Beware! Fraud calls from Pakistan

Dear Friends

I have received the following message from Mr. Jafar Hasan, which I have forwarded to Governor Punjab and Chief Secretary Punjab. Although this is not a provincial subject and Higher Authorities in Pakistan are well aware of these scams but we all know very well, how competent Pakistani authorities are.

Anyway I am publishing it here with the hope that it might save some of the likely victims of these frauds.


Here is what Mr. Jafar has written in his message.




Dear Sir,

Just like email Scams running from African Countries, now there is a new kind of SCAM operating from Pakistan targeting overseas Pakistanis in UAE Region.

I will explain how it is working:



There is a miss-call from Pakistan via a Mobile number to UAE mobile number. The person here in UAE who received that miss-call, calls back thinking its someone from his friends/relatives…



When he calls back that number, there is a man on the other side immediately starts saying the following:

“Congratulations, you have won either AED.200,000, and in some cases, AED.500,000.. Now give me your Resident Card Number, and all the personal details so that we can transfer the reward money to you via bank or cheque…



After obtaining this personal info… the man says further…

“as a  procedural matter, you now buy 15 mobile credit re-load cards wirthe AED.100 each and scratch and give us all 15 card numbers and wait for our instruction, and then tomorrow you can go to Dubai Islamic Bank to receive your cheque”…


These are the numbers I know of who are being used. I am sure there are so many other numbers!

1. 0092 321 7586898

2. 0092 321 7593320


I am sure these people are luring innocent and simple pakistani’s into sending them AED.1500 worth each of telephone re-load cards and looting them as and where they can cheat!


Please do something immediately and save us from these frauds! Please do something and arrest them somehow!


I hope for an immediate action and please confirm that you have received this email and understand it well…


Thanks and regards…


Jafar Hasan (Proud Pakistani in UAE)

Business Development Executive

Intervid International


00971 50 1011687


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