Wapda worker designs fuel-free power generation system

By Adeel Pathan

HYDERABAD: A government employee claimed to have designed the first fuel-free power generation system here on Saturday.

Talking to newsmen at the Hyderabad Press Club, Syed Anwar Ali, a Wapda stenographer, said Rs 3 to 4 billion, a 5-km area and 40 to 50 people were required for the production of electricity.

He said if installed, the system would be capable of producing about 100 Mega Watt power within six months. He said no import of material and manpower was required to develop the system, which would be cost effective in comparison to other forms of power generation. He said he completed the design of the system after a 10-year research.

Anwar said researchers and scientists had already approved the design.

He said he had submitted the details of the design to the president, the prime minister, the minister for water and power, the Wapda chairman and other high-ups for approval.

Source: The News, 18th January, 2009


Source: The News, 18th January, 2009

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