Love potions could help soothe pains of romance

The Guardian newspaper on Friday said marriage counsellors could save themselves some effort while dealing with turbulent couples by administering them newly-discovered love potions that could revive fading passions, according to a leading scientist. “Greater understanding of the brain of love has revealed hormones that could be given to couples to rekindle faded passions or diminish problematic feelings,” the newspaper quoted Larry Young, who is an expert in the of social bonding at Emory University in Atlanta. Writing in the journal Nature, Young said scientists were close to reducing the mental state of love to a biochemical chain of events, paving the way for powerful new treatments for the lovelorn, the Guardian said. Young said trials were already under way to see if offering hormones to warring couples improved on conventional marital therapy. “Advances in genetics are also on course to transform relationships by making available tests to reveal how committed a prospective partner may be,” the scientist wrote in the journal. The paper said scientists had identified two hormones, oxytocin and vasopressin, which appeared crucial in forming a close bond with another person.

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