This little ‘Paki’ friend is real hero, Harry

By Mariana Baabar

ISLAMABAD: The people of Pakistan have reason to be proud of “our little Paki” friend, Ahmed Raza Khan, who according to military officers here is actually a hero in the battlefield.

Unlike Prince Harry, who is well known for his late night bouts in nightclubs, his unforgivable drunken behaviour and smoking marijuana amongst his other colourful activities, Raza Khan has recently been decorated with a medal for the valiant fight he put up in North Waziristan.

Currently away on training exercise, (away from the prying eyes of the British media) Raza Khan was the Company Commander in North Waziristan in 2007. He was attached to the FF Battalion.

How Prince Harry will contribute to the forces is up to the British Army to decide but one can only pity the level of cadets and officers in their Army. Certainly a far cry from the times they were part of the good ol’ British Empire.But ‘our little hero’, 22-year old Raza Khan, while in the battlefield just over a year ago, suddenly realised that his convoy had been ambushed.

“He put up a valiant fight defending his soldiers. In the process the young soldier got a bullet in his leg but this did not deter him from continuing to save the lives of his soldiers for whom he was responsible,” says the military. When he recovered, Raza Khan was decorated with a Medal for Valiant Action, an honour for those whose performance is outstanding in an operational area.

In Pakistan, at least no one is buying the “hurriedly arranged”, apology from Prince Harry. No one can change the mentality of a segment of the British society, royal or otherwise. But The News received calls from a few Pakistani families vowing to name their future baby boys “Raza” in honor of “our little Paki friend”.

Courtesy: The News, 14th January, 2009

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