Contaminated water rings alarm bells in Lahore

Impure water intake causing serious diseases

CM’s Task Force head admits rusted pipes polluting water

Jamaluddin Jamali

LAHORE: The contaminated drinking water is posing serious health hazards to people in the provincial capital but the government is not taking necessary measures to address and overcome the problem.

An Environment Protection Department (EPD) official told The Post that the water being supplied in the city through rusted water pipes of WASA has become a major threat to the life of common man but the government has no funds or doable intentions to replace the broken pipes as per its promises.

He said that in near future even the poor would have to buy mineral water to sustain life on earth as almost every second man, women and children suffer from serious liver disorders due impure water intake. “Waterborn disease like diarrhoea and cholera are also bad gift of polluted water,” he added.

The reports of the samples taken by the officials of the environment department for test in labs showed that the water was contaminated and health hazardous.

In a survey, a majority of citizens told The Post that the candidates of the Pakistan Muslim League (N) and Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) made tall claims and pledges to replace the rusted and broken water supply pipes to get votes from people of slums (kachi abadis) and old residential areas. The survey revealed that apprehensions of the people regarding the harms of polluted water have increased recently due to clinical laboratory reports which show positive every second patient to be Hepatitis B and C positive and people now are well aware that Hepatitis B and C take life in most cases. They know that Hepatitis it is not like traditional Yarkan (Jaundice) which used to get curried by some simple herbal formulas.

EPD sources told The Post that as per reports drinking water in about 86 percent areas of the city was impure and there were sewerage contents in the water as rusted pipe suck part of the polluted water below the earth.

The water sample collected from various localities indicated that the 80 percent samples were found contaminated and it was not fit for human consumption.

80 percent of the samples taken by the Punjab environment Protection Department (EPD) from 150 locations of the city were found contaminated. EPD officials said samples tests showed high ratio of bacteria, fluoride and arsenic in the water besides colour change.

As per the EPD laboratory reports the water samples taken from Wahdat Colony, Badami Bagh, Bund Road, Muslim Town, Allama Iqbal Town, Sabzazar Colony, Sherankot, Multan Road, Sandha Kalan, Bhaati Gate, Gulshan Ravi, Baghbanpura, McLeod Road, Royal Park, and Riwaz Garden Kot Lakhpat, Madina Town, Ismail Nagar, Shadbagh, Shafiqabad, Ravi Road, Ravi Colony, Shahdara, Model Town, Rasool Park, Thokar Niaz Baig, Liaqatabad, Green Town, Chungi Amar Sadhu, Bakar Mandi Empress Road, was found contaminated and such water intake was harmful to human health.

Chief Minister’s Task Force on Environment Chairman Dr Owais Farooqui told The Post that drinking water in the city was getting more and more contaminated due to seepage of factory waste and sewerage water into to subsoil water where from WASA pumps draw water. He admitted that the rusted water supply pipes were also a major reason for none availability of ‘pure’ water to citizens.

Source: The Post

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  1. sir i had done research on the drinking water of Lahore (Bacteriological staus of drinking water form the 100 families of Lahore by Membrane filteration method)by using indictor organism coliform and E. coli and now a days my thesis writting is going on. sir the bacteriological status of Lahore is alarming and we have to do something

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