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Islamabad: CWT offers scholarships for UK

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United Kingdom based Charles Wallace Trust (CWT) offers scholarship opportunities in different disciplines for Pakistanis to focus on their professional development.

Applicants as old as 50 years are welcomed and encouraged to apply. Preference would be given to those who have never had foreign study opportunities before. The trust is interested in the individuals of Pakistan to fully realise their potential.

“I have been quite impressed by the scholars from Pakistan, as they are very lively, very enterprising and come from a variety of backgrounds,” said CWT Secretary Tim Butchard while adding that some of the scholars were physicists, economists, artists and sculptors amongst other disciplines.

Advising prospective scholars Butchard said, “It’s absolutely vital for scholars that they have thought through their objectives for the UK and have negotiated with the UK partners and universities to stand a good chance to receive this award.” He added, “The Pakistani fellows should meet people and visit universities in the UK outside of the attachment of the CWT and actively disseminate their own knowledge as well, rather than just receive as students.” He thanked the British Council Pakistan for their help in enabling the work of the CWT in funding Pakistani scholars.

Tim Butchard will be travelling the country to meet prospective scholars to enable them to conduct their short-term professional development attachments and research in the UK.

Source: The News, 18-Apr-09

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