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alisukhanwerAll changed too sudden. No where in the remote past; just a few years back, we were living in a paradise; faces calm and quite, eyes full of dreams, minds full of hopes; the parks resounding with joyful cries of children; bazaars echoing with the bickering of shopping women; people planning to spend their holidays in the northern areas of Pakistan, but now all vanished.  We are a new Iraq where fear is prevailing all around, and a deathlike silence is enwrapping the whole society but our American friends are still patting our shoulders, always showering a meaningful smile and whispering very secretly, “you are our most confidant ally in the war on terror but you will have to do more and more”. So we are doing more and more and in response to that getting less and less. On the part of Pakistan this all is nothing but a wild goose chase.


When we look back at Iraq we find the same type of situation there before the US invasion. A lot of suicidal attacks on innocent public, the targeting of the Iraqi police and army, blames on the intelligence agencies, the allegations on the government that it was not serious in tackling with the worsening situation and ultimately the increasing international pressure on the government of Iraq to curb this wave of violence. Finally we saw the Americans volunteering their services to help out the government of Iraq under the garb of war against terror. The same story is being replayed in Pakistan.


Today not even a single part of Pakistan could be ranked as a ‘peaceful region’. From Karachi to Quetta and from Peshawar to Lahore, one finds a state of uncertainty and confusion. The government tries to handle the situation in one province, the disturbance starts in the other one. In the last one week, after the release of so-called video film depicting the flogging of a young girl in Swat by Taliban, the whole country is raging against this brutality. The protesters are demanding for a stern action against the extremists. The chief of the Tehreek Nafaz-e-Shariat Muhammadi Maulana Sufi Muhammad and the local administration of Swat, both have categorically rejected the occurrence of such type of any inhuman incident. Some of the media reports also are pointing towards the doubtfulness of this video film and considering it a fake presentation. According to the details the actual incident took place four months ago in the village Kala of Swat.  Chand Bibi, the main character of the incident was married to Adalat Khan. She was accused of living with her father-in-law for the last six months leaving her husband.She was flogged 35 lashes for this ‘sinful’ crime in the public. But the actual incident has nothing to do with the released video. There is no proof that the scenes depicted in the movie actually belonged to that girl Chand Bibi. The film was made on a mobile phone camera and it seems that the floggers were very well aware of this recording. There are many elements which challenge the credibility of this film. Most important point is that the voices in the video do not bear the Swat dialect or the Mingora Pashto accent. Another important point to be noted is that the girl showed no sign of pain or agony after bearing 35 lashes; she simply stood up and went into a room on her own feet without any limping. We may differ from the philosophy of the Taliban but we cannot ignore or deny their traditions. They are against photography and consider it prohibited in Islam. How can they allow video-making of an incident like this which could bring them a bad repute. All these facts and figures prove that the film was nothing but an attempt to create hatred against Taliban; an effort to disrupt the peace process in Swat and a conspiracy to air confrontation between the Pashtuns and the Non-Pashtuns in Pakistan. On the other hand, the western media in collaboration with the Indian media is propagating this video as an example of increasing extremism and religious violence in Pakistan. In short a scenario of confusions and misunderstandings backed by hatred and disliking is being designed very tactfully, resulting in the weakening of the peace accord between the NWFP government and the Tehreek Nafaz-e-Shariat Muhammadi .The people of Swat are again foreseeing the blood-filled picture if this accord comes to an end.


The failure of the Swat peace accord would mean the failure of Maulana Sufi Mohammad who has always been against every terrorist activity causing loss to the innocent people of Swat. He is simply a religious man desiring for the supremacy of shariat.With a large number of very dedicated and devoted followers, he has an ability of challenging all terrorist elements in the region. He has his roots in some of the Taliban groups also. If there is some peace in Swat, it is simply because of his staying there. He might give tough time to the Taliban groups involved in terrorist activities in the country working under the command of Baitullah Mehsood. According to the media reports Baitullah Mehsood has owned the responsibility of the recent suicidal attacks on the Imambargah in D.G.Khan, the Manawan Police Training School Lahore and on the FC check post in Islamabad, taking lives of more than 50 Pakistanis. Luckily the law enforcing agencies succeeded in getting hold of some of the culprits involved in these heinous inhuman activities and with the help of the information provided by these culprits the agencies tried to find out the whole network of miscreants. During this effort they had to investigate the people from the tribal areas who have migrated to Lahore and other cities of Pakistan. Feeling annoyed at this investigation, some of the Pashtuns living in Lahore and Karachi protested that the government is not taking them as the citizens of Pakistan; they are being dealt as criminals. A few days back some of the Pashtuns living in Lahore demonstrated a protest in this regard. This entire situation is giving birth to an atmosphere of confrontation and hatred between the Pashtuns and the Non-Pashtuns in Punjab and other provinces.


For the last two weeks, the province of Baluchistan has also been facing the worst law and order situation after the killing of three prominent Baloch nationalist leaders. The central chairman of Baloch National Movement Ghulam Muhammad Baloch, Central Vice President Lala Munir and Sher Muhammad Baloch of the Baluchistan Republican Party had been missing since April 3 and their bodies were found on April 8.Their killing has enraged the whole of the Baloch community because these three were surely very sincere and devoted leaders of Baluchistan. The protestors are burning the government buildings and blocking the roads. Some more casualties have also been reported. The Indian media has blamed that the ISI is at the back of these killings of the Baloch leaders.


Geographically, Baluchistan is divided into three regions. One region is called external Sistan or Chakinsoor which is now part of Afghanistan. Second part Sistan Baluchistan is part of Islamic Republic of Iran. These both areas are called Western Baluchistan. The main and third part of Baluchistan is Baluchistan province according to the Constitution of Pakistan. The Balochis are a very brave and loyal nation. They are always ready to sacrifice their lives for Pakistan. However, Raw has been trying to penetrate in Baluchistan and attempting to support and patronize the separatist elements there for the last many years. Not only the Raw but also the secret agencies of many countries are involved in Baluchistan to safeguard their interests and are involved in provision of funds and arms to different armed groups.  These agencies are using these groups for their nefarious designs. The government of Pakistan has been very successful in crushing these separatist elements with the help of the prominent Baloch Sardars. Unluckily whenever India finds Pakistan in any problematic situation, it starts adding new fuel to the separatist elements in Baluchistan. The present worsening law and order situation is also an activity of Raw. 


When we link up the release of the fake video, the increasing suicidal attacks on the security forces, the killing of innocent people in mosques and Imambargahs and the worsening law and order situation in Baluchistan, we can very easily trace the involvement of foreign elements behind the scene.


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