Physical inactivity causes frequent headaches

Associated Press of Pakistan

ISLAMABAD: People who are sedentary have a higher risk of developing frequent headaches.

Researchers from Norway conducted two large surveys. The first survey questioned 22,397 adults’ 20 years about their exercise habits and other health factors, and then assessed headache symptoms in a follow-up questionnaire 11 years later, BBC radio reported. The second survey involved 46,648 adults who were questioned about their current exercise levels and any headache symptoms. It was found that those who never exercised were 14 percent more likely than their more active counterparts to develop non-migraine headaches over an 11-year period.

Conversely, people who were already suffering from any form of frequent headache had a higher risk of being physically inactive. The findings suggest that a lack of exercise may be a risk factor for developing non-migraine headaches and that exercise is a challenge for people already suffering from any form of head pain.

It’s not clear why a sedentary lifestyle might contribute to headaches. But protection from headaches could potentially be another reason for people to stay active.

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