Apr 162009

Dear Friends

Today I have received following message from Pakistan Progressive Associates (PPA).

Pakistan Progressive Associates are the best Overseas Employment Promoters in Pakistan, which I know from my personnel experience.

 This organization is free from corruption which is something unique in our beloved country.


The message is as follows;





Overseas Pakistanis are welcomed to submit their CVs to us, if they desire to seek better career opportunities abroad and/or in Pakistan.


Send CVs to: recruit@ppa.com.pk


PPA is working since 1975 and it does not take any gratification from candidates and thus selection & processing on merit is ensured.


Pakistan Progressive Associates

57 Mozang Road, P.O.Box 1203, Lahore 54000. Phone 6361361, 6369494

 Website: www.ppa.com.pk

Thank you in advance, for posting this message on your blog.




Engr. Sharique Naeem


Disclaimer: Overseas Pakistani Friends do not have any affiliation with any business organization; any messages/news items posted here are for information purposes only.






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