Islamabad: Traditional “well” adds charm to Saidpur Village

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Having a traditional well right in the heart of the capital may sound odd to some people but a beautifully decorated well at the entrance of the Saidpur Village added charm to its serene rustic setting.

The village has been wonderfully preserved in the lap of Margalla Hills in order to maintain the natural characteristics of the place and to attract tourists to its rural surroundings.

Surrounded by a lush green garden and a sitting area, the well helps give tourists a feeling of being closer to the nature, particularly of village life, where it is a source of getting drinking water.

A wooden kiosk situated opposite to the well truly complements each other where visitors grasp the true essence of country life right from the entrance of the place which gets stronger while moving ahead.

One could also imagine the beautiful picture of the village when the plan of running ‘tongas’ to ferry visitors to the village and back would finally be approved.

It would a real treat for families to visit the well-preserved village by passing through a road lined with trees, blooming flowers, chirping birds and traditional objects besides enjoying the ride on beautifully decorated ‘tongas’.

There are numerous praiseworthy additions to the village that includes the decoration of outer walls of main buildings, preservation of the temple, rehabilitation of its streets and transformation of the ‘nullah’ into a stream of clear water.

The under-contraction small dam at the foot of Margalla Hills is another project that would provide an exciting picnic spot to the residents of Islamabad. The three-step small dam would help store water of a natural stream running through the hills.

Courtesy: The News

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