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‘Pakistan’ in Indian state of Bihar

The aftermath of the Mumbai attacks and the tensions ensuing between India and Pakistan have spread anxiety among the people of the region, but the people living in a village named ‘Pakistan’ in Porniya district of the Indian state of Bihar do not want to change the name of their village, BBC reported on Friday. According to BBC, the villagers did not want war between the two countries and wanted to spread the message of peace and brotherhood. ‘Pakistan’ is a village on western Bengal’s borders whose the Muslims had migrated to the then East Pakistan in 1947, and in the memory of those Muslims, the local non-Muslims had named the village ‘Pakistan’. There is not a single Muslim family living in the village at present. Despite tensions between the two countries and opposition from some local elements, the villagers have not changed the name of their village. BBC said the village lacked basic facilities of life, including electricity, water, roads and schools.

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