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ISLAMABAD: Senior journalist returns plot to Punjab government

A senior journalist has returned a plot allotted to him by the Punjab Government, saying, it was a hurdle in his way to write objectively about the government and was a burden on his conscience.

Editor Investigations of The News Ansar Abbasi has written a letter to the chief minister Punjab surrendering his plot allotted to him through the Punjab Journalist Housing Foundation. In his letter he pointed out that a few professions in Pakistan enjoyed the privilege of getting plots while the poor people can only dream of a home. He has asked the CM to cancel all the allotments made at throwaway prices to all the privileged classes.

Mr Abbasi said he failed to understand as to why a few selected classes of the society including Army officers, civil servants, judges, journalists and, in certain cases, parliamentarians are entitled to get state-land on negligible prices. Each one of these class is influential and well-connected. It means that the policymakers and governments in Pakistan have focused on a few selected classes while for poor and needy there are only rhetoric and mere lip service.

“The media is considered a watchdog for any society. We are supposed to point out the loopholes in the government policies for safeguarding public money and greater public interest. But I wonder if we too get ourselves involved into dirty plot politics, who would safeguard the greater public interest and the interest of tens of millions of those, who are shelterless, jobless, needy and poor, who perhaps deserve far more than those for whom the floodgates of the taxpayers’ money see no limit,” the letter said.

He has also sent a copy of the letter to the Federal Information Minister Qamar Zaman Kaira with the hope that the federal government would also stop this institutionalised loot and plunder of state resources especially his ministry’s unending recommendations to the federal housing foundation for allotment of expensive plots to a few journalists.

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  1. I appreciate Abbasi for this move as urged by his inner self. At least he is not dead. May Allah forgive us all for such temtations. We should always see how our beloved prophet (PBUH) & His companions lived their lives. Were not those with utmost simplicity? We should think about it.

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