Pakistan rupee exchange rates & gold prices-12-Nov-2008

Spot rates for public per unit of currency

November 11, 2008

Countries           Selling              Buying           Buying

                            T.T & O.D      T.T Clean      O.D/T.Chq

U.S.A.                 80.7                  80.5                80.27

U.K.                    126.51              126.2              125.71

Euro                    102.93              102.67            102.27

Canada                67.58                67.41              67.23

Switzerland         68.51                68.34              68.16

Australia             54.45                54.32              54.17

Sweden               10.29                10.27              10.24

Japan                   0.8215              0.8194            0.8173

Norway               11.87                11.84              11.81

Singapore            53.95                53.81              53.67

Denmark             13.82                13.79              13.75

Saudi Arabia       21.51                21.46              21.4

Hong Kong         10.41                10.39              10.36

China                  11.82                11.79              11.76

Kuwait                298.72              297.98            297.2

Malaysia              22.55                22.49              22.43



Exchange Rates for Currency Notes

Countries                         Selling                  Buying

                                          Rs.                        Rs.

U.S.A                                81.51                    79.46

S.Arabia                            21.73                    21.19

U.K                                   127.78                  124.45

Japan                                 0.8297                  0.8091

Euro                                  103.96                  101.25

U.A.E                               22.19                    21.64

Source: -APP




Bullion rates in Rupees per 10 grams

on November 11, 2008



Gold Tezabi (24-ct)                              Rs19800.00

Silver Tezabi (24-ct)                             Rs300.00


Gold Tezabi (24-ct)                              Rs 20104.00

Gold (22-ct)                                         Rs 18429.00

Silver Thobi (bar)                                 Rs 324.50

Gold (21-ct)                                         Rs 17592.00

Silver Tezabi (24-ct)                             Rs 340.50

(Bullion rates from Multan and Hyderabad were not received). —APP


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  2. Should we call Pakistan, a nation of beggars as this is the only product we are producing for the last many years. Our recent factories to produce these unique product is by two richest political groups who are governing the federal government and Punjab government respectively. They started distributing money to help poor in the society. The huge money could have been used to create jobs and let these poor work and earn living for themselves.Distributing of bicycles and sewing machines could have been a better option as these two items are still a luxury in our villages where 70% population live and can earn living with these two items. But as a nation we become beggars, what it makes different if you are sitting/ standing by the road in dirty cloths or visiting richest countries capitals in expansive outfits, you are basically BEGGING and bring your nation down in front of the one from whom you are begging. Beggars always give reason and excuses for this worst kind of behavior for a dignified person or a nation. Could we as a nation are respectful enough to stop thinking of this bagging excuses as most of the time we as a nation go and beg from nations who earned hard their fortune and was not for granted. Pray for betterment in Pakisan. Khwaja Aftab Ali,Advocate & I.P. Attorney.( a former PRO, Iranian Embassy, Saudi Arabia) presently residing in Orlando, Florida, USA. Phone 407-729-3983

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