100,000MW solar energy Resource estimated in Pakistan


LAHORE – The solar energy resource has been calculated at 800 million megawatt while its estimation for our country is about 100,000 megawatts, as Pakistan is the 6th luckiest country in the world where sun-availability is up to 16 hours on average.
This was stated by Jawaid Tariq Khan, Chairman Highnoon Group of Companies, while talking to The Nation here on Saturday.
Mr Jawaid asked the govt to pay special attention for launching solar energy projects to overcome the rising energy needs in the country.
He said that the solar energy intensity in the sun belt is approximately 1,800-2,200 KWh per square meter with an annual sunshine duration of 8 to 8.5 hours.
“These values are among the highest in the world and ideal for the ‘photo voltaic’ and ‘concentrating solar plants’,” he said.
He said that the easiest and fastest way to overcome the energy shortage is electrification based on solar energy. In addition to electrification of villages, single homes, water heaters, tube wells and street, traffic and parking lights could be lit by solar energy, he added.

Many developed countries including USA, Spain, Germany and even the UAE were building entire cities electrified on solar energy simply because it is the cheapest source of energy, which runs for at least 20 years. He observed that small generation systems could be arranged within six months and so many thousands of systems in the same period of time.
He said that solar energy is pollution-free and with the help of photovoltaic devices light energy can be converted into electricity.
According to international estimates, Punjab is the most suitable place for setting up solar energy projects, he added. He informed that China could be helpful in launching new solar energy projects besides providing technical assistance for feasibility studies, capacity building and training and procurement of solar based home appliances.
“Currently, there is no solar plant in megawatt capacity installed in the country, except of a meagre capacity of 80 kilowatts. Despite the huge potential for micro hydro power, the current installed micro hydro capacity in Pakistan is zero, he observed.
Mr Jawaid said that he was extremely impressed by the vision of former US vice president Al Gore of alternative energy, as he established ‘Live worth’ in view of protecting the population and earth from pollution and for the first time he considered to generate energy from other sources which were cheaper and save for human life, he pointed out.

“So we started study work on solar energy in 2006 with a view to launch some solar energy projects in the country, as we needed to ensure a vertically integrated and holistic vision capable of serving the long-term needs of the country and fully exploit the God-gifted renewable energy potential,” he asserted.
Chairman Highnoon Group of Companies said that they offered to electrify a village with solar energy in Muzaffar Garh. He said that details in this regard were being worked out between the govt and Highnoon Solar.
He said: “All big projects importing technology should have technology knowledge and ‘percentage local development’ clauses including the contracts to promote local manufacture and create employment. All projects should have strict deadlines and measurable milestones. Besides, we need to master at least three major renewable energy technologies.
To achieve this we need to create a vibrant local market through government help; encourage entrepreneurship, investment, research innovation and growth.”
He said that Senior Minister Raja Riaz Ahmad has recently said that the Irrigation & Power Department can be an efficient platform for launching small hydel power generation as well as solar energy projects in the province to overcome the energy crisis. He quoted the minister as saying that there were 317 suitable sites already pointed-out by the department on canals and barrages where a total of 600 MW of electricity can be generated. Source: The Nation

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  1. Dear Mohammad Khan,

    I have a client who need 3Mw PV plant here in Pakistan. Can you please share your contact detail so that we may discuss the detail.


  2. Planet of Earth Energy Crisis.

    Dear Sir

    Subject mater all our the World facing Energy problem So I am try to
    explain a idea for Old & New Dams / Reservoirs Hydel Civil Design can
    move in architectural Transition to increase our energy potential
    Because we are losing heavy quantum of already storage water in our
    Big Dams to generate past technology now need to convert into New
    theory of Technology.


    with best regards.

  3. Hi, Mr jawad i am student of electrical engineering progam.Iam crazyto work on rewneable energy projects in Pakistan and i have selected my final year degree project on solar energy.

  4. Gentlemen!

    Instead of pointing our fingers on others, let us help ourselves e.g.;
    1. Start load sharing by installing Solar PV on our roof. Year 2010: install and benefit equivalent to 20-50 Watts and upto year 2015 make it 100 – 250 watts, Plan it according to the function of your income/savings. I hope certain facilitation/legislation may be finalized then by the Government as well, but it will make room from bottom to top. No one is going to interfere our roofs at least.
    2. Hire a roof of some market/shop and start supply through Solar PV, may be one energy saver bulb / LED equivalent and slowly move on to enhance your services.


    1. @M. A. MALIK,
      I agree with you.Let us get Government out of the loop.
      I am CA USA and am planning to have ~3MW system in our ranch. If this becomes successful, InshaAllah I will head to Pakistan.
      I have 30 years of Power Conversion engineeing in the USA. I designed systems for B1-B tail warning radar, Laser systems, Power for Satellites at Space System Loaral. Right now I am working at S&C Electric on Smart grid design.
      I would like to meet brothers who are working on power designs in the USA and we can pool resources to help Pakistan

  5. I think most of the people working in energy and environment sector are familiar with currupt practices of past and present management of AEDB.
    I would like to draw attention to currupt practices of current CEO-AEDB, Mr. Arif Alauddin, who is one of the most currupt bureaucrats. First he plundered public exchequer during his service in Enercon and totally destroyed this public sector organization. Then he joined UNDP and continued with his currupt practice unhindered. Most recently he has joined AEDB as CEO, and started looting money thru commission/kickbacks in different contracts. You may not be surprized to know he has own firm with the name- Carbon Care Pvt. Ltd. This firm is registered under the cover names of his cronies. He has managed his contacts and influence as CEO- AEDB to get contracts for his firms. He even deputed one of his deputy director |(Mr. Sheeraz Anwar) as director in AEDB Karachi office to directly contact wind power investors and get contracts including feasibility studies. Unfortunately this practice is going unhindered and nobody is going to stop it. I can provide further information for the information of readers. I would urge all the readers to share thier stories about the currupt practices of CEO-AEDB, Mr. Arif Alauddin and his other accomplices in AEDB including Mr. Irfan Afzal Mirza.

  6. Solar Energy Blog

    100,000 megawatts is a LOT, I hope the goverment be aware of that and take advantage of that pecuilarity in Pakistan.

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