Roaring PAF jets charge up Lahoris

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LAHORE: Hovering of Pakistan Air Force fighter jets in Lahore’s skies on Monday charged up the people who gathered on their rooftops and shouted slogans. The roaring jets suddenly appeared in the skies and the people, especially children, enjoyed their flights. After the ‘show’, Lahoris started discussing a possible Pak-India war while rumourmongerers said that the jets were following Indian planes, which intruded into the Pakistan’ s air space. People also switched on their televisions to update themselves and a large number of people also called the offices of several newspapers to know the exact situation. The Pakistani Air Force jets were conducting an exercise on Monday, an airline official said. Imran Hayee, a banker, said that when they heard the jets roaring, they left work and rushed outside considering it an Indian attack. “We want to see our jets hitting the Indian trespasser planes,” he added. PAF Spokesman Ahmed Waseem said they had started extra vigilance due to the ongoing tension with the Indians. He said the PAF, however, was not on red alert.\12\23\story_23-12-2008_pg13_2


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