudhabi dispatch documents in 15days dan islamabad giv long kiss 2 our documents like their amour

  297. //
    jawad check this out … islamabad & karachi 95% applicants got their visas in 30 working days….

  298. Thank you for your comments mates…..!!! well i hope it gets done in time…when i went for my visa submission thy told me and they had written on a white board tht student visa will be processed in 25 working days moreover students visas hav been prioritized so i hope it solves the problm and may every1 gets visa b4 thr start day of classes… lets hope for the best…!!!!

  299. I submitted my aplication (in Lahore) for 5 year business visa on 2nd June & still waiting! Anybody else been waiting this long??

    had many emails with BHC Islamabad & Abu Dhabi, but the same replies. One email did state that application sent back to Islamabad on 21st June, but I haven’t got anything back. Making me crazy!!

    Anybody got any advice?? Just wish that cud be told how much longer, instead of always “shortly”….

  300. Salam to all
    i have resubmit my pasport after allowed appeal settlment at 6th july and have so contated to visa section so many time and my wife done through MP same reply we get that case is with case work section and seen on turn. Today got another reply. This is to inform you that your visa application is under process with ongoing checks. Due to a large number of on going appeals we have heavy workload of cases. Therefore I am sorry to say that at present I can not give you precise time frame in this respect. anybody here who have resubmit passport after settlement allowed appeal?
    They take so long time to process and it is really unfair if we call to Gerrys they say time frame is INDEFINATE in allowed appeal cases.

    • hey hello man
      may i plz know da reason ur application gt rejected???
      coz i too have applied for settlement visa n jst getting curious to knw abt urs….
      shall b thankful

      • Hi Mariam
        My case refused last year september on the reason that we can’t afford to live without the support of public funds as my wife work part time.When my barrister made my case he already mention everything how we can live without government help as i have job offer from my cousin and he have given his business document and written assurance but they totally ignor that and not bother to even contact him.But after that i appeal and win the case.My case was different from you i think you have fresh case inshallah you will get visa.May Allahtala help us all.Ameen

      • Hi Mariam
        Phone no which you have given that is not high commision no it is actually Gerrys no if you call from out side of pakistan then you call on that.And obviously they can’t tell you about your case anything you can contact through email only.Anyway i have tried my best my wife have contacted through local MP they give same answer to him have huge backlog wait.My barrister is going to send them reminder as well see what happen.i was reading your post it been two month u submitt ur passport so wait bit more as they can take up to 3 months but in these days they are taking more time.Settlement case goes to London UKBA home office Croydon they make descision there and give instruction to high commision.Inshallah outcome will good for you.

        • ya i knw….it has a code 92…. so is frm pakistan….ma husband cntactd on sum oder number bt hez nt havin it…he lost it
          im sorry
          hey man i submitted ma application on 10 june so its more dan 3 months nw
          chalo dats good dat ur barrister is gng to send dem a reminder…hope for da best n plz do keep me updated abt ur application

  301. brother i have resubmit my pasport after allowed appeal settlment at 9th of june 2009 for student visa,i think da best thing v can do 4 eac other is that v can pray 4 each other.

    • hello aun,
      i also submitted my passport after allowed appeal for student visa on 2nd june.have you get any good news still waiting and praying for the visa.hope we both get it soon.

  302. HI Maham Baji..

    Maham baji i wasnt asked for re-bio.. I called today Visa section-Abu dhabi they have told me that
    “Decision has been made on your applictaion, you will be contacted by gerry’s Pakistan soon”.

    Sorry for being late , i didnt read blog since 13th but today i read it

    • Dear Junaid…

      Junaid have u receieved any further information regarding status change ??? you wrote on 13th that decision has been made on your behalf.. I wish u would have receieved your package today ? because someone told me it take 2 days to deliver the application from Abu-Dhabi to Gerry’s Intl Pakistan.

