Islamabad: SalinaWardah’s newest flair in summer lawn

salinawardaSchezee Zaidi
An exhibition of SalinaWardah’s exclusive collection of lawn, Swiss voile and chiffon from Lahore opens at the Melange here today (Saturday 02-May-2009).

After conquering the fashion market with their contemporary and fresh take on pret and couture, SalinaWardah, spreading their fashion flair even further, have entered the world of summer lawn. Popularly acknowledged as the youngest designers, SalinaWardah are credited with radically changing the rules of fashion and crafting a casual yet feminine style that defines the contemporary apparel.

Sharing thoughts on their newest flair in lawn with ‘The News’, the designers said that having seen the demand for lawn increasing with the rising temperature, they were drawn to the need of providing something that was both diverse and unseen, yet with a uniquely developed ‘Fabric Concept’. Established in 2009, the ‘Fabric Concept’ boasts innovative and fresh ideas creating a new path for designer fabrics. It comprises a highly qualified and experienced team.

Usman Buksh has joined SalinaWardah in order to bring an exclusive array of products under the new ‘Fabric Concept’. The team incorporated abstract and floral designs with laces, sequins and intricate embroidery techniques to create a vibrant line. The ‘Fabric Concept’ introduces an exquisite range of cotton, lawn prints, Swiss voile, lawn prints with chiffon ‘dupattas’ and pastel colours displayed at the exhibition.

The display reflects the simple design philosophy followed by SalinaWardah — minimalism, wear-ability and affordability. Every season, their collection revolves around any one of the five essential fashion principles of colour, cut, design, silhouette and embellishment.

SalinaWardah ventured into the world of fashion at the age of 18, making a dramatic entry and immediately craving a niche for themselves. Their degrees in fashion design and marketing from AIU London enabled them to accomplish their goals in all these years. Their innovative and fresh approach towards haute couture for women, creativity in design and the ability to experiment has created waves in the fashion industry.

SalinaWardah have successfully shown their collections in numerous cities, including Lahore, Karachi, London and Dubai. The News, 2-5-09

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