LAHORE: Punjab govt considers lifting ban on Basant

  • Private TV channel reports 75 percent of city’s residents favour kite flying to celebrate BasantDaily Times Monitor

    basantThe Punjab government is considering the option of lifting the ban imposed on kite flying on Basant this year, a private TV channel reported on Friday.

    Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif has ordered Home Secretary Nadeem Hassan to submit a comprehensive plan of arrangements for kite flying on Basant, the channel said. Shahbaz said the plan should ensure strict safety measures, including banning the use of dangerous types of strings used for kite flying, it added.

    Home Secretary Nadeem Hassan told the channel he had called a meeting at the Civil Secretariat on Saturday to consult other senior government officials on the matter. He said police officials and representatives of the Kite Flying Association (KFA) would participate in the meeting. He said the plan would be devised keeping in view past experiences.

    Poll: According to a poll conducted by the channel, approximately 75 percent of the city’s residents favoured kite flying in celebration of the spring festival. Residents say the ban on kite flying not only deprived the people of celebrating and enjoying a festive occasion but also adversely affected the developing industry of manufacturing kite-related products, the channel reported. Overall, the Punjab government’s initiative to consider lifting the ban was welcomed by the public, it added. Daily Times, 24-Jan-09

  • Basant expected on 14/3 check here. 

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