      Waiting for good news from you and you should wait for good news from me … hehhehhehe

      Take care

  303. Hi all can some one help me please.

    I applied for Post study work visa in March from Pakistan and it was declined cause the fixed saving account document attached was not found sufficient by UK visa authorities. Later i took a letter from my bank (my mistake i should have attached the bank letter with my application before)and applied for a appeal in May. Now its more than 4 months but i havent heard anything from UK Visa authorities. Can anyone tell me please how long would they take to reply to my appeal application.

  304. Maham Apa aap sadqa dain pleaseeeeeeeeeeee. Take 1.5 kg meat daily for three days . Touch the 1.5 kg meat pack with your right hand and throw it over the roof, very next day take another 1.5 kg meat touch it with right hand and throw it into any-lake flowing nearby.., on 3rd day again take 1.5 kg meat touch it with right hand and give it to poor human being, telling him that its meat of Sadqa.

    And after performing ablution, recite 33 times darud sharif syed na qareemun salallaho alaihewasalam

    then recite or say ” Ya rasool Allah Unzur Haaalaanaaaaaa Ya habeeb Allah Ismaa Qaalaaana” as much as u can recite or say. Inshallah Maham Apa apka visa jaldi a jaye ga tamam Rukawatain khatam ho jaen gn. Please do it as early as possible, I wish to hear from you that u have granted Uk Visa.

    Aur jin jin ka passport nahe a raha wo bhe Isi tarha karain .

    • Ali bhai

      would u plz tell me on which number did u call

      n what exactly did u say on phone..


      n best of luck

      may Allah help us all…ameen

      • Aslamoalikum Sonia

        Jee i contacted Visa section Abu-Dhabi at ph num 009726101539 , I said Good morning Sir can u please tell me the status of my application ? he replied ok whats your passport number, then asked my name and afterwards he told me that decision has been made…..
        aap bhe sadqa dain jald se jald

        • thnx bhai
          really appreciate tht
          i do giv sadka
          in other ways

          thnx a lot for ur concern 🙂
          really appreciate tht

          inshAllah ull hear good news from gerry’s soon…

          best of luck n keep praying

          Allah plzzz bless us..ameen

    • Hi Ali bhai
      i just need to know that if it is possible that i can give sadqa altogather in one day.I cant go out to get meat every day and search for the lake can i through the meat in a more thing is this necessary that meat suppose to be 1.5 kg for each one.please i really request to every one prey for me and i will prey for u all.

      • Saniya baji

        Aslamoalikum. Yes it is possible to give all three sadqas in one day. If u cant find any lake you can ask your brother to go and throw it any lake he finds, anyhow if the cannal is clean you can throw in it. Saniya baji apki age 22 ho ge i think agar itni hai to aap 1 kg meat lay lain , total 3 packets of 1 kg each. agar apki age 22 se ziada hai mean 24-25 then apko 1.5 kg he laina ho ga. aap mama se calculate karwa lain 2 chaataank for 1 year of age. ( actually i dont know whats chatank and how to convert it into kg, buzurg hain unho ne btaya tha). Please recite that darud sharif and say as many times u can not less than 33 i.e YA RASOOL ALLAH UNZUR HAALAANA YA HABEEB ALAAH ISMA QALAANA

      • Saniya baji i forgot to write , I shall pray for you and have prayed for the issuance of uk visa to you Baji. meray lye bhe thori dua dua kar dain k zara status jaldi change ho jaye ab . Thanks very much.

  305. hi Mariam,
    the number you gave Ive tried contacting many times before n i just cant seem to get an answer. dont worry Mariam you and everyone else is always mentioned when making dua. Ive kinda gave up on ringing them all, going to leave it up to Allah n wait for them to contact me. i need a big break from all this stress you get by calling them n reading all the comments people make having problems with these guys. guess what im going on a holiday for two weeks!! when i get back I will contact you n i hope you have good news and Eid Mubarak to all x

    • oh ok eid mubarak to u too
      me n ma husband too have stopped chekin ma status…its ov no use to read dis bullshit again n again
      dun forget to pray fr me aswell

