Bakhtawar tributes mother via hip-hop song

ISLAMABAD: The elder daughter of former prime minister Benazir Bhutto has written a rap song expressing her anguish over her mother’s death.
The song, entitled ‘I Would Take the Pain Away’, and a five-minute video of clips and photographs of Benazir Bhutto has been broadcast on the state-run Pakistani television and posted on the video-sharing website YouTube.
‘My mother was murdered. I don’t even comprehend. Was it worth dying for? I’m walking through screened doors,’ Bakhtawar, 18, sings in English on the lilting hip-hop song.
‘No comfort or ease. I’m begging you please God bless the deceased,’ Bakhtawar sings.
Information Minister Sherry Rehman, for years an aide to Bhutto, said Bakhtawar, a student at Britain’s Edinburgh University, wrote the lyrics and music.
‘It’s a tribute of a grieving daughter to her iconic and loving mother,’ Rehman told Reuters on Monday.
Music was a hobby for Bakhtawar and she had no plan to pursue it as a career, Rehman said.
Their son, Bilawal, 20, studies at Oxford University in Britain and another daughter, Asifa, 15, also studies abroad.

Source: Daily Dawn, 6th January, 2009

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