Full protocol to Musharraf on US visit

* Former president says only way out of Mumbai attacks mystery is joint probe

ISLAMABAD: Former Pakistan president Gen (r) Pervez Musharraf will be provided full protocol by the US State Department during his visit to America.

The former president is visiting the US to deliver a number of lectures at the University of Pittsburgh, Stanford University and at the World Affairs Council of Western Michigan.

The topics he will lecture on include Terrorism and Extremism, The Strategic Importance of Pakistan, Insights into the Islamic World, Leading Through Economic Turmoil and Crisis Management.

Earlier on Saturday, while talking to reporters at the Islamabad airport before his departure, Musharraf urged India to stop its threats of surgical strikes in Pakistan, saying the armed forces were fully capable of tackling any aggression.

“India should not talk rubbish like surgical strikes. Our forces are not sitting idle and have the full capacity to retaliate to any level of aggression,” Musharraf said.

The former president said his government had tried its best to develop friendly relations with the country’s eastern neighbour.

Joint probe: “The only way to resolve the mystery of the November 26 attacks is to conduct joint investigations,” he added.

He said the Indian media was trying to create unnecessary hype about the incident, adding both countries must think carefully before passing remarks about the other in the current circumstances.

The former army chief rejected reports that he had struck a secret deal with the United States, saying he had never authorised drone attacks inside the Pakistani territory.

“It was agreed that the US and NATO forces could strike on the Afghan side of the border and would not enter Pakistani territory,” he said.

Musharraf said the West demanding Pakistan to ‘do more’ against terrorism was ‘beyond understanding’. online

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