  306. TO MAHAM

    thnx a lot gurl!
    really appreciate tht
    n best of luck
    inshAllah ull hear a good news soon
    keep on praying

    i always remember u in my prayers maham
    may Allah bless u
    n bless all of us


    • i called aaj subaah
      but no one wz answering
      dekho kab call krti hun phir se
      u take care
      inshAllah we’ll hear good news from gerry’s soon

      just keep on praying
      may Allah help us..ameen

  307. Dear Ali,

    Nops, i haven’t received any further information regarding status change!!!
    When i wrote on 13th that decision has been made, that was the date, i enquired in Abu Dhabi for my application Status and decision was being made on sep 8th.

    Now, whn decision is being made, application decision is being sent to ISB BHC, they further take 1-1.5 weak in delivering that passport to gerry. Gerry’s intrl take ard 2 days to intimate you so as a whole its a process of 2 weaks b4 ur pp is handed over to u.

    i am expecting mine and ofcourse yours status change on thursday or friday.

    Waiting for good news from your side bro and expect same for me… Gud luck to u and every1 else.

    Take care

    • Hi junaid

      the words ” decision was being made on 8th sept ” means that 8 sept ko decision ho raha tha. it never means that decision has been made on 8th sept. Please call him again and confirm him if the decision has been made on 8th or is still under consideration.

  308. Hi to every one,
    mr baber poster #27 got his 2 years visa after 3 months and 4 days.a visa has been issued to him since july and they just released it today.I m telling u guys becouse A lot of people on this blog who r suffring these kind of delays and worried that if decesion has been made from Abu Dahbi why it took so chill guys they have invented new games and playing on it . I m worried for my self becouse i applied at 10 of june and almost 20 days ago when i called Abu Dahbi they told me my case was still in process so please prey for me.Ali bhai quantity of meat is on your pocket not on your age.Maham i have one advise for u too dont give up and dont lose hopes be optimistic god loves us a lot so he wont leave us alone INSHALLAH.

    • Saniya baji ,

      Quantity of meat is dependent on pocket.. but actually it would be the sadqa of your whole age uptill now…. mean ab tak jitni apki age hui hai uska sadqa daina hai na warna to 1 saal ka sirf 2 chaataank hai na. (i dont know whats chatank and its equivalent in grams or kgs). 2 chataank to thora sa ho ga na. sadqa jadu , gunaah , rukawatain tamam dur kar daita hai Saniya baji.

      • Onething more some people gives money , sugar , clothes as a sadqa … its not sadqa in reality its what is called as mujhay word he bhool gaya hai specific word hai in Islam. matlb Allah ki khushe k lye daina . Sadqa jandar cheez ka he hota hai mostly ya usk meat ka.

        • YES I REMEBER ITS Khairaat not Sadqa to give money , clothes, shoes , sugar , flour and otherthings except animals or their meat.

    • i too applied on 10 june
      which category did u apply for?

  309. Well i have submitted my passport on 25th May after getting my calling letter. Few of my known persons also applied same month and still nobody get any good news from there upto now. It is a totally lazyness of BHC Islamabad and Gerrey Mafia is also involved in it. They are charging some amount in sake of urgent process.

    God Help Us in this regard……… Best Wishes to all of you there

  310. salam all,

    by the way wht is the passport pick up time from gerry’s in ramadan??is it after 12 or 2 pm??

    @Ali bahi. decision was made on 8th i knw.

    • Aoa Junaid, the best time is to go before 12:01 pm irrespective of the closing times in any condition

  311. Sb dua karain k jin jin k visa ki rukawat hui hui hain un sb ki rukawatain dur ho jaen aur gerry’s walo ko bhe hedayat a jaye jaldi se jaldi deliver karnay ki . ameen

  312. Oh Gosh
    People are so desperate for UK visa that they gona read the Darood and give sadka. For heaven sake dont do these things just for visa.

