LAHORE: Punjab govt considers lifting ban on Basant

  • Private TV channel reports 75 percent of city’s residents favour kite flying to celebrate BasantDaily Times Monitor

    The Punjab government is considering the option of lifting the ban imposed on kite flying on Basant this year, a private TV channel reported on Friday.

    Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif has ordered Home Secretary Nadeem Hassan to submit a comprehensive plan of arrangements for kite flying on Basant, the channel said. Shahbaz said the plan should ensure strict safety measures, including banning the use of dangerous types of strings used for kite flying, it added.

    Home Secretary Nadeem Hassan told the channel he had called a meeting at the Civil Secretariat on Saturday to consult other senior government officials on the matter. He said police officials and representatives of the Kite Flying Association (KFA) would participate in the meeting. He said the plan would be devised keeping in view past experiences.

    Poll: According to a poll conducted by the channel, approximately 75 percent of the city’s residents favoured kite flying in celebration of the spring festival. Residents say the ban on kite flying not only deprived the people of celebrating and enjoying a festive occasion but also adversely affected the developing industry of manufacturing kite-related products, the channel reported. Overall, the Punjab government’s initiative to consider lifting the ban was welcomed by the public, it added. Daily Times, 24-Jan-09

  • Basant expected on 14/3 check here. 

126 thoughts on “LAHORE: Punjab govt considers lifting ban on Basant”

  1. Allow Kite flying festival of more than 250 years history.

    There is a very serious matter of kite flying is in hot news these days. This is one of the old traditional cultural games; from many decades pak-indo region peoples are enjoying this event. Many of the national/multinational companies invited the 800,000 to 16,00000 business clients for the festival. On this event they take the big business and dollars from the foreigners. Travel and tourism, Hotel Industry, Stock Exchange, Food Industry, Real Estate Industry was going gradually to the peak, due to the international festivals like one of the most favorite Basant festival, this only festival which is of the world-class level and even this is more renowned from the India. You can see that in the last 8-9 years the graph of the stock market goes to the highest level, and now from the last 2 year stock market is continuously goes to the lower limit. As this festival makes a big economic activity which takes the money from milliners and transfer to the low-income peoples. We request you that at least give the permission only for 48 hours for the kite flying festival so that the national/multinational companies can take benefits from all these festivals. As the Basant was Banned national/multinational companies were shortened Trillions of dollars business from the foreign clients, as this is the only festival for the foreigners attraction.

    Sir! Every day many of the peoples died from the FOOD, DISEASES, BAD LAW AND ORDER, and TRAFFIC ACCIDENTS ETC. Do the government have any solution to protect them. Sir instead of stopping the kite flying industry government should take the solid steps to minimize the injuries from kite flying.

    As the government tries to stop the misuse of destructive kite flying materials, as the result of that last year there was no casualty. It means that there can be kite flying this year too. Sir! Do the government ever think that why the more injury cases were registering. What are reasons behind this? In which areas most of the cases are happening.

    o 3-years back government introduced the helmet for the motorbike riders. Because government was thinking that with the help of helmet all the injuries can be handled. How many drivers of motorbike riders who became victims were wearing helmet? None of them were wearing helmet. It means that government fails to implement this own law. This law only increases the underhand income of police nothing else. And all the victims are without the helmet, so they are already destroying the law.
    o 3-years back government stops the use of chemical and thick thread for kite flying. Ever you think that what will happen to all the row material, which was imported to use in kite flying. If the government wants to stop the use of chemicals then why government did not buy all those material from the market and waste or export back to other countries. However this time already almost all the chemical thread was finished.
    o Do the government ever thinks why there were no cases on the streets, which are surrounded by the trees because trees protect the environment from all disasters.
    o Why all the cases happened on the bridges and areas where the streets are broad and no trees on the both side, government should install fast growing trees on the both side.
    o Why all the victims are on the bike instead of cycle.

    Adverse affects from stopping the kite flying

    Sir at this time at least four hundred thousand peoples are directly involved from this industry. And more than nine hundred thousand peoples are directly or in directly involved in this industry. Sir at this time already more then millions of Pakistanis are without the job or any occupation. Does the government wants to make more than one million more without jobs and occupation. Most of the peoples without occupation will be future terrorist, do you want to make them terrorist. Kindly don’t stop it in four of millions of peoples. Only implement the policies strictly.

    1) Make the specific areas for kite flying Permanently.
    2) Announces the specific dates for kite flying 2 to 3 months before the basant.
    3) Determine the maximum size of the kite.
    4) Determine the maximum strength of thread.
    5) Use the cotton thread instead of polyester thread.
    6) Cut of the use of Fish thread, metallic wire and high strength threads totally.
    7) Determine the KITE flying zones with huge grounds for kite flying around the year.
    8) Install the wire net on the sensitive overhead and broad bridges.
    9) Install the fast growing tress on the both sides of the road either that is a street or main road.

    We request you to allow the kite flying in favor of Companies Business Future. Don’t make the million of peoples without occupation and also allow the forign Billions Dollars of business comes to Pakistan, which will happen on this event.

  2. hmmmm……
    i lv thiz festival… must held in lahore………….
    any knws its final date……..? if yes plz post here
    .booo ……..kataaaaaaaaaaa

  3. Agar qamical door, firing or 2 din k leye bikes pe pabandi laga di jaye to basant py jani nuqsan ko bachaya ja sakta hy……..(msg 4 miyyan shehbaz shareef)
    plz open the beautiful fastivel BASANT 4 2 days……………….!

  4. AOA
    Dear friendz, i have just checked from Dunia TV , The punjab gov has not lifted the ban till yet.
    I am keeping my fingers crossed and hoping for the best

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