Higher Education Commission of Pakistan likely to go back to Education Ministry

  • President, PM give go ahead
    * Amendments to HEC Ordinance in progress

    By Irfan Ghauri

    ISLAMABAD: The Education Ministry is likely to get back the administrative control of Higher Education Commission (HEC), it’s learnt.

    Currently, necessary amendments to the HEC Ordinance, 2002, which places the commission under the prime minister’s administrative control, are being made for the purpose, the Education Ministry sources told Daily Times on Sunday.

    They said President Asif Zardari and Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani had already approved the proposal to bring the HEC back to the Education Ministry’s folds during Education Minister Mir Hazar Khan Bijarani’s meetings with them.

    The HEC had come into being through a presidential ordinance in 2002.

    Dr Attaur Rehman was its first chairman having a federal minister’s status. He stayed put until a few weeks ago when he resigned. Since then, Prime Minister’s Special Assistant on Social Welfare Begum Shahnaz Wazir Ali has been temporarily holding the office and she will continue in the same till the appointment of the HEC chairman.

    Rehman had headed the HEC for over six years in violation of the Ordinance under which the tenure of the commission chairman is four years time and he/she can’t be reappointed for more than one similar term.

    The previous government had injected billions of rupees to enhance the quality of higher education in the country.

    However, the present government massively cut the HEC developmental projects and didn’t release recurring funds, which halted many ongoing projects, including scholarship scheme and establishment of foreign universities in the country.

    Since its establishment six years ago, the HEC has awarded thousands of students indigenous and foreign scholarships.

    An Education Ministry official told Daily Times that the minister should have some say in the HEC affairs so that he could effectively respond to the members’ quarries in parliament.

    He said the HEC officials had formally briefed Bijarani on the commission affairs soon after he assumed the charge but the lacking briefing disappointed him.

    He said the HEC provided the minister with a brief about its activities for parliamentary sessions including question hour.


3 thoughts on “Higher Education Commission of Pakistan likely to go back to Education Ministry”

  1. hi dear country man i am totally disagree with your comments. you said musharaf was good and didgood job for education uplifting i dont like musharaf infact i dont like any politician operating in pakistan. any indviual either from militry or civilian they must realize they are the servent of great pakistan nation and they donot have rights to capture the elected governement. similar rules for elected ministers they dont have rights to misuse thier powers and looting our motherland wealth and resources… i must say we shouold benchmark the life of great Qaid once some one asked him why dont u travel by airline and he said my country is poor cannot afford my travel expense… i hope one day we will understand the great jobs of our founder leaders… please never abuse or blame each other lets make only one party to develop the pakistan… All leaders must realize the judgement day they will be punsihed for thier munafaq deeds…………
    save pakistan save our land save our culture of our old generation….
    Allah bless us all give u right path to make only one party cos paksitan is one…….

  2. Musharraf did a great Job for Higher Education in Pakistan whatever he did will always be remembered,and he credit also goes very much to Dr.Attaurrehman the then HEC chairman,  Zardari and Gillani need some one to tell them about the importance of Education because they are cutting the HEC budget to the maximum because we don t have enough money to spend on education, in a country where there are more than 50 ministers how can one expect a healthy budgt for education,sorry for the state of education in my Motherland,t
    Another Reason why we miss Musharraf,
    Wish you come back as a Life time president to keep us away from these so called guardians of Democaracy…
    Shame on u…

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