Riot of colours, fragrance set to invade Islamabad

The much-awaited spring seems to be awakening from its wintry slumber and its presence in the federal capital can be felt with all paraphernalia accompanying it.

The nippy weather has already given way to the somewhat a warmth feeling as the sunbeams continue to melt down the chill in the air and pierce through the murky sky. Soon, there will be a sudden burst of colours and fragrance everywhere from wild patches of grass covering every nook and cranny of the capital to adorned gardens of citizens.

The life in nature has started sprouting out with numerous wild flowers blossoming at various roadsides. The continuous hovering of bumbling bees and different species of butterflies make a perfect symmetry with a background of dotted green, blue, yellow and red colours.

The penchant for botanical interest and profession appear to have reached climax and the frenzy is gripping a large number of people who are seen regularly purchasing flowers and fancy plants from the selected spots.

Nowadays, almost all the nurseries at various places, especially those set up in Sector H-8, offer a variety of multicolour flowers, decorative plants, herbs and shrubs besides mud, ceramic and glass pots. The smell, eye-catching colours, size and freshness appeal to sensual power of a lover of nature.

The most sought-after flowers include lotus, marigold, rose, bougainvillea, orchid, pensy, phalaenopsis, rudbeckia, grape, royal autumn lilies, aussie julie, cernedia, butter cup, daisy, sow thistle and dahlia.

According to owners of these nurseries, the peak time for their business has started which will last by end of this month. “The different varieties of flowers keep on growing from November to March, depending upon the weather conditions and the care involved in this hobby,” Zarmeen Khan, a florist said.

Gabriel Cornar, a foreigner, holding a pot with hanging sapling, said it was marvelous to take colours of nature with her. “It provides solace to me when I’m at leisure,” she said.

Rubina Ali, a professor, when asked to comment replied by narrating a noted poet John Keats’ verses. She said, “If winter arrives, the spring can never be far behind, so it is a season of joy and I like to have different varieties blooming all around my home.”

“I love these plants as they provide me a sense of satisfaction in my old age. The panorama of colours always takes away worldly fevers and frets associated with old age,” Zubair Kaleem, a retired government official said.

Mehvish Khan, a student, said the most important aspect of flowers’ selection was their colour. “As a representative of youth, I’ll like crimson and red colours, which embody a message of love, affection, energy and mercuric temperament,” she added.

The owners on their part were no less happy than the visitors because they were optimistic about a sudden rise in their business. App

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