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alisukhanwerGun or the gunner, flood or the river, journey or the traveler, what is frightening the people of Pakistan? They are in a strange state of dilemma and confusion. When we see through the eyes of a common Pakistani we find a lot of dangers, eagerly gyrating above our heads like hungry and lusty vultures. So many fears and so many apprehensions; every mind pondering over the same question; what will be the tomorrow like? The Swat peace accord, the organized proceeding of the Taliban, the worsening law and order state of affairs in Baluchistan and an alarming situation regarding the Talibanization in the other parts of the country; so many Damocles’ swords hanging over the already crushed Pakistanis. Is there anyone who could take care of all this broth prepared by so many cooks? People of Pakistan are yet not in a position to decide whether the Taliban are an Islamic force or some one is playing in the hands of the anti-Islamic forces in guise of Taliban. Recently it was reported by some of the private TV channels, including Samaa and the Geo News that at Ring Road in Hazarkhawni, Peshawar on 12th April,2009,at least 12 trailers loaded with supplies for NATO forces in Afghanistan were set on fire by Taliban, resulting in the killing of a driver and injuring two cleaners. In this incident one of the drivers told the Taliban that there was a Holy Quran in one of the trailers but the Taliban did not pay attention to it and set the trailer on fire. The copy of the Holy Quran was also burnt as a result. The TV channels displayed the burnt pages of this most sacred book. There was a severe protest against this un-Islamic act of the Taliban. Apparently the militants who did this shameful insult to the Holy Quran posed to be the Taliban but it is almost impossible for a common Muslim to accept that the people who introduce themselves as the representatives of Islam can perform such disgusting act.


The western media is floating an idea that people of Pakistan are afraid of the increasing influence of the religious extremist elements, whereas the government of Pakistan is showing a soft corner for these religious extremists by signing peace–pacts with them. A very unique type of picture is being painted in which the government and the people, both are sailing in different boats moving in different directions. Recently Mrs.Hellery Clinton asked the people of Pakistan to stand against their government because it has failed to look after their interests. The Pakistani nation has taken this suggestion as a message from the fools’ paradise.


In fact, the western thinkers are intermingling two different realities consciously or unconsciously; the Taliban and the Sharia. Taliban are a force having hegemonic designs. They are in search of a land where they could establish their own territory, where they could introduce and impose their self-designed system of government based on cultural dictatorship. In the beginning, after the expulsion of the Russian forces from Afghanistan the Taliban were very much confident that they would succeed in getting their desired aims and objectives there in Afghanistan but the US invasion shattered all their dreams. Taking the Taliban as the worst challenge to the US authority in Afghanistan, the NATO forces started crushing them indiscriminately. As a result of it the Taliban had to move towards the tribal areas of Pakistan. In the meantime the Indian intelligence agencies and the anti-Pakistan elements from Afghanistan succeeded in penetrating different groups of Taliban. These groups received a lot of moral financial and military back and favour from their newly born benefactors. So they started working for the heinous interests of their masters. The suicidal attacks targeting the innocent citizens of Pakistan, the bombing at mosques and the Imambargahs, the attacks on security forces and the kidnapping of the government officials, all these activities were performed at the desire of the faces behind the screen.


The Indians and their friends in Afghanistan killed many birds with one stone. First of all the terrorist activities of these so-called Taliban groups surely caused a grave loss to the social and economic fiber of Pakistan. A sense of insecurity and a feeling of disbelief regarding the abilities of the security forces of Pakistan generated in the people of Pakistan in general. Secondly our ‘well wishers’ succeeded in promoting the notion that Pakistan is nothing but a failed-state. They also tried to prop up the idea that how a country which is unable to provide safety to its people can protect its nuclear assets. And above all the most desired and the most hidden target; the defaming of Taliban movement, was brilliantly acquired. India knows very well that the Taliban movement might prove an ocean with no boundaries. If this movement accomplishes in Afghanistan and Pakistan, ultimately the next destination would be the world’s biggest democratic state of India. Some of the western brainless think tanks started churning out the thoughts tailored by the Indian schemers. As a result of all this planning the Taliban lost their roots in the people of Pakistan and became the target of the security forces of Pakistan as well as of the US-led NATO troops. Apparently it seems that the Taliban are very violently proceeding towards their decided destination; they are strengthening their hold in different tribal sections of Pakistan but the fact is that unknowingly they are heading towards a blind alley. Although they are not very far from Islamabad yet they are going to face the worst opposition if they mistakenly plan to move forward. Different religious and political forces have joined hand together to give them a tough time and certainly these forces are strongly supported by the 170 million people of Pakistan. Although this war-like situation is not very much pleasing and amusing for the Pakistani nation yet there is no other way out.



There is another very much strong reality, most of us still denying; the security forces of Pakistan. We have one of the world’s strongest armies. After the 9/11 it was expected that the Americans bulldozers would demolish the very foundations of Pakistan in their rage and fury. It was the efficacy and the efficiency, ability and skill of the armed forces of Pakistan that kept the Americans at an arm’s length. To be very honest and straight forward, the Pakistan army is fighting with a huge crowd of forces at a time. The NATO forces , the us forces , the anti-Pakistan elements in Afghanistan , our old friend India and pushing the queue at the end Israel, the virgin beloved of America ;all have turned their guns to one land Pakistan. Moreover the Taliban factor is adding salt to this spicy broth. Pakistan army and intelligence agencies are performing their best to defeat all these hot and hasty forces. It is true that up till now the security forces have not been very successful in crushing the terrorist elements in the tribal areas. This intentional failure is not the result of any disability. The basic reason behind is that the armed forces have yet not exerted their full pressure against these miscreants because the armed forces act according to the instructions of the democratic government of Pakistan. The president Zardari and the Prime Minister Gilani and even the parliament, all were trying to tackle the situation through dialogues and conversation. This is the same policy which the government of Pakistan has been following since long regarding the settlement of the Kashmir issue. The swat peace accord is also one of such peaceful actions taken to stabilize the situation. Unluckily the peace pact is not giving birth to the desired results. The followers of Maulana Sufi Mohammed are taking this accord as the weakness of the government of Pakistan. Their tone and tune have become more authoritative and threatening. The statements of the spokesmen of Tehreek Nifaz-e Sharia Muhammadi are frightening the people of Pakistan. They are challenging the writ of the government by calling the Supreme Court and the parliament illegal and irreligious. Before the peace-accord there was mildness in the attitude of respected Maulana Sufi Mohammed but now after the accord this mildness is changing into rigidity. It is the high time either Maulana Sufi Mohammed or the government of Pakistan must review the adopted policy. Better we rename the passions before it gets too late.

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