Beware! Fraud calls from Pakistan

Dear Friends

I have received the following message from Mr. Jafar Hasan, which I have forwarded to Governor Punjab and Chief Secretary Punjab. Although this is not a provincial subject and Higher Authorities in Pakistan are well aware of these scams but we all know very well, how competent Pakistani authorities are.

Anyway I am publishing it here with the hope that it might save some of the likely victims of these frauds.


Here is what Mr. Jafar has written in his message.




Dear Sir,

Just like email Scams running from African Countries, now there is a new kind of SCAM operating from Pakistan targeting overseas Pakistanis in UAE Region.

I will explain how it is working:



There is a miss-call from Pakistan via a Mobile number to UAE mobile number. The person here in UAE who received that miss-call, calls back thinking its someone from his friends/relatives…



When he calls back that number, there is a man on the other side immediately starts saying the following:

“Congratulations, you have won either AED.200,000, and in some cases, AED.500,000.. Now give me your Resident Card Number, and all the personal details so that we can transfer the reward money to you via bank or cheque…



After obtaining this personal info… the man says further…

“as a  procedural matter, you now buy 15 mobile credit re-load cards wirthe AED.100 each and scratch and give us all 15 card numbers and wait for our instruction, and then tomorrow you can go to Dubai Islamic Bank to receive your cheque”…


These are the numbers I know of who are being used. I am sure there are so many other numbers!

1. 0092 321 7586898

2. 0092 321 7593320


I am sure these people are luring innocent and simple pakistani’s into sending them AED.1500 worth each of telephone re-load cards and looting them as and where they can cheat!


Please do something immediately and save us from these frauds! Please do something and arrest them somehow!


I hope for an immediate action and please confirm that you have received this email and understand it well…


Thanks and regards…


Jafar Hasan (Proud Pakistani in UAE)

Business Development Executive

Intervid International


00971 50 1011687

9 thoughts on “Beware! Fraud calls from Pakistan”

  1. I recevied a call from this no 00971551254280 on 01.01.2011and he said that your du number win a super lotto 200000dhs and you check your sim card number in your mobile and he give me first 5digit number then he says check and call me back.He also speak in hindi mixed with urudu.Then he says you just dial this no *#16# I enter that no my serial number come in my phone .Then he told go fast and purchase 850dhs du recharge vocher and given to uae exchange when I purchased du vocher then he said me go to the room and scrach the voucher and tell the number I scrach the vocher and told all the number .when he start talking me that all time he is in line and all time sister don’t tell anyone for your prize they can cheat you .Then he said I am given all your vocher number to major sab he told you another 1550dhs vocher that is major sab comisson .Then i told him sorry i have not enough money to buy this voucher then he tells you ask money for your friends when you got the cash you will give them 2000dhs
    with happy then I ask my friend to give some money he give me and I purchase that vocher and send him then he told me give me your passport number for proof then he said me you go to the uae exchange take a money transfer recepit 1850dhs for this name mohammed akber ahmed din and this recepit given another uae exchange and you got your money 250000dhs that 50000 comes from pakistan and you must say your nationlity is pakistan when ask in uae exchange .That time my husband call come from quter and told me this is a fraud call that time I realised that they cheated me my all cash is gone

  2. I received call from 923446906336 saying that I have won Rs 10 Lakh and they are calling from Airtel, I told him ” Bakwas bandh kar and phone rakh”. Upon googling I came to know that thes numbers are from pakistan and they are trying to extract your mobile IME no. so that they can use it for any other illegal purpose. But Iam not sure about these info.

  3. my father recently got a cal from local uae no .the person spoke in hindi and was pakistani. he said tat this etisalat no won 200000dhs and he asked him to get etisalat vochers worth 4000dhs. he got and said the pin no…and tat fraud cheated us.. there is a huge gang working . i wonder wat they gain in cheating innocent people and getting their hard earned money.. strict action must be taken against them.. and many people must be aware of this…

  4. Pls must be stop visa for all pak people then they should be understand every fruad case.pls don’t renew visa for any pakistani people.This is our big request for uae govt.
    thank u

    1. @shan, So mr shan can i know where are u from. If ur from Uae look inside your Uae and then talk about pak if india look in india if iran or any country look inside ur country who are u to blocking visa of Pakistani people from uae i dont think so ur human i lost money 20000$ in uae a funking resident of uae took my money and run away .look how many pakistani investors in uae look how many business people in uae. scamers are evry where ur just dying for 3000Dhs can u catch that person who took my 20000$ ? do you have ability just stay quit cant do any thing if u think they are pakistani who are making scams in pakistan also many nations who dont know english how many people in whole Mideast know english you too dont know english like me thats it before speaking think 10 time what the hell you are going to speak fuking

    2. @shan, Are you from India?
      If from India, who the hell are you to ask UAE government to stop visa-issuance, you one ugly mofos?

      You can’t speak English properly and come-up with such request to a government. Do you idiot know this much, that relations between Pakistan and UAE are so solidified that they cannot be broken with damn Indians’ request.

      1. Pakistan kept issuing currency DURHAM to UAE, when it (UAE) achieved independence from Britain.
      2. Pakistan leased PIA Airbuses to Emirates, when it first launched its service.

      and there are many such things to go…and you one idiot come up with such notion.

  5. Pls must be arrest all pakistani people they are arami people other country they have some kindness but pakistani peolpe they don’t have heart to cheat our difficult money,may be uae not support these people bcz these case will increase now.I also put 3000dhs then after i know these are fraud people.They told me put etisalat card and i did not put and they call me daily then i told etisalat people must speak english and they dont know english pls don’t give support for pakisat country,must be aware like these person.

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