    • Why Latentary ??? is it wrong near you to recite darood and pray for visa ??? he who dont pray is a KAFFIR in ISlam and what your minute knowledge tells about Sadqa? Is is bad thing to do ??? Tell me are you muslim ??? Sorry if it hurts your feelings LATENTry.

      • Yea mate VISA is not a such thing for which one should give Sadka and read Darood. You can pray and give sadka for better things in life not for a UK visa. Dont be so desperate for visa that you are going to pray to God for a visa. Ask God for other better things in life not a useless visa. Uk VISA is not a big achievement or something so important and special that one should give sadka for it. And let me tell you UK visa is not an achievement in life. Ask got for better things in life not just a UK VISA

        • Why one should not give sadqa for Uk visa ?? What are u doing here if u consider uk visa nothing ??? Go away dear ….,Why not for uk Visa ? Everyone is free to do what he wills provided he infringes not the equal freedom of others and if someone is giving sadqa and praying for the grantaion of visa then whats bad in it according to Islamic point of vies and the teachings of Holly Prophet Muhammad S.a.w ??? hehhehhe dear go away if Uk visa is useless. i think you are psychologically troubled young guy….. I hope its enough for you

  313. Hi all

    It is quite depressing to see these all delays. however, below is my case.
    I applied on 27th August as menionted above for Tier 4 Student. And i first called Abu Dhabi on 14th sept and no decision was made by that date. I again called them today, on 17th sept and a decision has been made(Allahumdilalah) and my passport has been sent to BHC islamabad. NOw i hope that it is a positive decision and I get it soon:) InshAllah!

    • Hi how much is your bank statement that you attached with your application ?

      • @Ali (old poster ref#154),

        you make me laugh man. Pshycilogy trouble guy hahahah. Learn the eng 1st and than go to uk:) It surprised me to see how people are desperate for a UK visa. Ive spend 8 years in UK, got educvation from a Top uni and now have a very good job in Pakistan. But i was never desperate like you lot for a visa. And to me UK visa was not achievement. It shows how down we have gone as a nation that we consider a uk visa achievement. And when ppl like you land in uk they treat you as SCUM

  314. I am a scholarship student. So it was not required. But still i showed a bank statement of little funds which i mentioned can be used in any case of emergency.

  315. Salam to all
    Just want to share some information people who are waiting after allowed appeal cases this matter been raised in UK House of common in jan 2007 and after 2 and half year i think no improvements.
    Hi All, Question regarding the delays after allowed appeals was raised in House of Common in jan 2007, please read the following or go to the link: (same story after two & half years, who says they care)

    Islamabad: Entry Clearance Office
    Sir Gerald Kaufman: To ask the Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs if she will take steps to inquire into the reasons for the recent failures by the Entry Clearance Office in Islamabad to grant visas following successful appeals. [116624]

    31 Jan 2007 : Column 387W

    Margaret Beckett: We acknowledge that there have been delays in the visa section in Islamabad between the allowing of an appeal and the subsequent issue of a visa.

    These were largely due to volumes of appeals and a staff shortage during the summer period last year. A new Head of the Appeals Section was appointed to the Visa Section in Islamabad at the end of last summer to address these issues.

    In addition, there were previously delays with the unaccompanied diplomatic bag, through which until recently all appeals have been forwarded to Islamabad. However, since early January all appeal determinations are now emailed directly to the Visa Section in Islamabad from the Home Office. This will result in a much quicker turn around and the ability to track appeal determinations sent.

    With the appointment of the Head of the Appeals Section, an increase in the entry clearance officer contingent at post and the electronic despatch of appeal determinations, the Visa Section in Islamabad hopes to significantly reduce the delay in the issue of allowed appeal visas.


  316. Hello everyone. Just wanted to share the news with all of u that finally after 2 months and 18 days, i got my visa today. everyone on this blog has been of great moral support

  317. I have applied for student visa tier 4 on 5/8/09 but have not heard any thing from embassy as yet and status of my application also does not change.My classes will start from 21/09/09.I am really worried plz long will it take?

