Obesity ‘virus’ spreads like common cold

Scientists have claimed that humans can ‘catch’ obesity as easily as a common cold from other people’s coughs, sneezes and dirty hands, Fox News has reported. The condition has been linked to a highly-infectious virus known as AD-36, which causes sniffles and sore throat, the channel reported. Associate professor at the Pennington Biomedical Research Centre in Louisiana Nikhil Dhurandhar said the virus infects the lungs then whisks around the body, forcing fat cells to multiply and also causing a sore throat. “When this virus goes to fat tissue it replicates, making more copies of itself and in the process increases the number of new fat cells, which may explain why the fat tissue expands and why people get fat when they are infected with this virus,” the channel quoted Dhurandhar as saying. Daily Times, 29-01-09

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  1. the best thing to do to avoid getting Common cold is to keep your immune system at optimum level by taking lots of vitamin-c and also avoiding stress.

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