LAHORE: Highnoon Solar, LORENTZ join hands

Highnoon Solar has tied up with LORENTZ of Germany, a world renowned manufacturer of solar water pumps for deep well pumping, clean drinking water supply, livestock watering and water irrigation based on solar solutions, said a press release issued Friday.

Highnoon Solar is on approved list of Alternative Energy Development Board and in addition to having installed solar housing electricity system in Cholistan is also dealing solar water heaters, solar street and traffic lights.

Courtesy: The Post, 10th January, 2009

20 thoughts on “LAHORE: Highnoon Solar, LORENTZ join hands”

  1. Zammurrad Abbas Khan

    Presently the total project cost for installation of a Solar Power Project,being approximately of the order of US$4000 per KW, is the only obstacle for massive use of Solar Power.Yet ,rapidly, the cost
    is falling down and as soon as it reaches US$1000 per KW that will be the proper time to exploit Solar Power as cheap source of energy for all purposes.This will be the turning point eliminating load shedding for ever at Pakistan.Exploitable Solar Power at Pakistan is approximately of the order of
    200,000MW.Yet that is not all and we have to observe what game(s) are played by the companies dealing the oil business as all of needs will be met through electricity in future including preparation of
    drinking and irrigation water.

  2. regard any solar tecnolgy inquiry contect me.i know all the company working in pakistan.

    Please write the name and address of the companies you know, if you want to help others. (Moderator)

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