India deploys fighters, missiles, radars to protect Delhi

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Akhtar Jamal

Islamabad—An Indian move Sunday to deploy aircraft fighters, surface-to-air missiles and highly-sophisticated ‘Aerostat’ radars to protect New Delhi has alerted many defense observers here.

The Indian decision was apparently taken in view of alleged fears about aerial terrorist attacks but observers considered the progress in light of rising tension and fears of a surgical Indian attacks inside Pakistan. “It could be an Israeli-type deceptive plan before launching an attack on Pakistan” warned an expert closely watching the situation.

The Indian Air Force today deployed fighter aircraft detachment at the Hindan air base in Ghaziabad near the capital.

According to an Indian news agency report the Indian Air Force’s Hindan fighter detachment will comprise MiG-21 Bisons from the Ambala air base and MiG-29s from Adampur and Halwara air bases in Punjab.

Defence observer here also took serious note of an Indian minister’s statement that “an attack is not announced through media” and that “India was preparting a 1971-style approach against Pakistan.”

Meanwhile a seasoned Indian journalist, Rajinder Puri writing in Outloook magazine suggested this week that India can seal all Indo-Pakistan borders and raise its guard militarily.” The write-up proposed that India “can break diplomatic relations with Pakistan and close down its High Commission in Islamabad. It can sever all trade, cultural and people to people contacts with Pakistan. It can lobby in the UN to declare Pakistan a rogue state that has become the hub of global terrorism.”

He also suggested that India can urge all nations to impose trade sanctions against Pakistan and cut off all aid.”

The fundamentalist writer also proposed that India “can give recognition and offer moral support to those separatists in Baluchistan who seek independence.”

He further proposed that India can do the same with Pashtuns in the NWFP who want to join up with their tribal brothers in Afghanistan. It can do all these things simultaneously.”

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