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One night an unlucky son wrote a letter to his father from the death-cell, “Not even a single moment of peace calm and tranquility. Twinges of repentance and pangs of agony don’t let me wait for my death anymore ….I lost you, I lost everything. I am ending up my life.”  Next morning the jail staff found the dead body of the young man in the cell. The post –mortem reported that the young man had choked his breathing by blocking his nose and his mouth with his own hands. That is how the story of a young man Hatim Qureshi came to a tragic ending. He had killed his step-mother and injured his father few years back. It is said that the father could not bear the grief of his son’s suicide and died very soon.


Relations are of two types; God-made and man-made. When we try to dismantle the former ones, we try to challenge the skill and craftsmanship of God Almighty and we are never successful. Pakistan was made by God and Bangladesh by India. Today Bangladesh is among the world’s poorest countries whereas Pakistan is one of the few nuclear powers of the world. In spite of the fact that the separation of the East Pakistan from the present Pakistan was certainly a very painful incident for the Pakistanis but still the people of Pakistan have a deep and sincere feelings of love and sympathy for the people of Bangladesh. They are in a state of pain and sorrow when they see their ex-brothers in trouble and turmoil. The gruesome event of mutiny in Bangladesh Rifles (BOR) on the last Wednesday in February, killing their Commanding General and many others including officers’ families and children came as a shock causing awesome distress for the people of Pakistan. They are eager to identify the faces behind this mutiny because they know that mutiny in the army of a country means total destruction.


The mutiny began as hundreds of border guards gathered inside their headquarters for an annual conference, along the Bangladesh Army officers who command them. Around 9 a.m., the guards took an unknown number of army officers hostages. Several women and children were caught inside a school near the building. The Bangladesh Rifles has more than 40,000 members. The mutinous guards’ demands included better pay, the ability to participate in lucrative United Nations peacekeeping missions and a change in the command and control structure of the border force. The Jawans of BOR also complained about corruption of Army Officers who come to BOR for a short tenure and indulge in corrupt practices. As per media reports, two separate investigations are under way — one by the army, another by her government. Hasina’s fate and the stability of her country depend upon the findings of these investigations.



In an interview after the incident, the Prime Minister Hasina Wajid called the mutiny “a big conspiracy” against her agenda to establish a secular democracy in this Muslim-majority country of 150 million. She was extremely shocked at this unusually savage mutiny by the border guards that left so many soldiers buried in mass graves and widened the gulf between her fragile elected administration and a military just returning to barracks. As reported in one of the Bangladesh newspapers, Hasina Wajid claimed in a desperately authoritative tone,” No one will stop me. I will continue but we will have to unearth every conspiracy.” The international media is now searching for the perpetrators behind this ‘big conspiracy’ which killed 74 people, mostly army officers in command of the border force.


The most astonishing fact regarding the ‘big conspiracy’ ‘is itself the personality of the honourable prime minister. The official investigators are doing their best not to expose the bitter realities in this connection but what to do of other foreign investigating agencies which are not in the command of the honourable Hasina Wajid. The secrets about the recent conspiratorial mutiny are gradually being unfolded. Many links have already been unearthed and after joining them together the conspiracy theory is now being believed by almost everyone as a reality. The most horrifying aspect is that all links are leading to the Government’s involvement in this mutiny. Reports indicate the asheerbad of the PM in particular along with some of her confidants. It is now largely believed that the revolt was not a spontaneous one but a small group of 20/25 individuals was carefully organized over a period of time to spearhead the sad episode taking the advantage of some petty grudges of the ranks and files. The group had been organized under direct supervision of PM’s Defense Advisor Gen. Tareq Siddiqui (Retd), the brother in law of Sheikh Rehana, a well known supporter of the Prime Minister. Gen.Siddiqui after his retirement was picked up as Defense Advisor to the PM with the status of a full minister. The group consisted of Sahara Khatun the Home Minister, Mirza Azam presently whip of the ruling party, Jahangir Kabir Nanak , the State Minister of Local Govt, known as  a ruthless person who was charged for corruption, extortion, arson and cold-blooded murders by the last army-backed interim Govt. of Fakruddin, MD. Tawheed, a long time close friend of Nanak appointed as the Deputy Assistant Director in BDR, Advisor Quamrullslam, Sheikh Fazle Nur Taposh son of Sheikh Fazlul Haq Moni, nephew of Mujib-ur-Rehman who was killed in an encounter on 15th Aug 1975, Hasan Mohamed DG RAB, Nasim khan the DMP Commissioner and Nur Mohammad newly appointed IGP.


