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alisukhanwerWhat else could innocent Marry do? She lost her parents, her brothers, her Barbie-doll and even her small wooden house in Tsunami. So one day, standing along the beach, she pricked her finger with a pen knife, took a white piece of paper and wrote a line with her dripping blood, “Sea! I will never forgive you even if your waves touch my foot a million times.” The next moment the paper was hovering away some where towards an unknown destination along with the helpless Marry on merciless torrents. The people of Pakistan are never going to forget the reward of joining the American war against terror because this war has snatched away all their peace and prosperity and pushed them into an unfathomable dark sea of distress and destruction.


Obama, the Black Prince of USA has recently announced his new policy regarding Afghanistan and Pakistan. He seems sterner, more determined and more inflexible in his approach towards the situation in Afghanistan and Pakistan. It is also in the air that in near future the US drones might be searching for the militants in Baluchistan.President Obama has also stated that Pakistan is no more going to get blank cheques. The freshly announced US policy has given birth to so many apprehension fears and anxieties among the Pakistani nation. In the junk of their memories the people of Pakistan are searching for the day when Obama was taking oath as the newly elected president; they were celebrating the occasion in their own way; so many welcoming statements, so many well-wishes, all for Obama. They were dreaming Obama as their savior. Might be their dreams were their expectations, their hopes and desires but the most significant was their belief that Obama would surely take care of them. The tone and the words used in the recently announced US policy have shattered and scattered their confidence regarding president Obama.Their lips are silently asking Obama ; did you ever give us a blank cheque—–do you think you can pay for the passions—-can you buy sincerity???


In his statement on the 29th of March the US defense minister Robert Gates has blamed the ISI of having close cordial relationship with the terrorist groups in Afghanistan. He said that the ISI would have to break its ties with the extremist groups in Afghanistan. Such a ridiculous statement from a responsible US authority has surely widened the already growing distances between the people of Pakistan and the USA..  It is certainly not a gentle way to treat a true friend, to reward a time- tested ally. Pakistan has always been the most sincere supporter and promoter of the US policies in the South Asian region. Without the moral and military support of Pakistan, the USA would never have been able to fight against the menace of terrorism. It is only Pakistan who remained the most consistent ally of the USA in the war against terror since the very first day. As a result of this support Pakistan had to face very grievous consequences. It had to sacrifice hundreds of it soldiers in the northern tribal areas, its economy had to bear serious setbacks and its innocent people had to face the reaction of the extremists in form of horrible suicidal attacks. The most important is the fact that in spite of all these trials and tribulations, Pakistan never backed out of its support to the US mission against terrorism. How strange; America has forgotten all that assistance and comforting support! The US fingers are astonishingly pointing towards the ISI and the Pakistan army in suspicion. The American think-tanks are calling in question the honesty of both these sacred institutions with a particular reference to the US struggle in Afghanistan. What would be the out come of these groundless and childish allegations? Why don’t the Americans judge the commitment of Pakistan in fighting terrorism from the sacrifices rendered by its security forces including Intelligence Organizations? Such an attitude is nothing but   a part of a malicious campaign supported by the hidden Indian elements in the US society. The only aim of all this propaganda is to discredit and bring disrepute to the security organizations of Pakistan.


The intelligence agencies of every country are considered the front defense line. Their role is same as that of an OP, the Observational Post or of the Observer in the battlefield. Posted at a high point, the task of an observer is to keep an eye on the position of the enemy and inform his fighting corps. Be it the CIA or the MOSSAD or any other intelligence agency, the role never changes; then why all guns targeting the ISI. The Inter Services Intelligence is doing nothing new or different. It is simply doing what it is meant for. If RAW is financing and supporting the foreign militant groups in FATA and the Non-Pakistani separatist elements in Baluchistan; what does the Western world expect from the ISI; should it just sit quietly and wait for the successful achievements of RAW?


The ISI is not a terrorist organization as usually portrayed by the Indian influenced Western media sections and Indian patronized think tanks. It has never been involved in any objectionable commotion regarding the human rights violation or in any terrorist activity. The only work assigned to this organization is to look after the purely national interests of Pakistan. This organization is constantly pinching in the eyes of those who are afraid of a strong Pakistan, who fear that a prosperous Pakistan could give them a tough time. The ISI is simply the name of a very patriotic mechanization which is very true to its salt. Those are living in a fool’s paradise who expect from the ISI, the role of rubber-stamp. The US authorities should try to understand that the ISI is not playing a different role from the other intelligence agencies of the world. However, luckily or unluckily, this organization does not have the ability of doing what RAW is doing in the South Asian region. The recent mutiny in the Bangladesh Riffles, the continuous disturbance in the border areas of China, the nefarious activities of LTTE in Sri Lanka, the Maoist movement in Nepal, the brutal slaughtering of the Muslim and the Christian minorities in India, the maltreatment with the Sikhs, the human rights violations in Kashmir and above all the poisonous flames of terrorism blazing in the tribal areas of Pakistan; RAW is always behind the scene. Moreover   the involvement and support of the Indian army in all these terrorist activities adds salt to the injuries. The ISI and the Pakistan Army can never behave like that.


The blameful statement of Mr. Gates seems something very strange .It is quite hard to believe that a country itself facing the worst outcome of terrorism is held responsible for supporting the terrorist activities in another country. All this is nothing but a biased, prejudiced and hostile propaganda against Pakistan. It is just an attempt to keep the fake accusation vibrant and provide false information to key communicators and world opinion makers. Pakistan is a peace loving country. It has nothing to do with terrorism. If Pakistan were a terrorist country, it would never have been the US ally in the war against terror. Before blaming Pakistan Army and the ISI, the US hi-ups should cast a look at the past when the US authorities were very much thankful to the ISI and the government of Pakistan for giving them a helping hand against the Russian invasion in Afghanistan.


Now it would be much better to end up the blame game against Pakistan. No attempt for the US supremacy in Afghanistan and no effort for the reign of peace in the South Asian region could be lucrative if Pakistan is not treated honorably and trustfully. We the Pakistanis are not the innocent and helpless Marry. We are never going to push ourselves into the unfathomable dark sea of distress and destruction. We are a very passionate friend as well as a very zealous enemy. We can donate even the last drop of our blood to a friend but we never sell it to anyone at any cost.



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