Fatima Bhutto to run for Benazir Bhutto’s seat in coming polls

LARKANA: Sindh National Front chief Mumtaz Ali Bhutto said on Friday that Fatima Bhutto would run for NA-207 in the next general elections.
The seat was won by Benazir Bhutto in all elections between 1988 and 1997. It is now being held by Faryal Talpur, President Zardari’s sister.
Talking to journalists in Mirpur Bhutto, Mumtaz said that Zulfikar Junior, Fatima Bhutto and Sassui Bhutto were the real political heirs of Zulfikar Ali Bhutto’s family ‘as Zardaris cannot become Bhuttos just by changing their caste.’
He hinted at early merger of the SNF and the Pakistan People’s Party-SB, saying talks on the issue had entered final stages. A new chapter on struggle with people’s support would be written with the merger of two parties, he said. Change would not be brought about without people’s support, they said.
About his arrest on charges of attack on a newspaper’s office, he said: ‘I believe in the freedom of press so I could not even think of a plan to attack a newspaper.’
He alleged that the President’s House was behind sending him to jail and not the media.



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  1. mohammad ibrahim kumbhar

    Our leader was Z A Bhutto than Benazir Bhutto and now we are looking in to your leadership, i hope that Fatima will lead to the party and do some thing for poors of this countery. 03012164570.

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