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LAHORE: Online Bakra Mandis doing good business

Govt urged to introduce weight criteria for animal prices

Jamaluddin Jamali

LAHORE: A majority of the privileged class are relying on online Bakra Mandi (Goat Markers) to place orders this time for sacrificial animals ahead of Eid-ul-Adha eliminating the hassle of physically visiting the marketplace and tension of haggling over prices,” The Post learnt on Thursday.

On the other hand, the traditional sacrificial animal dealers are desperately waiting for the middle class customers in the makeshift markets as the influx of new trends and extra ordinary high rates of sacrificial animals disappointed the potential customers.

According to the survey conducted by The Post, the online Goat Markets are providing photo, video, voices and other descriptions including types and prices of the goats and other sacrificial animals on the internet which are helping the customers to make their choice.

Muhammad Zaman, a local resident who purchased two goats from the online goat market, told this scribe that the trend of online buying of animals on Eid had became popular on the ground that customers who buy bakras or cows through a website could get the facility of paying price of animals by weight criteria.

“While in the traditional bakra markets the customers are seen haggling over the prices of the sacrificial animals as the animal dealers demanding ten times higher prices of the sacrificial animals,” he added.

A website Online Qurbani dealing in the sale and supply of sacrificial animal in Lahore says: “You can purchase Online Bakra in two Different ways. Either you can select your required bakra from our Bakra image gallery or by telling us the weight of bakra you want, and charges are with the ratio of Rupees per Kg. (Guaranteed Market Price & Free Home Delivery)”.

Similarly, in order to facilitate the customers, the websites are also offering Online Kasai (Butcher) to their valuable customers on Eid-ul-Adha and this service is only for Lahore customers.

In the online gallery the animals’ details like weight, teeth, age, photo, price and its “name” are given separately to help a customer choose the animal of his choice. The animals’ price may be a little higher than the markets but it is compensated by free delivery and per weight pricing that makes the deal and the buying decision quite easy.

The citizens say that they prefer to pay a little more charges than haggling over the prices with illiterate cattle dealers

The citizens said the City Government should promote sale of sacrificial animals by weight parameters so that the trust of the public could be restored in the market on the occasion of Eid.

Lahore based website is busy in delivering goats, cows, sheep and camels in the limits of Lahore city after a satisfactory purchase deal.

Zahid Bokari Khan, a resident of DHA Lahore, told The Post that on last Eid-ul-Adha, he purchased a goat through a website and it was good experience for him and he would buy goat only from the website on this Eid If the animals are not the same as shown on the website the buyers have the option to cancel the purchase deal and this is the reason that the websites had won the trust of the customers,” Shakil, a local resident told.

Qurbani rtes in 2018;

Goat: 25000-30000

Sheep: 20000-25000

Cow: 80000-100000

Camel: 100000-15000 rupees

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