LAHORE: PhD student’s unique artistic works on display

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By Shahab Ansari

Samina Zaheer, a PhD student at the Punjab University has put her artistic creations, mixed media paintings and collages at the K39 Art Gallery in Model Town , which certainly provide a different flavour and artistic perception of things.

Samina has taken up a unique subject for her thesis work, which deals with the indigenous and regional culture and various kinds of influences on it including the foreign influences over the decades.

She has brought out her perception and understanding of this subject in her 54 paintings done in mixed media with powerful colour compositions and an expressive manner.

Samina told The News, “Our civilization is on the crossroads. The fusion of different national and international elements catered a new sort of aesthetics in this environs”.

She says, “The Western and Eastern aesthetics can be found in contemporary fine art practices of this region. All these cultural impacts have been a source of inspiration for me as an artist, she said., adding the realities of contemporary fine art practices encompass various elements like shape, motifs, text, forms and colours.

Samina said, “Every image of my visual research carries some logical description, an expressive form of these expressions.

These realities starts from logics but overpowered by imagination and ends up with non-objective treatment of forms in my work.”

In this visual research that starts from existing realities, the viewers will find here transitional approach.

In the artistic realm, the reality takes imaginative forms, physical transformed into metaphysical.

It is a struggle of an individual that carries the elements of history and culture with a collective visual phenomenal presence

Courtesy: The News, 18/12/2008

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