Working mothers stay healthier than housewives

Working mothers stay healthier than those who only restrict themselves to house chores.

This was found through a research carried out in Britain, Health news reported.

“Our results suggest that good health is more likely to be the result, rather than the cause, of multiple role occupation,” the researchers said.

Despite the stress, working mothers face by holding down a job, dealing with childcare, housework and striving to keep the family happy, they enjoy sound health.

It appears that working mothers, when compared to full-time housewives, are less likely to become overweight, have a better level of health and a healthier relationship.

Women who fear that they are running themselves into the ground by combining a full-time job and bringing up children may actually be improving their chances of a healthy life, scientists believe.

The research suggests that women stay in better shape over the long term if they hold down a job, become a mother and have a healthy relationship. The women who combine work with children and marriage do have better health. The News

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