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ISI link with Taliban is old and inconsequent allegation Faisal Muhammed (UNN report)

Brussels (UNN) EU based International mediator and diplomatic analyst Faisal Muhammed elaborated in an interview with UNN that increasing terrorist attacks in Pakistan are alarming for the region. It might disrupt the peace of south asia . Millitants are being funded by certain ” external elemants”. It is proven fact that militants of today had been the jehadis of yesterday.
They had been funneled us dollars for long time. Now, they had adopted it as a profitable profession. The gaps are filled by various resources.

Faisal Mohammad who is also “observer Islamic Countries” emphasized before two years he had pointed out religious sectarian units or different religious groups will be a disastrous element in the long run. Former President Musharraf had tried to eliminate these elements from the roots but he was not successful and result is now they are destroying everything in their way.

Answering the question regarding ISI, link with Taliban, Faisal said this is old allegation of USA that ISI has links with militants, there are some elements behind this allegation who wants undermine U.S Pakistan relation for thair own intrest.

US military resources given birth to these elements and now they want ISI to wipe them off from the globe. ISI might have had the links on lower level of Taliban but the Leading personnels no more trust ISI or Pakistan Government. So much so that some of the groups like Bait Ullah Mahsood are only fighting against ISI and Pakistan Army.

In the same context, due to political disturbance in Pakistan, International Mediator disclosed that a NATO war Fleet is approaching Pakistan waters during the end of April 2009. It might have a greater significance in the early future. It is yet to be established that what is the purpose of this warship near Pakistan borders. This is not a normal situation for the country.

International Mediator suggested that religious secatarian groups should be banned and put a stop for ever on such religious fundamentalist who are enjoying full support of left over Taliban and other international stake holders in the region wishing to disrupts its peace./UNN

special correspondent
Baber Azad

3 thoughts on “ISI link with Taliban is old and inconsequent allegation Faisal Muhammed (UNN report)”

  1. Today I saw the another story wheres openly confirmed that one of the Pak Media are working with Indian
    intelligence and attacking on ISI and Pak Army this was also disclosed from Faisal Muhammad in 2010 but no
    buddy take action but when this is came in Russian TV then Pak Agencies wake up.

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  3. I am totally agree of Mr Faisal’s statement , Mr Faisal is well known and expressed political and diplomatic Personality, its a Propaganda against our security agencies,only for destabilized Pakistan./

    Farooq Dada / New York

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