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alisukhanwer“The old man was not ready to lose heart. He knew that he was fighting the battle of his survival. He had just two options; either to kill the lion or to be killed by the beast. Grappled in the violent paws of the enemy, he cast a look around; his children, his parents and his wife and even his annoyed brother, all were gazing at him hoping fearfully. It was decided before the battle that the winner would be the ruler of the whole territory, be it the lion or the old man. Every patch of his body was bleeding , the brutal nails of the beast going deep into his flash , the sharp and edgy blood thirsty teeth eager to penetrate his throat, the spectacle was hair raising not only for the old man himself but also for those who were watching all this at a safe distance. Suddenly visualizing the next scenario the old man’s annoyed brother ran towards the lion followed by the parents, the children and the rest of the members. Just in a few moments they tore the lion into pieces.” I was reading this story and thinking about Pakistan, the land of my passions. I realized that most of us are watching the battle from a safe distance without being aware of the next scenario.


Pakistan is surely sailing in troubled waters. The international schemers are very tactfully working on their agenda of splitting Pakistan into various valueless states because a united Pakistan has become a challenge to their authority. They are frightened of its nuclear capability and the never-dying passions of its people. Pakistan is at one time facing so many of his enemies. The CIA, the Mosaad, The Raw and the Khad, all have joined hands to entangle Pakistan in a very vicious circle of their selfish interests. Every where there is a claim and announcement; Pakistan will be no more in 2010.But salute to the brave Pakistanis who are very confident that one day ;either tomorrow or the day after tomorrow, they are going to rule over the world .


The world plan of destabilizing Pakistan is no more a skeleton in the cupboard. It is simply the philosophy used by an old farmer who advised his sons to untie the bundle of the woods if they want to break the sticks. So they are untying the bundle, some times by blaming the Pashtuns as brutal terrorists and sometimes by flaring the fire of hatred among the Balochis and instigating them to opt for a separate homeland. This all is being done with the assistance of some paid agents who are neither the Pashtuns nor the Balochis; they are simply the slaves of their own desires and interests. The peace accord between the government of Pakistan and the religious elements in Swat worked as a miracle, things began to settle down. The so-called terrorists vowed to give the Pakistan army a supporting hand against the foreign agents who have been trying to make the peaceful valley of Swat a hell for many months. Maulana Sufi Muhammad warned that those who do not disarm them would be dealt as criminals. On the other hand, feeling the involvement of foreign elements under the disguise of Islamic militancy in the tribal areas of Pakistan, Maulana Abdul Aziz of Lal Majid Islamabad in one of his statements strongly condemned those who are involved in suicidal attacks on innocent people. He said that he shall favour these attacks if the targets are the enemies of Islam. The people like Maulana Sufi Muhammad and Maulana Abdul Aziz are surely a blessing for the Pakistani nation because they are trying their utmost to bring back peace and prosperity throughout the country including   Swat and other tribal areas. But this bettering situation does not seem very welcoming to the international peace makers. According to the media reports the foreign intelligence agencies are continuously playing a very objectionable role in disrupting the peaceful atmosphere of Swat. A new wave of suicide bombing and targeting of the security personnel in Swat is giving birth to so many fears and apprehensions. People have started questioning the validity and credibility of the Swat peace accord. Might be this is the desired state of affairs for which the international intelligence agencies have been working since long. By worsening law and order situation in Swat, the foreign elements are not only trying to denigrate the religious people of the tribal areas but also attempting to defame the Pashtuns as extremists and terrorists. The international media is trying its level best to promulgate a feeling of disgust against the Pashtuns throughout the country. The only aim behind is to make the Pashtuns feel that the people of Pakistan have a strong hatred for them because of their involvement in terrorist activities and they are eager to kick them out of the Non-Pashtun areas. This state of misunderstandings and confusions will certainly widen the distances between different racial sections of the Pakistani society. The Pashtuns have ever been the strongest defenders of our geographical boundaries. At present they are the hardest hindrance against the Indian desire of invading Pakistan. Just look back at the days after the Mumbai attacks when the Indian hi-ups were threatening ceaselessly that they would attack Pakistan. Those times these Pashtuns announced to forget all their differences with the government of Pakistan and warned the excited Indians never to dream of invading Pakistan. Those who are involved in the terrorist activities against the innocent people of Pakistan are neither the comrades of the Pashtuns nor the friends of Islam. Such anti Pakistan and anti Islam elements are strongly supported by the CIA and RAW, according to the media reports. Without a strong backing no terrorist activity can be materialized. It is very obvious that there should be some one behind the scene who has hidden motives and concealed intentions.



The recently flamed Baluchistan issue is also connected to the activities of Raw and CIA in Swat and FATA.The Balochis are a very sincere and dedicated nation. They have a brilliant history of sacrifices for Pakistan. It is very true that in the past the basic rights of the Balochis could not be properly taken care of by different governments. The people of Baluchistan have their very authentic grievances in this regard but it does not mean that they are no more loyal to their motherland and they want to disintegrate themselves from Pakistan. Some so-called Baloch leaders, enjoying a life of comfort and pleasure in European countries are prompting the brave Baloch people to wag a war against Pakistan. They are instigating them to expel all those who are not Balochis by race out of their territory .These leaders are framing the ISI, the Pakistan army and the government of Pakistan in the brutal murder of the three Baloch leaders. The western media is promoting and supporting earnestly the cock and bull story concocted by these Baloch leaders who actually know nothing about the hardships faced by a common Baloch in his routine life. How strange! The leaders born, brought up and educated in Europe claim to lead a nation for which the real aim of life is only to earn one-time meal same as it is for most of the Pakistanis. These west-supported leaders are condemning the patriots like Nawab Aslam Raeesani whose only aim is to strengthen Pakistan. These patriots know very well that Pakistan and Baluchistan are like body and soul. How can these two be       separated? The so-called liberation movement in Baluchistan is in fact a counter attack designed by RAW in reaction to the freedom movement in the Indian held Kashmir. The kidnapping of the UN official John Solecki was the opening scene of this play directed by RAW. The three Baloch leaders had been doing their best efforts for the safe release of the UN official because this kidnapping was defaming the Baloch nation and the country. The Raw was supporting the kidnappers just to create a new panic for Pakistan and the efforts of the murdered leaders spilled water on all Indian designs, so they were mysteriously murdered. Their murder was a message to all those who intend to counter the Indian efforts of destabilizing Pakistan in future. It is true that the murdered leaders had been struggling hard for the genuine rights of the Baloch nation, but they were never a toy in the hands of the Indians. Their killing is certainly a grave loss to the Baloch cause and to the Pakistani nation. How could be the ISI or the Pakistan army at the back of a plan dangerous for the integrity of Pakistan?


It is the responsibility of all segments of society to forget the past and join hands together against the forces eager to disintegrate Pakistan. The lion is gazing at us with his bloody intentions. Let us not be a prey to this beast.

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