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 That was the mid of December, 2007.I was going to Karachi from Lahore by train. Sitting very next to me was Suraish Kumar who had come from India to visit his relatives in Hyderabad. When the train left the Lahore station, he was Peering through the window, gazing at the gleaming roads, wondering at the sky-kissing buildings and gaping at the magnificently glittering automobiles. The middle-aged Indian spit the beetle juice in a small plastic bag and whispered in my ear, Bhayya yahan to sub kuch supnon jaisa hay—-bohat shubh, bohat shaant, bohat sundar” (Brother, here is everything very calm, peaceful and dreamlike).He was extremingly astonished at the living style and standard of the Pakistani people. He told me that in India the life of a common man is worse than animals, no food, no medicine, and no facility of life and even no say in any affair of life. The situation becomes more pathetic when the common man is a Christian, a Muslim or a low-caste Hindu. Sometimes I still visualize the depression in his eyes and the helplessness in his words when he was telling me about the world’s biggest democratic state. During the journey we exchanged our addresses and telephone numbers and promised to be in touch with each other in future. Unluckily I lost his address and we never contacted. Last month I received a letter from him, full of obscene slangs and abuses. He had shown his wrath on the Mumbai blasts and threatened that one day Pakistan would have to face the music. I was shocked at the language used by him but could do nothing just smile because I knew it all was a temporary effect of a very strong propaganda.


Now the same poor India of Suraish Kumar is using all her force to push Pakistan into an inferno of disintegration and collapse. The story beginning from the Mumbai terror attacks has moved on to the next but not the last episode. Since after the attacks on the Sri Lankan team the Indian media has been blowing its own trumpet that it might be a terrorist activity of the Taliban or al-Qaida or the Lashkar-e-Taiba and this misunderstanding is also being dispelled that the attackers were Afghanis or Iranians. This misconception of the Indian media is not a simple misjudgment. It is more than a deliberate and intentional strife. Why don’t the so-called Indian analysts recall the repeated statements of the Indian politicians and most particularly of Pranab Mukrji, the Indian foreign minister who most of the time times acts as the spokesman of RAW. After the Mumbai attacks he has been uttering very offensive and hateful language for Pakistan Army and the ISI, blaming these two for the Mumbai attacks. He has been threatening Pakistan for all possible ‘options’. The Lahore Attacks are surely one of those ‘possible options’ already mentioned by Mr.Mukrji. Who could be the beneficiary of the Lahore attacks; the question needs a careful pondering and the conclusion would lead us to the hidden faces behind the game.







The statement of Abdullah Gaznavi the spokesman of Pakistan-based militant group Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) might help us a lot in this context. Talking to the Reuters on 6th of this March, he said, “The attack on Sri Lankan cricketers is an attack on Pakistan, Kashmiri Mujahideen and Lashkar-e-Taiba or any other religious organization cannot even think of it. The attack is the handiwork of Indian agencies to malign the freedom struggle of Kashmir and Pakistan.”


Let us cast another look at a report which was published in most of the world news papers last January, “The 19th January provided the world with an undeniable proof that India is strongly supporting the terrorist activities of LTTe in Sri Lanka. That was really a momentous day for the Sri Lankan armed forces. CNN, IBN and other media were rife with the reports of absconding of the dreaded LTTe leader, Velupillai Prabhakran to India. It was reported that Prabhakran was picked up by two Indian military helicopters when he was in Jaffna. It was the time when the Sri Lankan troops had succeeded in tracing out his presence there and they were just about to grab him.” It was apprehended by the human rights analysts that the Indian agencies would surely exploit Prabhakran for their malicious designs and it surely happened so.


