US experts seek Musharraf’s opinion

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The policy experts from the Pakistan Policy Working Group, an independent bipartisan think-tank, met with Musharraf at the US embassy, according to the sources. The US experts, who are drawing policy lines related to Pakistan for the new administration, asked the former military ruler about his expert opinion over the current social, economic and political situation in South Asia.

The sources said that the meeting was important because the experts consisted of Republicans and Democrats known for their independent non-governmental policy lines.

The sources said that Musharraf briefed them about the efforts of his government to curb terrorism in the region and gave some important ‘tips’ on how to counter militancy in the region.

When contacted, US Embassy spokesman Lou Fintor said that the experts of the Pakistan Policy Working Group visited Pakistan on non-official capacity and they had meetings with people from different schools of thought.

Musharraf, also a former Chief of Army Staff, announced his resignation on August 18, 2008, in a nationally-televised speech, as president, after impeachment pressure from the PPP-led coalition government.


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