    • Aslamoalikum Sana

      Please make an email to your college/university requesting them to give Extension in the start date and issue an extension letter. Anyhow , please make a ph call to Visa Section Abu-dhabi at num 0097126101539 and request them to tell the status of your application, they will ask you your ref number or passport number..etc and will tell u the status. The decision might have already been made on your application and the gerry’s would be delaying it due to rush of applications.

      Within this week or next week you will receieve your status change news i hope so.

      Best Wishes


  318. salam to all.27 ramadan mubarak.i am visitor of this website from a long time .i applied for general student visa on 31august here at mirpur classes are going 2 start on 21 sep.after a long time my status has been changed today.2marrow i will go there to pick my passport back.pls friends pray 4 me.buhat uljahn hai

    • kinna lucky hein tu yara….aasein 9 july de status chnge hoon di umeed cha bethein …..:)
      All the best mate….I’m sure you get it

      • @Rehman,
        aww to every 1
        my mother applied for family visit visa on 7/6/09
        and im wating can any 1 till me wah shall i do wwa

  319. Maham,
    what happened?
    everything awright?
    do let me kno if u get any updates for ur visa
    best of luck!
    i wz praying tht u get ur visa before eid
    no…i wasnt able to contact abu dhabi as no one was answering in between the times i called
    lets see what happens

    may Allah bless us all n help us all..ameen

  320. I call their office in abu dhabi and no1 answers the phone..i have already taken extention letter from university..every1 got their visa but they r not giving me..main kiya karo yaar?i submitted my case on 05/08/09 and still no reply..for how many days will be the embassy closed for eid?am waiting so badly and they will be taking holidays waa

  321. Salam @ all friends. I have submitted my file on 9th of september from Karachi. Now there is a issu of IT problem in uk embassy Islamabad,according to // My status is so far”Forwarded to Islamabad” guys plz tell me that when i should call Abudhabi for my pp status?? i should wait for the statement “forwarded to Abudhabi” or call them?
    PLz reply…

  322. ur status would remain “fwd to isl oc” even if it z in abu dhabi,

    just wait for 20-25 WORKING DAYS then if u don get ur pp bck then inquire bout ur pp. just wait for a while, its only been more then a week tht u hv submitted ur appp so just wait…

    call them between 8:30-2:30pm pst
    but from sunday to thursday, as friday z weekend in abu dhabi, in pakistan eid holidays r for 2 days only same should be for abu dhabi bhc

    best of luck!
    n keep praying

  323. SONIA

    they are off on fridays so try on sunday. u’ll get thru… if u hear the busy tone just keep trying …

    i hope u r still remembering in ur prayers. ive prayed for u … u knw chatting with u made me bit relxed coz i feel we both r in same boat and dying to join our husbands in UK …

    Inshallah soon we will be with our husband.. in our very own house.

  324. MAHAM,

    this sunday would b off for eid haina…lets see when ill try,

    thnx a lot for ur prayers really need them

    yup i do remember u in my prayers, same here chatting with u made me feel like i can share this thing with u


    Allah will help us

    u take care

  325. @ Sonia

    BHC abu dhabi is off for sunday and monday. You could try calling them on tuesday. However, High Commission Islamabad will be off for three days. Monday-Wednesday.

    @ Saeed

    This IT disruption has occurred in Abu Dhabi BHC i suppose. Not in Islamabad. Though I aint sure about it.

  326. Q: What must be submitted with my visa application form and supporting documents?
    A: 1 photograph, copy of NADRA N.I.C, passport and one photocopy of passport




    • @sonia,
      dont worry …they also did’nt take photocopy of passport from me…and ALHAMDULILLAH i got visa….

  327. Sonia its ok don’t panic. they ask for fotocopies so that they can keep a photocopy set of ur documents with them and send original to dubai/islamabad for processing so don’t worry at all.

  328. Dear i have applied for uk T4 visa on 13 August 2009 and my classes are going to start on 28 September.. When i applied i was thinking that i hv enough time and will get visa on time. But now IT delays news busted. What should i do now.. from where i should inquire abt my visa status… some one was talking about dubia..!!do anyone have dubai contact number kindly give me…i am really worried ……….!

