‘For Hire’: A taxi driver’s moving account of life

Schezee Zaidi
Capturing the tales of dreams, desires and struggles of a common man, Asif Hussain Shah has compiled the moving account of life around him in his first book titled ‘For Hire’. Being a taxi driver, he takes us on a ride through pain and pleasure, joy and sorrow on the road of life in a quest for self-confidence.

In an effort to show that one can achieve the impossible with commitment and dedication, Asif has tried to create a role model for everyone with a message “not to give up in the face of adversities, and instead of breaking down, we must try to find ways to push ahead and make it happen”.

Talking to ‘The News’, Asif Shah said while trying to make ends meet and providing life’s basic necessities to his four young children, he himself was on the verge of breaking down through his struggles, but then he decided to take up a pen and capture real life stories happening all around.

“I am neither a scholar nor an intellectual, but I see and feel life all around me and have tried to capture those moments of truth in my own words,” Asif said. The effort gave him immense strength and enabled him to fight his depression away, looking towards the future with a new hope and zeal. Asif said that perhaps it is for the first time in Pakistan that a taxi driver has become the author of a book but we all must agree that a common man could also make it in the world of the affluent with simple dedication and hard work. “This is the first step and I hope others will also come forward to succeed in their struggle in any way they can without depending on others,” Asif said.

Asif talked about his book based on a ‘multi-vision concept’, portraying lives of various individuals and organisations, capturing their ideas, thoughts and dreams. “My stories are based on reality and there is not a single aspect of fiction in them,” said Asif. Based on ground realities and facts just the way he comes across in his day-to-day sojourn, Asif has tried to convey to his readers a message that ‘we can do anything if we set our aims higher’.

Published by Ferozesons, the 120-page book carries 35 real life stories. Priced at Rs150, the book is being launched in Urdu while Asif also plans to launch the English version soon.

Asif Hussain’s ‘For Hire’ needs to be appreciated to encourage more such efforts by any common man, making his own contribution towards creative expression.




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