After the Mumbai attacks the Indian extremists had declared to give Pakistan a tough time in every field of life. They had challenged to defeat Pakistan economically, politically and even socially. As cricket is no more a simple game but has become a very lucrative trade and business activity, so the first easy target they could find was to single out Pakistan from the world of cricket.  The Indian authorities started opposing very sternly the decision of the Sri Lankan Cricket Board to send their team to Pakistan. At official level the government of India warned the Lankans of the grave consequences if they visited Pakistan. Since Pakistan and Sri Lanka have a very long standing cordial relationship, the Sri Lankan authorities paid no heed to these Indian warnings and sanctioned the tour of their cricket team to Pakistan. The attacks on the Sri Lankan team can be taken as a severe punishment for not obeying India.


The cruel and inhumanly targeting of the Sri Lankan team has given birth to a fruit which is bitter and poisonous for Pakistan but at the same time very sweet and revitalizing for India. By staging the recent Lahore Drama India not only triumphed in exploiting the law and order situation in Pakistan but also succeeded in delivering a clear cut message to the Lankan authorities that they should never try to go against India. The Lankan authorities have become more precisely conscious of the Indian intentions after the attacks on the cricket team in Pakistan. They have started tightening the rope on the Indian sponsored LTTE. Military spokesman Brigadier Udaya Nanayakkara told the newsmen that  military  has killed dozens of Tamil Tiger separatists, mounting a heavy counterattack and is moving ahead with plans to create safe routes for civilians to flee the war zone. Sri Lankan Soldiers have trapped the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) in less than 45 square kilometers of the Indian Ocean Island’s northeast and are fighting to end Asia’s longest-running war by wiping them out. The activity against the Tamil Tigers got a new force and flame after the Lahore attacks. Up till now, over 50 LTTE cadres have been reported killed and 33 LTTE dead bodies recovered with weapons. This situation indicates that the government of Sri Lanka is very well aware of the actors who staged the Lahore Attacks Drama.





One cannot deny the possibility that the culprits involved in the Lahore attacks might be Muslims by faith and Afghans or Iranians by race. But on the other hand this fact should also be kept in mind that at the back of every terrorist activity there is a hidden interest, sometimes the interest of a nation and sometimes the interest of a region. The terrorists never work for their own self; they just prostitute their evil skills. The bomb blasts and the suicidal attacks not only take lives of innocent people but also generate a phobia in those who are not directly affected by them. So many times the terrorist activities are the part of a well-designed conspiracy. The actual terrorist is the person, the country or the brain behind the screen



The Indian government through its intelligences agencies is madly busy in wiping out the regional peace. The Indian intelligence agencies and the government both are being criticized not only inside the country but also at international level for their involvement in the acts of terrorism. The point to be noted is that after the Mumbai attacks, the Indian government tried its best to create a warlike atmosphere inside the country and to flag a feeling of hatred against Pakistan in the Indian nation but all these efforts proved futile. The Indian nation never responded to this propaganda movement against Pakistan. A common man in India is never interested in any terrorist activity. Might be this is because he is always engrossed in his own problems and does not get much time for such useless inhuman and cruel commotion. India is a country where most of the people live much below the poverty line. They do not find enough to eat, suitable shelter and other basic needs essential to live honourably. There are social imbalances in the society which make the poor Indians a wretched creature. Unfortunately the political leadership in India always uses these poor voters to promote their political agenda in order to gain, maintain and gratify their power motives. The fault lies with the Indian politicians and the Indian government not with the Indian people. For their own vested interests both are always promoting terrorism in collaboration with the Raw.


The Indian political leadership has developed over a period of time the desire to dominate others beyond the frontiers of the Indian union. Indian military build up in the wake of wide spread poverty and rampant corruption in the country appears to be ridiculous. The Indian leadership seems adamant to acquire all sorts of lethal weapons from all over the world disregarding the price hike and the high cost of maintenance and recurring expenditure. Instead of creating problems for the neighbours, India should try to soothe and pacify the millions of its own helpless people whose pathetic life is nothing but a blob on the face of the world’s biggest democratic state. My friend, Suraish Kumar needs bread not nuclear missiles. Just give him what he needs because he is the real India.

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