ISLAMABAD: Japanese scholarships for 11 Pakistani students 56

The Japanese government on Friday awarded the MEXT Research Scholarships of 2009 to 11 Pakistani postgraduate students.

The fully-funded scholarships are meant to help students pursue higher studies in respective fields of study in Japanese universities.

A press release by the Japanese embassy said the scholarship programme was designed to contributing to Pakistan’s long-term development needs for promoting good governance, economic growth and human development.

It said students for the programme were selected by the Japanese embassy and the Japanese Foreign Affairs, Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology ministries in collaboration with the MEXT Alumni Association of Pakistan (MAAP).

Japanese Ambassador Chihiro Atsumi hosted a reception at his residence for the scholarship grantees.

The ambassador asked the students to prepare for the changes they will encounter in Japan.

He said he was hopeful the students would return home to contribute to betterment of Pakistan-Japan relations after completing their course.

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