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It is just the beginning of a new spring, new flowers eager to blossom, new fragrance keen to dispel, new birds, new songs, altogether a virgin scenario. The people of Pakistan would never forget the 16th march of 2009.It is a day which conveys the whole world a very zestful message that the Pakistanis are a nation not a crowd. They have proved that no one can crush or mash their identity. Although the present pleasant situation in Pakistan won’t be very much pleasing for the anti-Pakistan forces, yet for the Pakistani nation it all is like a stepping stone.


The restoration of the Justice Iftikhar Ahmed Chaudhry as the Chief Justice of Pakistan has provided new grounds for thinking to the people of Pakistan. This restoration has on one hand   restored their confidence in democracy and on the other hand strengthened their strong belief in the Pakistan army. Unlike its past, the role of Pakistan army remained altogether changed throughout the restoration movement; very much indifferent and unprejudiced. Under the command of General Kiyani the Pakistan Army fulfilled its promise that it would always remain aloof from all political affairs inside Pakistan.


As per tradition, the western media in collaboration with Indian think tanks has been propagating the idea that the Pakistan army is eager to take advantage of the worsening law and order situation. So many propaganda articles were published and discussions were sent on air regarding the expected role of Pakistan army but all hopes went futile and General Kiyani remained very careful and determined with respect to his promise that army would not interfere in any political affair.


One thing is very strange and unintelligible; why is the international world always so much worried about the internal affairs of Pakistan. Political crisis are a part and parcel of every democratic country. It all never sails plain and smooth. America, England, India, Russia, Japan, China, in short every country has faced different political turmoil somewhere in the past. Opposition parties do create hurdles for the ruling party, as it is a part of the democratic process. Even in India such type of commotions are just a routine matter. There are so many separist movements, so many clashes of opinions. The history of the present day India is replete with so many examples of political crisis: but no country ever tried to interfere the internal state of affairs. Why this discrimination to Pakistan? Sometimes it seems that the international forces take Pakistan as a wide and huge play ground where every Tom Dick and Harry is allowed to play the game he desires.





The Pakistani society is no doubt a very complex and complicated one. The international vested interests and undue interference has added to this complexity. The involvement of the Raw in the northern tribal areas , the US invasion in Afghanistan  and the so-called war against terror , all these factors have made the social life of Pakistan miserable and pathetic. The economy is going down to the earth, stability vanishing, lawlessness increasing and extremism flaring up but in spite of all these factors the nation has still a very strong urge to survive. The only thing it requires is an international support, financial, political as well as moral. A strong Pakistan would be more beneficial for the world around instead of a weaker one.


Australia is one of those countries who have a very soft corner for Pakistan .A few days back the Australian foreign minister Stephen Smith talking to the media men  said, “Nuclear-armed Pakistan needs international help against the serious threat it faces. For a long time people viewed Pakistan as simply being part of the difficulty in the Afghanistan border area but now we will have to start viewing Pakistan in its own right.” The Australian Foreign Minister also suggested that Kashmir seems at the top of Pakistan’s list of security problems and surely a very obvious contributing factor. The only solution to this grave problem is a constructive dialogue between India and Pakistan.


Clive Williams, a leading Australian counter-terrorism specialist and visiting fellow at the Australian National University’s Strategic and Defence Studies Centre, says Pakistan faces ongoing challenges to its internal security from the Taliban. The Taliban factor has established its presence in “huge amounts of land” extending far beyond its tribal homeland. Professor Williams says one of the difficulties in responding to the Taliban is that their community crosses the border between Pakistan and Afghanistan. The main threat to security comes from the Taliban .Since one third of them is in Afghanistan and two thirds are in Pakistan, they prove more problematic for Pakistan than they are in Afghanistan for the US forces.” He also said, “It is very important for stability and security in South Asia that Pakistan and India have a good relationship which   has been jeopardized by terrible terrorist activity.” Without solving the security problems, the desire for peace and prosperity of the people of Pakistan seems almost next to impossible.


Now the storm has calmed down. The Long March has become a symbol of success and achievement. Things are proceeding towards a natural settlement. The people of Pakistan should now devote and dedicate all their concentration to the betterment of their motherland. The present situation has given birth to so many expectations from the Chief Justice of Pakistan, respected Iftikhar Ahmed Chaudhry. He will have to take care of the nation who thinks that he has a solution to all its social, political and economic problems including rapidly hiking prices of every day commodities, unemployment, worsening law and order situation and the security threats along the borders. People are taking him as their savior. It would be surely a very tough and onerous task for him to come up to their expectations but he would be successful by the grace of God because he has a very deep rooted support from the people of Pakistan. The Pakistanis are an optimistic nation, always uninfluenced by the winds going against them. They have a will and a strong determination to overcome all the hurdles in their way. And the more encouraging fact is that now they are backed up by their strong army, an army which has a courage and fortitude to fight at so many fronts at the same time and which is always ready to safeguard and shelter the ongoing democratic process in the country.




India proudly calls itself world’s biggest democratic state. The Indian media and the Indian politicians have been ridiculing Pakistan for the inconsistency in its political system. Now it has been proved by the government of Pakistan, by the people of Pakistan and by the Pakistan army that Pakistan is going to be the world’s strongest democratic state very soon. The 16th March, 2009, is the first morning of a new season. Let us wait and pray for the complete change in the whole weather. It is just the beginning of a Renaissance, a revolution.


  1. I m proud of my Pakistani People and Happy that we are once again united. And once again The TRUTH AND PATIENT WINS!!!!!!!! I LOVE PAKISTAN!!!! AND if there iz need for my life i will sacrify for my PAKISTAN!!!!!!!

  2. It has been a great Day in the History of PAKISTAN. It will be celebrated as the independence of Judicary every Year. And I Salute and give great owner to all the Lawyers and political parties who struggled for it. Once again, it’s a great day in Pakistan History.

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