  329. hi Sana

    You will get your visa soon inshallah yes i too called but no one attended the call. This blog format ha sbecome very odd , i am going to leave it now but havent decided yet to leave or not

  330. Friends just to remind u all that I applied for Post work study Tier1 DEPENDENT visa on June 25th from VAC Karachi and after 2 months 5 days my status changed to passport is ready for collection. I went to retrieve my passport i was informed that I must reapply because my fingerprints are unreadable in Visa center Abu Dhabi due to corrupted file error caused by Gerrys and received a letter from BHC Islamabad stating that my application will be processed through fast track system and i won’t be needing to wait longer than 15 days. I reapplied on Sept 1 and since then have been made to run around in circles regarding the whereabouts of my passport. Gerry’s asked me to fill a new form and allotted me a new application tracking number whereas my previous tracking code now says “case closed” I really don’t understand why a new form and a new number!

    do you guys have any idea why my case is closed and second application is being treated as a new application? Do u think i have to wait for another 2 months now whereas BHC mentioned in the letter that my application would be FAST TRACKED?

    i wrote to today. i hope they send me a satisfactory reply.


    • @Maham, Summah-Amine

    • @Maham,
      Ameen…keep praying

      i don kno much bout all this but in my opinion due to internal it errors they would hv given u new app tracking number as previous app would have been cancelled
      and if they have old u tht they ll treat ur app like in fast track may b thts the reason they gave u new tracking number

      as they have told u 15 WORKING DAYS tht means 15th day would b on monday…this coming monday and as this is the month of ramzan work pace in both abudhabi as well as in pakistan has got very slow, and seriously believe me in abudhabi it would b really really slow cz of ramzan

      hopefully inshAllah you should b hearing good news the week after eid..inshAllah

      lets see

      best of luck

      may Allah bless us help us all…ameen

      • @sonia,

        due to internal it errors

        srry i meant to say due to internal IT errors or difficulties

        tyake care maham n stay calm…uve waited so long hainaa…inshAllah everything in the end will turnout great

        keep praying, i always remember u in my prayers

  331. plz do share visa success

  332. ALI
    On which number shd i kall?choose 1 for me 009716101100,0097143572300 or the 1 u gave me thats 0097126101539..and also when shd i kall cos i think this sunday embassy will be closed for eid..

    • Aslamoalikum Sana

      0097126101539 thats the number at which i have made ph call manytimes. So i advise you to call at this number. Visa Section Abu-Dhabi works from Sunday-Thursday , i think Timing is from 9 to 12 and from 12:30 to 4 pm. but you must call them between 10 am to 13 pm(pakistani time).

  333. Ok i got it i will kall on 0097126101539

  334. ALHAMDOLILLAH i got the visa ……

    tier 4
    applied on 30th july
    stamped date 24 august
    got visa 17 sept

    it took me 50 days…..

  335. @aadil@Usman, its grt to here from u people, plz keep sharing ur visa success stories. U booth are lucky have a nice eid.may Allah bless us all…ameen

  336. my mother applied for family visit visa on 17th august.can anybody tell how long it will take to process visit visa.

  337. //

    The offices of the British High Commission in Islamabad and Deputy High Commission in Karachi will remain closed from Monday, 21st of September till Tuesday, 22nd of September for Eid Ul Fitr. The missions will reopen on 23rd of September 2009.
    British High Commission wishes everybody a very blessed Eid.

  338. MAHAM,

    i wont b getting chance to use internet for couple of days,
    🙁 i don kno what ill do on eid…not happy

    but ill b praying for u, i hope u do remember me in ur prayers…hopefully we’ll hear good news after eid

    best of luck

    have a nice eid

    eid mubatak

    may Allah bless us..ameen

  339. aww to every 1
    my mother applied for family visit visa on 7/6/09
    and im wating can any 1 till me wah shall i do wwa