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Pak nuke projects expanding’

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Pakistan continues to expand its nuclear facilities despite growing international concerns, US experts and former officials say. According to the Guardian, David Albright, previously a weapons inspector for the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), has said commercial satellite photos show two plutonium-producing reactors nearing completion at Khushab. “In the current climate, with Pakistan’s leadership under duress from daily acts of violence by insurgent Taliban forces and organised political opposition, the security of any nuclear material produced in these reactors is in question,” Albright has said in a report issued by the independent Institute for Science and International Security in Washington. Albright warned of a potential nuclear arms race with India. Another threat to nuclear security, he said, arose from territorial advances by indigenous Taliban. Besides the Khushab reactors, the report alleges, the Gadwal uranium enrichment plant is a vulnerable sit considering a suicide bomber blew himself up outside the Kamra complex in December 2007. John Bolton, a hawkish former senior official in the Bush administration, said this weekend: “There is a tangible risk that several weapons could slip out of military control. Such weapons could then find their way to Al Qaeda or other terrorists, with obvious global implications.” Ambassador to the US Husain Haqqani dismissed the warnings as hyperbolic.\05\05\story_5-5-2009_pg1_14


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