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Restoration of Ramday shivers LDA officials

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Yasir Habib Khan

LAHORE – The restoration of Justice Khalilur Rehman Ramday, who remained in firm opposition to the construction of high-rising buildings and banned it in 2007, has sent shivers to all concerned LDA officials and builders defying the ban against multi-storey buildings in Lahore over the last two years with impunity.
Sources privy to the development revealed that the LDA officials, who were directly involved in violation of the ban, had started visiting legal branch of the department to seek suggestions to avoid any impending legal action against them. Some of them getting nerved over the issue have approached their personal lawyers to design foolproof strategy. Networks of the alleged builders had also been advised to cease their operation till the lurking clouds of uncertainty were shattered, the sources added. The LDA officials and builders had put their heads together to discuss their future line of action in view of the new development, the sources added. Big bosses of the authority concerned, the sources said, who also facilitated the constructors even when Commercialisation Policy 2009 was notified, have decided to stop illegal constructions. The sources disclosed that they had also planned to speed up their work to put all the records in order to avoid being tried. The sources further informed that some LDA officials were likely to go abroad on ex-Pakistan leave. Over the last one week, LDA circles remained abuzz with talks over the likelihood of high-rising buildings’ issue being taken up again by the superior court of the country.

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