According to the reports, the defense Advisor Gen. Tareq Siddiqui himself used to maintain contact with the top agents of RAW, Mossad, CIA, FBI & British intelligence operating in the country. MD. Tawheed was appointed as the leader of the group of those 20/25 agent provocateurs organized with the assistance of the concerned Govt. organizations and agencies. The Home Ministry was the main facilitator as BDR comes under this Ministry. Nanak was the constant link between M.D. Tawheed and the Defense Advisor and was responsible to make day-to-day reporting to the Advisor. The rest remained at the back & call to execute any assignment given by the Advisor either singularly or collectively under Nanak’s supervision. In fact, Nanak was the chief coordinator


The mutiny started at around 10am in the morning and surprisingly by 12 noon Hasina sent Nanak to BDR HQ at Pilkhana as her emissary where the Home Minister joined with Nanak to bring a delegation of the mutineers headed by M.D. Tawheed for a negotiated settlement of the crisis, refusing permission to the armed forces to act at the very on set of the mutiny. The delegation arrived at PM’s residence escorted by Nanak, Sahara Khatun, IGP and DMP Commissioner like VIPs and just handed over their hand scribbled demands to Hasina and returned triumphantly with a general amnesty from her. Nanak, Sahara Khatun escorted back the delegation to BDR HQ. Within a few minutes Sahara khatun’s car left the HQ with three covered faced co-passengers mysteriously for unknown destination. After the departure of Sahara Khatun the Home Minister Nanak also left the place in a hurry. There after IGP was ordered to send police inside to collect the dead bodies littering all over the compound. Injured were sent to hospitals. Hasina allowed the army to take position around the compound but not to storm it. She negotiated with the mutineers for the next 36 hours, first directly, then with emissaries whom she dispatched to a sweet shop on the edge of the compound. She offered a general amnesty and promised to address the rebels’ grievances. On day two, when they refused to surrender, she threatened to send in tanks. By the time the siege ended, more than 6,000 border guards had escaped. This situation gives birth to so many suspicions.


Most of the opposition parties of Bangladesh are taking this mutiny as a very well planned drama, written and directed by the Raw. They are sure the prime minister is purely working for the Indian hegemonic designs. Abdur Razzak, a leader of the conservative Jamaat-e-Islami party blamed, “This all was an army problem. The army should have solved it in their wisdom.” He saw the mutiny as a conspiracy designed to weaken the army, to weaken the state. The opposition leaders are referring to the statement made by the prime minister during her election campaign, “I would root out Islamist guerillas, try alleged war criminals that collaborated against Bangladesh’s independence from Pakistan in 1971, nurture friendly relations with neighboring India, and stop anti-Indian insurgents from using Bangladeshi soil to begin attacks against New Delhi.”


Even in the army, there is an air of hatred and distrust for the prime minister. On the 2nd of March Hasina visited the Army Headquarters to address about 2000 officers who came from all over the country to pay homage to the martyrs and take part in the burial ceremony. There she could feel the heat of anger and quickly left the place cutting short her address. She was terribly nervous and scared to face the angry young officers. The message that she carried back was that she could no longer trust the armed forces neither she could earn respect from them.




The present situation should be very much alarming not only for the prime minister but also for the armed forces of Bangladesh. What would be the end of a country whose prime minister is being alleged for working as an agent of a foreign country? It is the responsibility of the Bangladesh armed forces to see through the designs of their real enemy India who wants the newly elected Awami League government to accept their demands including transit route facilities and joint task force etc. The fact of the matter is that India wants to plunder Bangladesh’s wealth at any cost. While Awami League of Sheikh Hasina Wajid is a pro -Indian political party of Bangladesh, Indian spy masters want to inflict maximum damage to the Armed Forces of Bangladesh ,  creating fear in the minds of officers to understand Indian messages while guarding their national interests. It appears to be a deliberate Indian scheme to sponsor the mutiny and killing of BOR officers while cleverly insinuating against ISI of Pakistan as a cover story.


Recently after the mutiny in Bangladesh, Uncle Sam has cautioned his loving son-in-law to stop supplying capital to the terrorist organizations through “Hundi” and “Hawala” money transfer system. This caution to India by the US authorities not only certifies the role played by India in the spread of terrorism in South Asian region but also shatters the so-called image of the country as an innocent harmless peace loving dove. According to the media reports the US authorities have very clearly suggested that the Indian intelligence agencies particularly the RAW should review their activities in the South Asian region.

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