ZTE to introduce economical solar-powered mobile phone

BARCELONA: Chinese group ZTE was set on Wednesday to unveil the world’s first low-cost solar-powered mobile phone targeted at the two billion people, who have no or limited access to electricity, a spokeswoman said.

The first solar phone was put on display by South Korean rival Samsung earlier this week at Mobile World Congress, the industry’s biggest trade show, creating a buzz around the alternative energy source. Samsung’s phone, called Blue Earth, has mini solar panels on its back and is to go on sale later this year. The handset will be expensive, but targeted at ‘green’ conscious consumers in developed countries.

A spokeswoman for ZTE said the company’s version, to be unmasked later, would be the first ultra-low-cost solar handset pitched at the poor. afp

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  1. hi, very good info. Mobile phone is very important device for people all around the world. Due to its technical nature, problems are met from time to time. So we need learn from each other. thanks. 🙂

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