‘Punjab govt to launch Danish school system’ 58

LAHORE: The Punjab government has decided to launch Danish School System for the destitute where, under the Food Support Programme, children of registered families would be provided all facilities free of cost, Chief Secretary Javed Mahmood said on Sunday.

He was visiting Kehrore Pacca tehsil in Lodharan district while attending a briefing regarding the proposed site for Danish School. He said state land would be acquired on priority basis to set up these schools, and good reputed contractors would be assigned the task of constructing these schools. app

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58 thoughts on “‘Punjab govt to launch Danish school system’

  • qari abdu rehman ashraf

    khadem e punjab ne ghareeb tabqa k leye joo yeh system shuroo kia hay wooh seraf ghreeboon k bachoon k leye he hoona chayye aur yeh school chootty level pay bhi kholy jaen jesy aik gaon hay uss men 5th class tuk ka school hoo joo bad men bary school men addmit hoo zaroori naheen k 100 kanal men hoo aur aik jagah aik hoo sahibe hesiyyat loog iss maqsad k ley agy aen aur choatty pemany pay her jagah yeh school khuley jaeen jnabe wazeere ala punjab ko iss nek kam ka sila allah zaroor de ga agar iss system ko her soo phela dia ajy aur ameer bachoon ko hargiz iss men adkhila na dia jay allah tala ap ka hamee o nasir hoo ..>>>>>>>>>> q a ashraf samna abd lahore a——03224020907

  • M. Arif ul Haq

    Dear Sir,
    I have a school namely Jaami School, Karamabad, Bhatta Chowk, New Fort Road, Rawalpindi but I want to convert into Danish School. Please help & advice me regarding this matter how I can apply?

  • Amir Abdullah Khan

    With due respect and regards I offer my services for the post of Admin, Hostle Warden, Office Superintendent or stores supervisor. I am BA from Punjab University and retired from Pakistan Army as Junior Commissioned Officer after completion of 30 years service. I performed the duty of clerk. Have sound knowledge of computer. It will be great honor for me to work with DANISH SCHOOLS. I am willing to work with DANISH SCHOOLS MIANWALI.
    My contact cell number 03065659768

  • salma

    i need contact numbers of all Danish Schools and also the numbers of all the governing bodies of Danish Schools…… i really need it as soon as possible. plzzzzzzzzzzzz help me

  • aisha

    Dear Mrs. Surya

    i read ur mail n got inspired by ur suggestions tht u proposed 4 d training ov teachers. no doubt its ur honest advise but ma’am did u ever visit that rural areas in ur life? i think NO. lemme tell u js one hideous fact abt these cities from which we belong. in Bahawalnagar we hv only 1 single women college where we dont hv any competent teacher of any discipline. whts teaching methodology n active based learning program they don’t know.my generation is facing all that things in ths era . no one is ready to cme here n serve 4 d sake of nation cz u ppl are used to of ur luxury life.
    u knw ma’am we are best ppl of ds land who r striving 4 success. we aren’t returning that we got. plz try to appreciate and make things easy 4 ourselves.

  • Naveed

    Its the great initative taken by the govt of Punjab chief Minister Shahbaz Shareef , please invest in the education for the better sake of this nation, to achieve the purpose of Pakistan , only in this way we can go through a stable , prospert country its the only way greaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat mr Shahbaz ,

  • Riaz Ahmed Malik

    Respected KHADIM E ALLAA,
    it is stated that your Team give this forward step in regard of new dynamic education system for new generation is very appreciate able BUT if any authority compromise on your suggested agenda and appoint referral persons those are irresponsible and having no Liability, competency or skills then I think there will no change come in our education system, but if you appointed those persons who are reliable honest & competent and give no pressure from any side and no compromise on any main point of agenda then I think that will not impossible for our generation to face the future competition, and I think they will change our country in that Country which seen the dream of our Quaid Muhammad Ali Jinnah.
    Some Key point:
    Degree holders are apply as per your requirement BUT
    1. Those persons appoint on key posts who are already give the handsome salary and just come in your danish School system to change the mind set of our generation.
    2. Those persons appoint who are loyal with the said department and Country.
    3. who have the courage to face the truth.
    Best REGARDS,
    Riaz Ahmed Malik

  • Dr. Attiq-ur-Rehman Adil

    Sir. You are doing great job for people by opening Danish Schools
    (Education for all ) I appreciate you very much.
    Please visit Nankana Sahib . It is a place where people are awaiting for true education. There are so many schools but they are not up to the education standards.private schools are running for business purposes.please give us the gift of Danish School in Nankana Sahib. I am ready to offer my services for this project. Thank you. From: Dr. Attiq-ur-Rehman Adil.Ph.0300-4108164 Nankana Sahib